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FRIDAY HUDDLE | Josh Jenkins opens up on Adelaide's Camp, the Darcy Dynasty continues, Simon Goodwin

Triple M Rocks Footy AFL

Darce shares his emotions on Sam Darcy playing his first game tomorrow, Josh Jenkins' explosive comments on Adelaide's camp, On Your Game Quiz, Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin, fashion designer Daniel Patrick has some ideas for Chief, Cult Hero Brodie Holland, why won't Damo go on a kid's podcast?, Howie's trying to give Mason Cox a new nickname, Browny's controversial Top 5See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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5 Aug 2022

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FULL SHOW | Josh Jenkins Speaks out on Camp | Bernie's Sportsman's Night! | Throat of Origin

The Rush Hour with Bernie, Blewey & Jars Catch-Up - Triple M Adelaide 104.7

Josh Jenkins speaks out on the camp Bernie's Sportsman's Night! $1K Minute Quiz Bern's Wheel Throat of Origin Replay of Sam Morrison's Throat of Origin on the breaky show! FUNNY Footy Preview Blewey says the Crows will finish on top of Port Highlight TapesSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


5 Aug 2022

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Josh Jenkins speaks about Adelaide's infamous pre-season camp in 2018

The Run Home with Andy & Gazey

An emotional Josh Jenkins breaks his silence on Adelaide's infamous pre-season camp


5 Aug 2022

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Monday footy expert Josh Jenkins

The Run Home with Andy & Gazey

Josh Jenkins reviews an extraordinary Round 19 in the AFL


25 Jul 2022

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Josh Jenkins (11.07.22)

The Run Home with Andy & Gazey

Our Monday regular, Josh Jenkins joins the boys to chat all things footy.


11 Jul 2022

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This is your Journey - Josh Jenkins

This is Your Journey

Sam Edmund chats with former Adelaide and Geelong forward Josh Jenkins. Initially a high level basketballer, Jenkins impressed playing local footy in Swan Hill and was drafted as a rookie by Essendon. 12 months later he was offered a position on Adelaide's senior list and didn't look back


10 Apr 2022

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Josh Jenkins: Surrender To The Musical Gods

Write You A Song Podcast

If you’re at all familiar with the ocean, you’ll know that while most swells on a given day will be roughly the same size, every once in a while that pattern gets upset when, out of nowhere, a wave twice the size of the others, or even greater, suddenly appears. They’re called rogue waves and while they don’t happen very often, and they can’t be predicted, they cannot be ignored. Our guest this month? He helped write the musical equivalent of a rogue wave last year. Josh Jenkins is relatively new to mainstream country, but he isn’t new to music. Since they first formed around 2003 in Ft Worth Texas, Josh and his band, Green River Ordinance, has carved out a critically acclaimed spot for themselves in pop-rock and Americana- even touring with big rock acts like Collective Soul, Train and the Goo Goo Dolls. In 2016, they became among the first artists to release an album fully funded by loyal fans, via Kickstarter.  But while he and his bandmates still very much get together to perform, Josh has taken his passion for songcraft and settled into the Nashville songwriting community, where just this last year, he finally scored his first two hit singles. One went #1 the last week of January 2022 and the other was a musical rogue wave. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


27 Jan 2022

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"Regeneration" - Bro. Josh Jenkins - Sunday Evening - 9/5/2021

Amazing Grace Baptist Church Mount Airy


11 Sep 2021

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Josh Jenkins + Richmond Review - Round 20 Edition

Geelong Cats

Lingy and Lachie Young from the Geelong Advertiser are joined by Geelong forward Josh Jenkins, we review Geelong's strong win against Richmond and look ahead to this week's game against North Melbourne. All this and more on this week's To the Final Bell See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


27 Jul 2021

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Episode 47 "Heated" feat. Josh Jenkins & Charlie Mac

Why Should I Give A Damn?

The name of this episode describes the energy that was in the room, HEATED! Is Kevin Samuels good for the culture ? This question sends our team into a heated debate causing us to break down the impact of the relation guru turned internet sensation. On the more freaky side of things we decided to go all out in a uncensored conversation regarding what we think is absolutely off limits during sex. How freaky is TOO freaky? The WSIGAD team gets even more heated when we discuss the several viral moments currently circulating online regarding more white people killing & harassing unarmed victims. Do white men have a superiority issue that isn't being talked about? LA based rapper The Game went to social media to tell men that they should be paying all the bills in the relationship. Is it time to tell celebs to STFU when it comes to relationship advice? Why do rich men always act like they have the secrets to women happiness?


20 Apr 2021