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Lost Arts Radio Show #236 - Special Guest David Noakes

Lost Arts Radio

David Noakes did his own research on the action of a compound called GCMAF. He learned that it eliminated cancer and had many other amazing qualities, used as a natural medicine. One of its important features was that it caused no harm, no negative changes, no "side" effects. None. He also said that food and medicine should be the same. The idea of using poisons for medicine in order to ensure lots of future business would have been seen clearly by Hippocrates as a crime against humanity, and it is.Modern "medicine" has abandoned the wisdom of Hippocrates. Poisons and invasive, damaging "procedures" now dominate the profession and official "science." Real causes of disease and how to eliminate them and allow the body to naturally heal itself are not addressed. Instead, health problems are blamed on genetics, germs, bad luck and age. Those who provide real medicine (which has NO negative "side effects") are attacked and imprisoned or killed. What is most amazing is we have reached the point where most of the public supports this insanity.Some still try to offer real solutions, real healing protocols to the people who need them. Those people are targeted and imprisoned or killed. David Noakes dared to produce a substance that body itself makes and uses to maintain immunity and prevent disease. But it's not able to make enough of that substance in some serious conditions like cancer and autism. Supplemental supply of this substance can make the difference between death and recovery.David will tell his story this Sunday, and give us an update on his situation including his efforts to avoid prison at the hands of corrupt judges and prosecutors. The drama David is in has a lot to say about the situation of our world today and our chances to heal it.

2hr 29mins

1 Jul 2019

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Lost Arts Radio Show #196 - Special Guest David Noakes

Lost Arts Radio

David Noakes visited with Lost Arts Radio about three years ago (https://youtu.be/H0m25C-kahU). He was explaining how GcMAF had been successful in helping to cure autism, which according to conventional and government health authorities is not supposed to be possible even though the experience of some brave individuals has proven otherwise. David was involved in the manufacture of GcMAF, used by Dr. Bradstreet before he was murdered. To many of us it seems obvious that Dr. Bradstreet was one of the doctors murdered for exposing the crimes of the medical industry and its government agency partners. His death was officially called a suicide. One of the crimes he helped expose was that the destructive enzyme "nagalase" was being put intentionally into vaccines, which would then help to destroy the immune systems of vaccine victims (listen to the archived interview linked above for more details).If the general public in America and the rest of the world were ever to grasp the magnitude of this and many other crimes of government and global corporations, including the medical industry, it could become a serious threat to the agenda of depopulation and extermination that is going on all around us. Clearly this would be very irritating to the global rulers behind the agenda, so Dr. Bradstreet and many other doctors and health professions before and after him had to die.Now three years later, David Noakes is willing to come back to Lost Arts Radio and share with us what he has gone through since his last visit, and since having the lab producing GcMAF in the UK shut down by "health" authorities there. It is a story of oppression, an ongoing war against the truth worldwide that most of the public doesn’t even know about, and about the courage and conviction of people whose spirit and inner strength are keeping our hopes for a better world alive.

1hr 15mins

24 Sep 2018

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DJ David Noakes European Snow Pride Après Ski

David-H Percussion

To warm up and prepare for our après-ski, enjoy the mix of one of our DJs David Noakes accompanied by our percussionist David H! Our amazing après-ski will take place in an exceptional and unique venue on the pistes, the fabulous Chalet du Bollin, with a stunning view on the surrounding mountains.Every day from Sunday 18/3 to Friday 23/3, from 15:30 to 18:30, you will enjoy the magic and unique sets and shows of our DJs Rich B London and David Noakes, our singer Audrey Graham, our saxophone player Kevork Sax, our percussionist David H Percussion and Othman De Poltorasky's troupe of dancers and performers.European Snow Pride 2018 Powered by Scruff, #Tignes, 17-24 MarchEurope's biggest #gayskiweek DJ David Noakes : https://soundcloud.com/davidnoakes David H : http://www.davidhpercussion.com

1hr 3mins

17 Mar 2018

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Dropped - Episode #21 - David Noakes Guest Mix

Premeson - Dropped

Dropped - Episode #21 Tracklist: 1) Michael Brun - Zenith 2) Tom Staar & Kryder - Big Momma's House 3) Sevag, Henrix - Latina 4) Lazy Rich, Hot Mouth - Flash 5) Dyro, Ryder - Calling Out 6) Will Sparks - This Is What the Bounce Is 7) Lush & Simon - Hunter 8) Patrick Manresa - With The Gods Promo of the Week David Noakes Guest Mix: 9) Blasterjaxx - Gravity (Original Mix) 10) Dyro - Wolv (Original Mix) 11) Manufactured Superstars featuring Jarvis Church - Stay (Sephano & Torio Remix) 12) Mightyfools - Shaolin (Original Mix) 13) R3hab, VINAI - How We Party (Original Mix) 14) Samual James - Vita (Original Mix) 15) The Aston Shuffle - Tear It Down (NEW ID Remix) Share your love and don't forget to rate and review the podcast! Stay in touch: facebook.com/premeson twitter.com/premeson www.premeson.dj

1hr 1min

31 Aug 2014

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