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Ep.10 : Cryptocurrency talk with Jonathan Rivera

Boost and Gains Podcast

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, NFTs. I am sure these are all names that have been in the news lately and words that get tossed around a lot. In this episode, my guest Jonathan Rivera and I dive into the world of cryptocurrency. Jonathan has been in the crypto space for quite some time now, a heavy investor and a firm believer that now is the time to invest as this is the future and could possibly reshape how we transact. We discuss the future of crypto, how to invest, crypto mining, etc.  


15 Apr 2021

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How to Change the World with Conversational Activism - Jonathan Rivera!

An Unknown Adventure

OK, this is a MUST listen! Jonathan is changing the world, one conversation at a time! The only way to fight division (which Jonathan correctly identifies as the other pandemic) is to sit down with people who have differing opinions and have a conversation with them. Not a debate or an argument but active listening. And in doing so, he finds the commonality between himself (and all of humanity) and the people he interviews. I'm completely blown away with his philosophy and huge heart and I know you will be too. Here is a blog post/transcription of this podcast. Here is where you can find Jonathan Rivera. Here are all the show notes for this episode. Here are a few of the things we talked about and links to them.Brené Brown's Dehumanization Podcast Episode on Spotify on 1/13/21:Brené on Words, Actions, Dehumanization and Accountability  Article: Why People Complain  **The "stop complaining" book = A Complaint Free World by Will Bowen  The theory if we knew how hard something was before we started it...The Dunning-Kruger Effect (wiki) Psychology Today  Want to make my day? Please follow me on Instagram! KA's Website and Blog here. ** affiliate link - if you use this, there is no extra cost to you and KA gets a few cents but you are not obligated at all to use the affiliate link. Thank you so much for listening :) Kimberly Anne


5 Apr 2021

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15 Jonathan Rivera - Conversational Activism

Transformational Travel

Meet Jonathan Rivera, a conversational activist who starts conversations with people that he disagrees with and who disagree with him,  they don’t like him,  they don’t understand him so that he can learn from them and find commonality. He uses his anonymity as a super power as a tool to change the world every day. He has very few followers,  and he likes it that way. That’s how he has been able to change the world.This has been one of the most powerful and poignant conversations yet on the Transformational Travel podcast. Jonathan is a true role model for us all, teaching and modeling for us how to listen without expectations or agenda.  Even without needing or wanting to change the mind of the person he is conversing with. Something very rare in today's world.Jonathan is clearly a deep thinker who loves his fellow humans from any and all walks of life. He is a humble man who seeks no publicity, fanfare and has a very low profile in the world, yet he is making a profound impact on each and every person he has a conversation with, your host included.Jonathan challenges us all, but his quiet activism, to be better humans. To be quiet, open and listen to those around us, especially those we don't agree with or understand, to find the commonalities that exist between all people. He quietly inspires all who hear his mission and opens the hearts of so many people around the world, one conversation at a time.We encourage you to have your own activist conversations with those you may not agree with and we would love to hear your experiences. Send them to us at Anne@WhaleWisdomRetreats.com 


27 Mar 2021

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Hemisferio Implícito - Jonathan Rivera Viveros

Potencia UMA

Ciclo Charlas: Conoce las experiencias de Jonathan Rivera Viveros, ciclista urbano en la CDMX.


4 Mar 2021

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Changing the world through Conversation with Jonathan Rivera

Front Seat - The Road Back to You

We all want the same things: to be seen, to be heard and to be loved.  In the world that has become so divisive Jonathan Rivera cuts through all the noise one conversation at time. Jonathan has been all around the world,  everywhere he goes, he looks for people to talk to who think,  and often look, different then he does.Jonathon believes that if we truly listen to people, not to change their mind, but just to listen and see them as people that the barriers can be pulled down.Jonathan offers some great insight into the human experience.You can get a hold of Jonathon on:Instagram:  Jonathan Riveraor email him at Jonathan.ken.rivera@gmail.com


22 Feb 2021

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Changing the World Through Conversational Activism with Jonathan Rivera

Becoming Infinite

#004: Jonathan Rivera is an Aviation Engineer. For the past seven years he’s been traveling the world. He seeks out people with whom he radically disagrees or who are different from him and then tries to walk in their shoes— to understand why they think and believe the way they do. He calls these conversations “conversational activism,” the key to which is listening with active curiosity in an effort to learn and serve. He believes  we can change the world, one conversation at a time, through this practice.TAKEAWAYS FROM THIS EPISODE:Deep down, we are much more alike than we are different.Be the change you want to see in the world.You can change the world every day through the conversations you have. Jonathan calls it Conversational Activism and says it is a superpower.Be actively curious about other people.Listen with the purpose of learning, Listen with the purpose of serving.MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Jonathan’s InstagramSONGS IN THIS EPISODE:Mad Planet - Two of UsBang Sugar Bang - Invisible CityThank you so much for listening!💫Join the magic and hit subscribe💫While you're at it, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook!And, here's where you can support the show ❤️Becoming Infinite Website


9 Feb 2021

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Episode 114 - Jonathan Rivera


Episode 114 Stacy and Boyd speak with special guest and conversational activist, Jonathan Rivera. Jonathan says that everyone can change the world everyday. I can! You can! What kind of things are we doing daily to change our own world? What kind of things are we doing daily that can change the world at large? Send us an email at herobuilder2020@gmail.com and let us know how you are changing YOUR world everyday!! 


5 Feb 2021

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Rock-n-Roll to Corporate World - My Interview with Jonathan Rivera from Results Leader 2-1-21

The Productive Not Busy! Podcast With Coach Wayne Weathersby

In this episode (13), Wayne Weathersby, a former rock-n-roll guitarist turned business coach who has helped companies like Chrysler and Keller Williams and recently Micro-Breweries joins me. We discuss how to get out of your head so you can take massive action that drives results and creates opportunities out of thin air. Here Are The Show Highlights: How reading one book doubles your revenue while cutting your workload in half (1:58) The “Rock Climbing Approach” to building businesses that keeps you mentally stimulated and injects steroids into your piggy bank (5:10) How the “Prey Drives” prevents success from draining all your motivation and drive (5:51) Why endlessly crossing off to-dos drives a stake through productivity’s head (and keeps you from profit-generating activities) (7:16) How setting goals is like robbing yourself blind (and what to do instead) (19:00) Why never saying “when” makes it easier to close deals by painting an emotional picture (21:14) --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/wayne-weathersby/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wayne-weathersby/support


1 Feb 2021

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Fancy A Blether?: Curiosity Conversations with Jonathan Rivera

Fancy A Blether?

This week Kirsty is joined by Jonathan Rivera to talk all about curiosity conversations, and what it means to be a conversational activist. Don't forget to follow us on instagram (@fancyablether) and check out our website (www.fancyablether.com). You can find Jonathan on Instagram (jonthan.rivera17) or email him (jonathan.kenn.rivera@gmail.com).  Poem of the Week: 'What It's Like to Be You' by Beaut Writings (@beautwritings) Positive News Story of the Week: Scottish Postman Quits His Job After Viral Sea Shanty TikTok To Pursue Music  Charity of the Week: Charity Water


1 Feb 2021

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22 - Jonathan Rivera - Phoenix, AZ

Bridge To Better

Meet Jonathan from Phoenix!  Jonathan works as a flight attendant translator/language aficionado (he speaks Spanish and Portuguese).  In this episode we talk about the adjustment that airline workers have had to make as well as the risks they are taking during the pandemic.  Jonathan is also a proponent of what he calls "extreme listening" which can be described as the willingness to sit down with anybody to hear them out.  We talk about this philosophy, how he does it , how people react to it, and the idea (which we both disagree with) that some people should not be talked to. This podcast is based on "extreme listening" and I'm trying to channel the same energy he is.   Our shared goal is to inspire more listening in the world.  IG: @bridgetobetterMusic by: @klrblndsiddyEmail: bridgetobetterpodcast@gmail.comNew Substack: swampcreatures.substack.com - written content coming soon in addition to audio versions on this podcast!

1hr 7mins

24 Nov 2020