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40. Energetic Testing to Heal Root Cause Health Issues & The Magic of Reishi Mushroom with Tara Coughlan, FNTP

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About Tara:  Tara Coughlan is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (mine, in fact!). She uses MFT muscle response testing (Morphogenic Field Technique) to find the root causes of and solutions to her clients’ health issues, using functional nutrition and targeted supplementation. She also addresses trapped emotions in the body, a common cause of physiological symptoms, using the Emotion Code. Tara spent most of her adult life working 60-70 hour weeks managing her family’s busy restaurants. As chronic stress took its toll, her health declined to a point where she began to seek answers to her health issues through nutrition. She had struggled with social anxiety and depression for as long as she could remember, was always exhausted, and suffered with chronic back pain for 11 years. One week after turning 40, Tara was in a car accident where her car was totaled but miraculously no one was hurt. That was the moment she knew her life had to change. She dedicated herself to becoming well and to shifting out of her restaurant career into one that she knew held true fulfillment for her, Nutritional Therapy. About this episode: In this episode, we talk about her healing story, how she became a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, how she began healing others through energetic testing (Morphogenic Field Technique), what energetic testing looks like in action, how she identifies root cause health issues/supplementation needs/food sensitivities and allergies, the Emotion Code, detoxing the body, coffee enemas (yes, for real!), EMFs, and so many more fascinating topics!! Connect with Tara:  - Instagram: @taraanneholistichealth - Website: https://www.taraanneholistichealth.com Mentioned in this episode: ***Organic Reishi Mushroom KING COFFEE: https://www.shopog.com/ShoppingCart/index.cfm?FuseAction=CategoryShop&CategoryID=104&ParentCategoryID=15&OwnerID=10002292147 ***Reishi Mushroom Spore Capsules: https://www.shopog.com/ShoppingCart/index.cfm?FuseAction=CategoryShop&CategoryID=3093&ParentCategoryID=&OwnerID=10002292147 ***My friend Kara Halderman's YouTube video on Coffee Enemas ***Emily Morrow's podcast episode about the benefits of Reishi Mushroom

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29 Aug 2020