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Missy Bunch on Neurology + Fitness

Coffee with the Docs

In this episode, Dr. Abby interviews Missy Bunch on the impact that addressing your nervous system health can have on fitness and movement! In this unique approach to fitness, we learn how our neurology can greatly impact our ability to move efficiently, heal old injuries, and stay pain free! Missy also gives us a couple of simple drills you can incorporate into your daily routine to keep your nervous system working optimally! To learn more about Missy + her offerings, click here! Missy Bunch is a neurology expert, fitness coach, speaker and former professional dancer who specializes in injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, joint mobility and pain management. Dancing since the age of three, Missy has always been fascinated by human movement and its complexity. After a four-year knee injury following her professional dance career with the Golden State Warriors, she made it her life’s mission that no one endure the frustration and hopelessness she felt when it seemed nothing could heal her. In 2010, she was introduced to Z-Health, a neurocentric education company and after just a single session, Missy's knee pain was gone and her life changed forever. Over the next several years, she dove head first into the Z-Health curriculum and became one of only 50 master trainers in the world. Missy shares her expertise and, most importantly, her passion for her clients' health and quality of life through teaching workshops, building personal and corporate programs and speaking around the country, and most recently through the business she co-founded, Movement IQ.

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27 Apr 2020

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The Power Of Movement /w Missy Bunch

The How To Adult Podcast

Missy from MissyBunch.com shares her approach on creating pain-free movement based on the foundational belief that the body is a whole integrated system. She is a co-founder of Death of the desk. You can find her on Instagram  She also shares her 16personality.com results. 


7 Nov 2018

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17: Why Mobility Matters and How to up yours with Missy Bunch and Ryan Steenrod

The Full Plate

I am so excited to introduce you to Missy Bunch and Ryan Steenrod. This is truly one amazing  couple, friends. I learned so much in this episode and you will too as these two mobility experts breakdown what to do to stay mobile, how to handle aches and pains, and what movements you can do to release tension and stiffness at the workplace. They also give us training on how to work our shoulders and hips to reduce pain and provide mindset tips to help you "stick with it" this time. Basically, Missy and Ryan are pretty freakin' great. So, tune in and learn:  Why mobility matters and what you can do to improve your mobility right now How important it is to ask for help when you’re in pain What tech neck is and the simple fix to breaking that habit and elongating your neck The most common desk stressors and how to adjust for them at the office How to sit, stand, and walk correctly (because, apparently, I’ve been doing it wrong) To learn more about Missy and Ryan, visit http://deathofthedesk.com/. You can also follow them on IG for real time mobility tips at @missybunch15 and @ryansteenrod. And p.s. they are gifting listeners 25% off Death of the Desk membership. Use the code FULLPLATE to get in on that deal. 


11 Jul 2018

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Ep 33: The Secret To Alleviating Pain With Missy Bunch And Ryan Steenrod

Fit Over Thirty

Missy Bunch and Ryan Steenrod are co-founders of the company Death of the Desk, a company that’s committed to combating the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.Missy was a professional dancer who became interested in movement, health, and fitness after a knee injury that left her struggling to fund a way to relieve the pain. Ryan’s experience with working a desk job inspired him to find a healthier profession and lifestyle and encourage others to break out of the sedentary routine. Listen to the episode to hear Missy’s and Ryan’s thoughts on Z-Health, posture, breathing mechanics, and more.Today’s topics include: Z Health: what it is and how it works The mission behind Death of the Desk and what it means How 2-minute drills can be incorporated into your day to help alleviate the problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle How Missy and Ryan approach in-house workshops The importance of posture in reducing pain How mood affects posture The role that proper breathing mechanics plays in fitness How deep belly breathing can help you relax from “fight-or-flight” mode The neurology of breathing mechanics Tips for improving breathing mechanics A demonstration of boxed breathing Common pain points in the corporate world and how to deal with them How movement can change hormonal profiles and mood Why movement is so important for the body Challenges that Missy and Ryan have faced during their careersLinks and resources:Missy BunchRyan SteenrodDeath of the DeskDeath of the Desk on YouTubeQuotes:“Once I know I want something, I kind of go 150 percent in.” Missy Bunch“We could go into any company and just talk, but let’s make that talk or that presentation as impactful as possible.” Ryan Steenrod“What if we just close our mouths more often? You know, it sounds silly, but it’s so effective.” Missy Bunch


26 Mar 2018

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#063: Forming Healthy Habits with Missy Bunch

The Modern Desk Jockey

Missy Bunch of Death of the Desk reveals how to form healthy habits at the desk that will provide you with a lifetime of health and wellness. For more information visit the show notes at http://moderndeskjockey.com


9 Oct 2017

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HERBODY 41 - Missy Bunch - Death of the desk

Body IO FM

This episode of HER Body™ deals with a topic that all of us stuck at our desks will benefit from. Simple mobility techniques for the office or home that can be done in as little as 2 minutes.Learn more here: http://1b.io/tM


22 Nov 2016

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#004: Two-minute Desk Drills, with Missy Bunch

The Modern Desk Jockey

How a micro-break can help you feel amazing at work. Missy Bunch from Death Of The Desk shares short exercises that you can do while at your desk. Find out more by visiting http://ModernDeskJockey.com


17 Aug 2016

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#124 Missy Bunch – Special Ways To Reduce Pain #hlews

Goality Fitness Radio

We have a super knowledgeable personal trainer with us today. His name is Missy Bunch.  We will be talking about special ways to reduce pain.Dancing since the age of three, I developed my deep fascination with the human body at a very young age. I am a certified personal trainer and movement coach who has instructed countless boot camp classes, semi-private group classes, and private personal training clients. After years of battling personal injuries, I was left feeling frustrated and hopeless; worried nothing else could be done to heal me. By fate, in 2010, I had a session with a Z-Health trainer and my knee pain was gone and never came back. I knew I wanted to teach this approach to the world. So over the next several years I completed many courses, intense testing and training, to become one of the few master trainers in the world. The importance of brain function and using the nervous system to rapidly “debug” movement patterns, decrease pain and increase performance has lead me teach and create lightning-fast improvements with people from all walks of life. My specialties include injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, joint mobility and decreasing pain, holistically.In the last several years my focus has shifted to traveling the country to teach the importance of movement to small and large companies, educating people on the human body as a whole integrated system.email:missy@missybunchfitness.comFB:https://www.facebook.com/Missy-Bunch-Fitness-Page-178419772237334/free movement videos: deathofthedesk.com For additional podcast from Healthy Living With Eric Su visit www.ericwsu.com/podcasts.   Remember, Eric Su’s FREE Results Coaching Strategy session: www.ericwsu.com/freecoachingcall Watch Eric Su on Facebook Live.  Visit www.facebook.com/ericwsutrainer every Friday at 9:30am CST. Remember rate and review this episode on itunes See you at the next episode The post #124 Missy Bunch – Special Ways To Reduce Pain #hlews appeared first on Eric W Su.


15 Aug 2016