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Dr Lindsay Browning - Psychologist, Sleep Expert and Author

CMPP Speakers for Schools

Listen to Lindsay's amazing story about how she became a Sleep Therapist, Psychologist and most recently and Author.Lindsay tells us about the qualifications she had to achieve to become a Doctor in Psychology, how she achieved them and about her time at Oxford University.  She goes on to tell us about how she went on to specialise in sleep and write a book which was recently published.Lindsay also gives some great sleep advice to students!


26 Mar 2021

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#173: Dr Lindsay Browning - How to Sleep Deeper and Better for Longer

Freedom Pact

Dr Lindsay Browning is a chartered psychologist, neuroscientist and sleep expert. As well as being a mother of two, she has a Doctorate (DPhil) from the University of Oxford, where she investigated the relationship between worry and insomnia. She founded Trouble Sleeping, her specialist sleep clinic, in 2006.As we break down the content in her new book, you can expect to:• Understand the difference between 'good' and 'bad' sleep.• Cope better with temporary sleeplessness.• Begin to unlearn unhelpful sleeping habits.• Challenge your misconceptions about how well, or badly, you sleep.• Practise tailored self-care that's likely to lead to improved sleep.Join our Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Newsletter: http://freedompact.co.uk/newsletterFor all of Lindsay's work mentioned in this episode, visit: https://troublesleeping.co.uk/


22 Mar 2021

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Mindful Meets - Ep 4 - Dr Lindsay Browning: How to have better sleep (and manage your eating)

The Mindful Eating Clinic

Sleep is one of the three fundamental pillars of good health. Together with nutrition and exercise it is fundamental for our well being.  Ever wondered about how the sleep cycle works?  Unware that sleep can dramatically affect how and what you eat?  Looking for some tips to sleep better?What is sleep and how does it work?  This podcast with Dr Lindsay Browning of Trouble Sleeping is informative and enlightening in all these areas and more.I was delighted that Lindsay agreed to give up some time to talk to us.  I hope you enjoy our conversation.  Here are more details about how you can find Lindsay and access her work:Website:Dr Browning - Trouble SleepingHere's Dr Lindsay's book details:Navigating Sleeplessness: How to Sleep Deeper and Better for Longer (A Mental Health Handbook): Amazon.co.uk: Browning, Dr Lindsay: 9781789562392: BooksInstagram:Dr Browning | Sleep Therapist (@drbrowningsleep) • Instagram photos and videosTwitter:Dr Browning | Sleep Therapist (@DrBrowningSleep) / Twitter


19 Mar 2021

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Dr Lindsay Browning: an impressive lady who is a Neuroscientist and Sleep Expert.

It’s a Sublime Life

It’s a Sublime Life.  Inspiration on living an excellent life and seeing the beauty already in life. Podcast host Hayley Gould. https://www.facebook.com/itsasublimelife/ Instagram @itsasublimelife Twitter @itsasublimelife www.itsasublimelife.com ‘It’s a Sublime Life’ Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and most other platforms.  https://open.spotify.com/episode/4mn0FivSDcGGUpUbgKWFw8?si=JtrEWiV2S1Ou8_gqrboVBQ https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/its-a-sublime-life/id1438173600?i=1000441881257 #itsasublimelife #yoga #mindfulness #meditation #peace #love #happy #vegan #healing #breath #lifestyle #travel #selfcare #health #spiritual #wellness #journaling #nature #abundance #affirmations #sublime #life #blissful #lifebalance #gratitude #podcast. At the date of recording this podcast the topic of Mental Health Week was 'sleep' but because of Covid 19 they changed it to 'Kindness'


21 May 2020

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Episode 6: The Shot-Stopping, High-Flying Lindsay Browning

Over the Goal Line: A CUWIH Podcast

In this episode, Finley Frechette ’21 is joined by Lindsay Browning ’21, the first goaltender on Over the Goal Line! Lindsay shares her experiences of ROTC, crazy stories of gearing up in places other than locker rooms, and the prank war between her and Maddie Mills. Cornell is hosting St. Lawrence University this weekend in the ECAC Championship playoffs in a Best of Three series, starting Friday, February 28th at 3pm ET. Game schedule and tickets can be found at CornellBigRed.com. Follow Over The Goal Line: A CUWIH Podcast Twitter: @overthegoalline Instagram: @overthegoalline Connect with Cornell Women’s Ice Hockey: Twitter: @CornellWHockey Facebook: @CornellWHockey Instagram: @cornellwhockey Website: https://cornellbigred.com/sports/womens-ice-hockey Produced by Finley Frechette ‘21 (Cornell Women’s Ice Hockey)  Produced by Christopher Morales ‘20 (Cornell Media Guild, Inc.)


27 Feb 2020

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184: Dr. Lindsay Browning | How an Urban Hippie Chiropractor makes practice a reflection of her personality

The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Ed Osburn

BIO: They call me Dr. B, or Head Hippie, and I'm living my purpose serving others through chiropractic. I've created a Vitalistic, crunchy space to serve where see kids, animals, and old hippies..  After graduating from Parker U in April 2013, I was screwed over as an Independent Contractor by a doc in Alaska - but totally grateful for that journey because I was able to unlearn everything school taught me about passing a test - and find my purpose, my life's mission for serving folks in a non-traditional, no muscle man on the wall, no shoes allowed environment!


19 Oct 2015