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What to expect from the Liberal government’s upcoming budget, How Jenny Kierstead healed herself after the Portapique shooting, Jeff VanderMeer on Hummingbird Salamander, What Brood X cicadas are, The hunt for the lost art of Renaissance women

The Sunday Magazine

This week on The Sunday Magazine with Piya Chattopadhyay: • Susan Delacourt and Jason Markusoff weigh in on the Liberal government's upcoming budget• Jenny Kierstead on building herself up after the Nova Scotia attacks• Jeff VanderMeer on Hummingbird Salamander and environmental activism in art• Gene Kritsky and Rory Egan on Brood X cicadas• Elizabeth Wicks on uncovering the lost works of female Renaissance artists

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18 Apr 2021

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Ep.68 - Jeff VanderMeer

The Page One Podcast

Jeff VanderMeer’s NYT-bestselling Southern Reach trilogy has been translated into over 35 languages. The first novel, Annihilation, won the Nebula Award and Shirley Jackson Award, and was made into a movie by Paramount in 2018. Recent works include Dead Astronauts, Borne (a finalist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award), The Strange Bird. These novels, set in the Borne universe, are being developed for TV by AMC and continue to explore themes related to the environment, animals, and our future. His latest book, Hummingbird Salamander, is out this week and already getting rave reviews.We had great fund talking with Jeff and learning about how he crafts his unique stories. We talked about how his work defies categorisation, why he likes to experiment with his writing and what themes are important to him in his writing. We also get his thoughts on the adaptation of Annihilation into a movie, and find out about how his unique writing process helps him get into the heads of his characters.Links:Buy Hummingbird Salamander and Jeff's other booksVisit Jeff's websiteFollow Jeff on TwitterWatch our video panel Page One Sessions as we discuss writing with great authors: https://youtu.be/gmE6iCDYn-sThe Page One Podcast is brought to you by Write Gear, creators of Page One - the Writer's Notebook. Learn more and order yours now: https://www.writegear.co.uk/page-oneFollow us on Twitter: @write_gearFollow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/WriteGearUK/Follow us on Instagram: write_gear_uk See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


16 Apr 2021

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Jeff VanderMeer on nature, noir, and taking long walks

Professional Book Nerds

Ep. #538 - Jeff VanderMeer chats with Adam about his stunning new novel, Hummingbird Salamander, a noir-style mystery involving eco-activism, corporate secrecy, and so much more. They also discuss the small things we can all do to help the planet and where Jeff has found joy throughout the pandemic. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


12 Apr 2021

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Jeff Vandermeer's Borne

The NewlyReads

It's a podcast with a face! This week, Kylie has Dan read an author known with putting human faces on any old thing and calling it scary. Which, strangely, works every time. 

1hr 15mins

13 Feb 2021

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Conversations: Jeff VanderMeer, "A Peculiar Peril"


On this edition of Conversations, Jeff VanderMeer talks with host Dan Skinner about “A Peculiar Peril,” a book for young readers 8 to 80. VanderMeer is a Nebula Award winning author whose books include the best-selling novel, “Annihilation,” which was made into a movie in 2018. His other works include his “Southern Reach” trilogy, “Dead Astronauts,” “Borne” and “The Strange Bird.”


28 Oct 2020

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Aniquilação, de Jeff VanderMeer #Vamos ler um livro?#

Crónicas Óbvias de Uma Notória Totó

Aniquilação LIVRO Livro um da trilogia Área X de Jeff VanderMeer


4 Oct 2020

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312 - Aniquilação - Jeff Vandermeer

30:MIN - Livros e Literatura

Em um momento muito estranho da ficção e também da vida real, Vilto Reis e Arthur Marchetto decidem se reunir para falar de uma dobradinha filme e livro com um queridinho da Weird Fiction: Aniquilacao, livro de Jeff Vandermeer.  Aproveite que o livro está barato e compre Aniquilação pelo link do 30:MIN Assista o Filme de Aniquilação para acompanhar a conversa Twitter do 30:MIN | Instagram do 30:MIN Grupo Doutrinação Literária do 30:MIN - Facebook Clube do Livro do 30:MIN - Agenda 2020 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/30min/message


9 Sep 2020

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Author Jeff VanderMeer

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

This week, guest host Jordan Morris talks to Jeff VanderMeer about what inspires his writing.The NY Times Best-Selling author has a new book out that is a sort diversion from his norm. It's targeted toward a younger audience but keeps all of the wonder and fun of his previous works. His 2014 novel, "Annihilation" won the Nebula award and was turned into a 2018 film of the same name. Jordan chats with Jeff about how his writing process has evolved, what it's like collaborating on projects after being self-published and what it's like doing a book tour from home. Plus, we'll ask him about how his parents shaped the way he looks at the world.


4 Sep 2020

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SEASON PREMIERE: Jeff VanderMeer - Dead Astronauts


DEATH // SENTENCE returns after a brief hiatus. Between COVID and life changes for our hosts, Gareth has had to step away for the foreseeable future, leaving Langdon to figure out how to run, edit, and host a podcast all on his lonesome. Will Gareth return someday? We will see; the door is certainly open. New cohost Eden Kupermintz, editor-in-chief of Heavy Blog Is Heavy as well as a noted bibliophile, philosophy degree haver and ardent leftist, makes his debut. We talk about Dead Astronauts by Jeff VanderMeer and circumnavigation leftist thought. FEATURED MUSIC: Bedsore - "Cauliflower Growth", Sumac - "The Iron Chair"

2hr 1min

5 Aug 2020

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Vrah je houba! Jeff VanderMeer napsal noir ze světa, kde si houby podmanily lidstvo


Dvě mrtvá těla, jedno patří člověku, druhé šeďákovi, podivnému fungálnímu živočichovi, jehož rasa si před lety podmanila celé lidské město Ambra. Případ musí vyřešit detektiv John Finch, tajuplný chlapík v baloňáku s houbovou bouchačkou. Záhadná vražda rozkrývá divné výhonky ve svědomí vyšetřovatele i celé Ambry. V Liberatuře listujeme knihou Finch, která výborně reprezentuje žánr kombinující sci-fi a fantasy – New Weird.


23 Jul 2020