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XZRS: Carla Wills-Brandon - Comfort, Support, and Hope from the Afterlife

The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show

arla Wills-Brandon always wanted to do two things professionally: be of service to others, and write. After receiving a scholarship to California State University, Fresno, she graduated with high honors and a degree in psychology. She then went on to finish a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, Fresno, an APA approved school. Her husband, Michael “Tex” Brandon, also received his PhD in Clinical Psychology from this institution. After publishing eight books, and developing a successful private practice as a State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Carla decided to go back to school. Not interested in treading a traditional education path she completed a two year course of study and dissertation in a Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Nutrition program at Clayton College of Holistic Health. Her dissertation was titled “A Four Pronged Approach to the Holistic Treatment of Food Disorders.” Carla has published 12 books, one of which was a "Publishers Weekly Best Seller." Her most recent book, “Beyond The Chase: Breaking Your Obsessions That Sabotage True Intimacy” is proving to be a great success. She has also lectured across the U.S. and U.K., and has appeared on numerous national radio and television programs, such as Coast To Coast Radio with George Noory, Geraldo Rivera, Sally Jesse Raphael, Montel Williams, Art Bell’s Coast To Coast Radio Show, Uri Geller’s Coast To Coast Radio Show and Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher. Considered a relationship and trauma expert, many of her media appearances have been dedicated to discussing healthy intimacy, recovery from sexual abuse and trauma resolution. She has also appeared on several programs with her husband Michael, as the two clinicians often see couples in their private practice as a couple.​Aside from her work with relationships, intimacy issues, sexual dysfunction, addiction, trauma resolution and grief, Carla has been investigating spirituality and other related phenomenon for over a decade. Her major radio show appearances have been dedicated to topics ranging from Near Death Experiences, After Death Communications, Deathbed Visions and Premonitions. She is considered to be one of the leading researchers into deathbed visions. In her private practice, grief work, lectures and workshops she teaches people how to integrate these unusual encounters into everyday living.Currently, she is working on another project involving the mysterious departing visions of the dying.Carla and her family live on an island just off the coast of Texas in a 100-year-old historical home, which recently survived hurricane Ike in 2008. She and her husband, Dr. Michael Brandon Ph.D., a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, have been in private practice for over two decades. They have been married for over 40 years. The Brandons have two sons, Joshua and Aaron. Along with this, they have one Golden Retriever, four kitties, one Chinese box turtle, and two Love Birds. Sadly, the tarantula did not survive hurricane Ike.For Your Listening Pleasure for these Lockdown / Stay-At-Home COVID and Variants Times - For all the radio shows available on The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network visit - https://www.spreaker.com/user/xzoneradiotv.Our radio shows archives and programming include: A Different Perspective with Kevin Randle; Alien Cosmic Expo Lecture Series; Alien Worlds Radio Show; America's Soul Doctor with Ken Unger; Back in Control Radio Show with Dr. David Hanscom, MD; Connecting with Coincidence with Dr. Bernard Beitman, MD; Dick Tracy; Dimension X; Exploring Tomorrow Radio Show; Flash Gordon; Imagine More Success Radio Show with Syndee Hendricks and Thomas Hydes; Jet Jungle Radio Show; Journey Into Space; Know the Name with Sharon Lynn Wyeth; Lux Radio Theatre - Classic Old Time Radio; Mission Evolution with Gwilda Wiyaka; Paranormal StakeOut with Larry Lawson; Ray Bradbury - Tales Of The Bizarre; Sci Fi Radio Show; Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes; Space Patrol; Stairway to Heaven with Gwilda Wiyaka; The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell; Two Good To Be True with Justina Marsh and Peter Marsh; and many other!That’s The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network Shows and Archives - https://www.spreaker.com/user/xzoneradiotv


6 May 2021

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XZRS: Carla Wills-Brandon - Comfort, Support, and Hope from the Afterlife

The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show

Carla Wills-Brandon - Comfort, Support, and Hope from the Afterlife


25 Sep 2020

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Carla Wills-Brandon Talks About Deathbed Visitors

Seek Reality - Roberta Grimes

Evidence suggests that nearly everyone who undergoes a natural death will find loved ones they had thought were dead appearing by their beds before the transition begins. These visitors seem to perform an important function, since we are as clueless about what comes after the end of life as we were as infants undergoing birth. But our loved ones will assist us in raising our vibrations to encounter a whole new wonderful reality that is right in the same place! Carla Wills-Brandon is a leading expert on these beautiful reunions that occur as we are dying and preparing to go home. The post Carla Wills-Brandon Talks About Deathbed Visitors appeared first on WebTalkRadio.net.


3 Sep 2018

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The Past Lives Podcast Ep12 – Carla Wills-Brandon

Past Lives Podcast

This week I talk to Carla Wills-Brandon about her book Heavenly Hugs.At the moment of physical death, departed loved ones return to the dying to ease travel from this life to the next. Friends, family, and healthcare workers also report seeing these loving spiritual travel guides.Carla is one of the few researchers focused on the departing vision as proof of life after death. Having researched nearly 2,000 such encounters for more than 30 years.https://www.amazon.com/Heavenly-Hugs-Comfort-Support-Afterlife-ebook/dp/B009SPX9JC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1526850804&sr=8-1&keywords=Heavenly+Hugs%3A+Comfort%2C+Support%2C+and+Hope+From+the+Afterlife


20 May 2018

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31 - Departing Visions and After Death Communication with Carla Wills-Brandon - The Big Séance Podcast: My Paranormal World

Big Seance: My Paranormal World

Call the show (775) 583-5563! Psst… Are you looking for the SpeakPipe link? Carla Wills-Brandon, author and researcher, discusses Deathbed or Departing Visions and other After Death Communication. We also talk about Death Phobia, as well as an exciting discussion about psychomanteums! Check out Carla’s book, Heavenly Hugs: Comfort, Support, and Hope from the Afterlife, which is also found on the BigSeance.com Recommended Reading list. Visit BigSeance.com for more show notes. In this episode: Patrick tells the story of his Grandpa Keller’s After Death Communication (ADC) :39 Introduction of Carla Wills-Brandon and Deathbed Visions/Departing Visions 2:31 Carla’s Bio 3:45 What led Carla to researching Departing Visions and life after death topics? 7:32 William Barrett and Deathbed Visions 11:30 Karlis Osis and Erlendur Haraldsson’s study of Departing Visions 12:50 Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and the missing chapter 15:20 Beginning her research and collecting stories 17:08 Carla and Raymond Moody’s Psychomanteum 22:00 “We never die alone!” and Death Phobia 31:13 Has the current paranormal craze helped with death phobia? 35:03 Should we be using tools and recorders to document proof of Departing Visions? 38:59 Is Carla ever a skeptic? 42:00 More exciting talk about Dr. Moody’s Psychomanteums! (I’m totally jealous…) 46:08 Fine tuning with Meditation 47:39 What is Carla up to now? 49:46 How does one process experiences like departing visions, after death communication, and near death experiences? (Something I had NEVER thought of!) 52:28 Contact Info and other links! 55:27 For more on Carla Wills-Brandon: carlawillsbrandon.com Carla’s YouTube page Carla on Facebook and her Deathbed Visions, Departing Visions & the Afterlife Community @CarlaWBrandon on Twitter Carla’s Blog at White Crow Books DON'T FORGET Don’t forget to enter the Big Séance Love Never Dies Book Giveaway! The deadline for entry is March 30, 2015, and the winner will be announced on the very next episode. 28:11  Carla’s Bio:  Carla Wills-Brandon is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Psychological Associate, has published 13 books, one of which was a “Publishers Weekly Best Seller.” She has lectured across the United States, United Kingdom and in Italy, and has appeared on numerous national radio and television programs, such as Geraldo Rivera, Sally Jesse Raphael, Howard Stern, Montel Williams, Marilu Henner, Man Cow, Faith Daniels, Art Bell’s Coast To Coast Radio Show, Coast to Coast with George Noory, Uri Geller’s Coast To Coast Radio Show, Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher and many other programs. Carla is also one of the few investigators focusing in on the Departing Vision as proof of life after death. Researching such encounters for over 30 years, the much sought after lecturer has collected and reviewed over 2,000 afterlife contact accounts. Her book topics range from; Recovery from grief, loss and death,  Afterlife research and spirituality Food disorders Addiction Holistic Health Relationships Dealing with teens, children of trauma, addiction Healthy intimacy and sexuality Sexual healing  Trauma resolution and PTSD Carla is married to Michael Brandon, PhD, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. The couple lives on the Gulf Coast in a hundred year old house, with their two sons and an assortment of furry pets. The Brandon’s have been in private clinical practice for over 30 years. Record your voice feedback directly from your device on my SpeakPipe page! Call the show at (775) 583-5563 (or 7755-TELL-ME). I would love to include your voice feedback in a future show. Visit BigSéance.com for more information. Please help The Big Séance Podcast by subscribing, rating, and reviewing the show on iTunes or Stitcher! Also, check out BigSéance.com!


19 Mar 2015

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February 16: Carla Wills-Brandon

Spooky Southcoast

"Spooky Southcoast" for February 16, 2013. Author, counselor and self-help guru Carla Wills-Brandon is our guest, as we discuss her work and her research into deathbed visions of loved ones and visitations from those who have passed on.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/spookysouthcoast/support

1hr 20mins

23 Feb 2013