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S03E01 - Cennydd Bowles - Can technology be neutral?

NOIS3 about Design

The guest of this podcast episode is an old friend of WUDRome, in fact, he was one of the speakers we met in the 2018 edition to discuss together the theme "Design for Good or Evil". It's been a few years but the debate about the political, social, and moral repercussions of progress is still relevant. Cennyd Bowles, author of "Future Ethics", returned to engage with us on an important topic: is technology neutral? And why would people think that? According to the first of Kranzberg's six laws, Technology "is neither good nor bad, nor is it neutral".  So what is the role of design? And if technology can prove to be a resource and a threat at the same time, what can we do to be in control? Our discussion in the company of Cennyd Bowles starts from here to reflect on the tools we already have and the journey to follow. Enjoy listening to S03E01 “Can technology be neutral?” RESOURCES AND NOTES Cennydd Bowles – Future Ethics Ariel Guerzenvaig – The Goods of Design Pavani Reddy – Ethical Product Development IEEE - Ethically Aligned Design v2 Kat Zhou - designethically.com ethicalexplorer.org CENNYDD BOWLES BIO Cennydd Bowles is a designer and futurist with twenty years of experience advising companies including Twitter, Samsung, Orange, and the BBC. He is the author of Future Ethics and head of responsible design and innovation studio NowNext. SOCIAL LINKS https://twitter.com/cennydd--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/nois3/message


3 Mar 2022

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Spotify, Crypto and Ethics - Cennydd Bowles on The Product Experience

The Product Experience

Product people are charged with representing the needs of the customer as well as the needs of the business—but what happens when these are in conflict? We asked ethics consultant Cennydd Bowles to chat with us about how to handle some tricky situations in product.Featured Links: Follow Cennydd on LinkedIn and Twitter | Cennydd's website | NowNext Studio | 'What is the Gini Coefficient?' piece at CFI | Cennydd's book 'Future Ethics: the must read guide to the ethics of emerging technology'


16 Feb 2022

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#144 Technology & Ethics with Cennydd Bowles

Digital Mindfulness

In this episode, Cennydd Bowles discusses the latest landscape for digital ethics and how it is manifest in society and business today. This is a fascinating episode and gives us a real deep insight into the mind of a leading futurist and tech insider.


5 Apr 2021

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Future Ethics: from modern ethical theory to practical advice, with Cennydd Bowles

The Human-Centered AI Podcast

In this episode, we are joined by Cennydd Bowles, author of Future Ethics, and Director of NowNext, the ethical design and futures studio. In the episode, we talk about Future Ethics, and how we can use methods from disciplines such as speculative design and future studies to stimulate moral imagination. We also discuss the role of ethical guidelines, bringing those into practice, and how you can start having more conversations within your team or organisation around ethics. 


17 Nov 2020

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#3 Planet Centric Design with Futurist and Designer Cennydd Bowles.

Volume Podcast

The perils of developing a user-centric design with Futurist and Designer Cennydd Bowles.


12 Oct 2020

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Cennydd Bowles on Designing a More Inclusive Future

At a Distance

Futurist, designer, and ethicist Cennydd Bowles discusses why design often creates as many problems as it solves, the failures of “design thinking,” and the importance of bringing a longer-term perspective to addressing systemic changes.


15 Jul 2020

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#144 Technology & Ethics with Cennydd Bowles

Digital Mindfulness

In this episode, Cennydd Bowles discusses the latest landscape for digital ethics and how it is manifest in society and business today. This is a fascinating episode and gives us a real deep insight into the mind of a leading futurist and tech insider.


3 Apr 2020

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035 – Future Ethics Author and Designer Cennydd Bowles Shares Strategies for Designing Ethical Data Products That Benefit Our Business, Community and ...

Experiencing Data with Brian T. O’Neill

Cennydd Bowles is a London-based digital product designer and futurist, with almost two decades of consulting experience working with some of the largest and most influential brands in the world. Cennydd has earned a reputation as a trusted guide, helping companies navigate complex issues related to design, technology, and ethics. He’s also the author of Future Ethics, a book which outlines key ethical principles and methods for constructing a fairer future. In this episode, Cennydd and I explore the role that ethics plays in design and innovation, and why so many companies today—in Silicon Valley and beyond—are failing to recognize the human element of their technological pursuits. Cennydd offers his unique perspective, along with some practical tips that technologists can use to design with greater mindfulness and consideration for others. In our chat, we covered topics from Cennydd’s book and expertise including: Why there is growing resentment towards the tech industry and the reason all companies and innovators need to pay attention to ethics The importance of framing so that teams look beyond the creation of an “ethical product / solution” and out towards a better society and future The role that diversity plays in ethics and the reason why homogenous teams working in isolation can be dangerous for an organization and society Cennydd’s “front-page test,” “designated dissenter,” and other actionable ethics tips that innovators and data product teams can apply starting today Navigating the gray areas of ethics and how large companies handle them The unfortunate consequences that arise when data product teams are complacent The fallacy that data is neutral—and why there is no such thing as “raw” data Why stakeholders must take part in ethics conversationsResources and Links:Cennydd Bowles Future Ethics (book) Design for Real Life  The Trouble with Bias Twitter: @cennyddQuotes from Today’s Episode“There ought to be a clearer relationship between innovation and its social impacts.” — Cennydd “I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think there was a strong upside to technology, or if I didn’t think it couldn’t advance the species.” — Cennydd “I think as our power has grown, we have failed to use that power responsibly, and so it’s absolutely fair that we be held to account for those mistakes.” — Cennydd “I like to assume most creators and data people are trying to do good work. They’re not trying to do ethically wrong things. They just lack the experience or tools and methods to design with intent.” — Brian “Ethics is about discussion and it’s about decisions; it’s not about abstract theory.” — Cennydd “I have seen many times diversity act as an ethical early warning system [where] people who firmly believe the solution they’re about to put out into the world is, if not flawless, pretty damn close.” — Cennydd “The ethical questions around the misapplication or the abuse of data are strong and prominent, and actually have achieved maybe even more recognition than other forms of harm that I talk about.” — Cennydd “There aren’t a whole lot of ethical issues that are black and white.” — Cennydd “When you never talk to a customer or user, it’s really easy to make choices that can screw them at the benefit of increasing some KPI or business metric.” — Brian “I think there’s really talented people in the data space who actually understand bias really well, but when they think about bias, they think they’re thinking more about, ‘how is it going to skew the insight from the data?’ Not the human impact.” — Brian “I think every business has almost a moral duty to take their consequences seriously.” — Cennydd


24 Mar 2020

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Ethics, technology and the impact of our decisions on customers and employees - Interview with Cennydd Bowles

Punk CX with Adrian Swinscoe

Ethics, technology and the impact of our decisions on customers and employees - Interview with Cennydd Bowles, a designer and writer focusing on the ethics of emerging technologies. Cennydd joins me today to talk about ethics, technology, emerging technology, design and the impact of the decisions we make on customers and employees.


3 Dec 2019

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Future Ethics with Cennydd Bowles

Practically Abstract

For our first episode, we talk with Cennydd Bowles, author of Future Ethics, a book on the ethics of emerging technology. It is written for product teams looking to put age-old wisdom into practice. He has lectured on the topic at Facebook, Stanford University, and Google, and is a sought-after speaker at technology and design events worldwide. Cennydd is a London-based digital product designer with sixteen years of experience advising clients including Twitter, Ford, Cisco, and the BBC. We talk with Cennydd about the practice and theory of thinking about ethics in light of today's technological challenges. Episode Outline An Introduction to the Podcast by Arturo Perez and Chris Chandler 3:40 - Cennydd’s design background, which lead him to write about design ethics 7:06 - Who is the audience for this book? 8:35 - What is the value of ethical theory in light of being a digital product practitioner? 12:23 - Can academia influence the practice of product teams today? 14:28 - How is ethics being discussed within product teams? 16:20 - Is there appetite for theory within product teams today? 17:53 - In terms of practical takeaways and frameworks, what are you hoping designers take from the book? 20:32 - What is the role of your own political bias in talking about ethics in this book? The role of politics? 25:49 - What is the role of philosophy in the use of ethical lenses such as virtue ethics, deontology and utilitiarianism? 28:17 - Is there a role for philosophy in artificial intelligence? 31:20 - Are you seeing a design ethics community form from these discussions? 34:14 - Is it too late to be talking about ethics now? For more information, please visit us at http://practically-abstract.com


26 Apr 2019