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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mick Kolassa. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mick Kolassa, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mick Kolassa. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mick Kolassa, often where they are interviewed.

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#535-Doug MacLeod, Mick Kolassa, Peter Parcek, Diedra Ruff, John Nemeth

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Doug comes by to discuss the rerelease of “The Train Of Change” a single off his 2011 album, Brand New Eyes. 10 years later, the words still ring true

Mick allows us to world premier another of his albums.  This one is called If You Can’t Be Good, Be Good At It, and once again Mick is uncovering songs you thought you knew.

Peter returns to The Couch to discuss his latest release Mississippi Suitcase, the world around him and more.

DieDra has released Alabama Blues Queen and she will take her seat on The Couch to discuss her career and music

John is releasing Stronger Than Strong on the 16th and he will stop by a little early to discuss the new music, what has been going on in his pandemic world and more.
Oct 06 2020 · 2hr 55mins
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Making a Scene Presents an Interview with a Pro - Mick Kolassa - Endless Blues Records

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Making a Scene Presents an Interview with a Pro

Mick Kolassa - Endless Blues Records

Endless Blues Records is a different kind a record company. We started as a “personal” label for Mick Kolassa and have expanded to work with other artists. Our goal is to help independent artists get their music recorded in a quality way and made available broadly. We work with artists in several different ways from simply providing logistic help and advice to help with get the recording released and promoted to fully financing the production of an album.

We’re a small firm with limited resources so we’re going to be selective in the folks we can help and do more with it. We are not seeking new artists at this time but are actively evaluating potential future partners.

In a age where the bottom is falling out of the market for "recorded music" starting an indie label can be an expensive decision. Mick Kolassa has taken on the task and we talk to him about his decision to open his indie label and his plans on how he expects to make it successful. If you want to learn the music business from the ground up, this is a great interview to begin with.

Jan 16 2020 · 1hr 26mins

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Episode 247: Mick Kolassa & The Taylor Made Blues Band

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"Free Range Blues" is a term you will hear about in this episode as Mick and the band demonstrate that very notion. You've heard Mick before, now hear the band. These guys are a lot of fun and you'll probably learn a few things along the way. Also in this episode, Ric discovered what one local radio station decided to do on Halloween. It involves the despicable act of celebrating one day in December at the end of October. A little rant is in this episode.

NEXT WEEK: Andrea Staten

Nov 04 2018 · 1hr 49mins
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Episode 238: Mick Kolassa

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An old friend of Radio Memphis, Mr. Mick Kolassa steps into the studio this time around with a brand new CD. You'll hear a couple of songs from it and learn how you can add it to your library, which is highly recommended. Also in this episode, Ric takes a shot at all of the so-called "experts" plying their trades on Facebook. He has made an interesting comparison between what happens away from the social media to what is happening on social media. 


Sep 02 2018 · 1hr 5mins

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World Premier Mick Kolassa, Allen-Lamun Band, Katy Guillen & CKNM Alexis P Suter

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SHOW #329

Honored to be able to WORLD PREMIER the brand new Mick Kolassa album, Taylor Made.  This is another collection of original songs mixed with some tasty uncovers.  Mick and I will discuss the album, and the recording sessions filled with friends, but missing one.

Dave Allen and “Little Laura” Lamun each took different journeys until they met in 2007 and formed a musical and life bond. Maybe It’s A Good Thing, their third release, is a collection of 12 originals, showcasing their duet vocal sound. We’ll talk about their careers and how they came together and where they are heading.

Katy Guillen & The Girls (Claire Adams and Stephanie Williams) woke up the Blues world with their 2014 performances at the International Blues Challenge.  Since then, they have toured and won fans wherever they performed.  The new album is Heavy Days and I will chat with Katy about the road she has taken to get where she is today.

Alexis P Suter returns to The Couch with her new album, All For Loving You.  We’ll talk about the album, her BMA Nomination in 2015, and what she has been doing since she appeared back in August of 2014.
Jun 28 2016 · 3hr
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PREMIER from Mick Kolassa, Voo Davis, Johnny Riley & CKNM Rusty Wright & More

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SHOW # 275 Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With Musicians You Should Know

We begin the evening with Cindy McLeod from The Calgary International Blues Festival.  They are one of our Festival Sponsors this year.  Their 11th Festival, this one is chock full of top Blues Artists and we will talk to Cindy about what is in store for fans.

Then I am honored to PREMIER Ghosts Of The Riverside Hotel from Mick Kolassa.  Mick has done it again, creating an album that touches on all of the different flavors of the blues and it includes an “uncovering” of an old favorite. I can’t wait to share this one with you all and talk to Mick about his inspirations.

Voo Davis is out of Chicago and he has a distinct sound to his music and it continues on this, his third release entitled Midnight Mist.  Recorded in Louisiana, Voo plays many of the instruments on this disc. I will chat with Voo about his life and Career and the new album.

Johnny Riley grew up with a Gospel Music dad from Texas and a Blues Music mom from Mississippi and he has created a signature in your face Southern Rock & Blues sound that is laced with Gospel undertones.  His album is entitled Crossroads Of My Life and I am excited to chat with Johnny about his journey to this point and where the road will lead from here.

Then Rusty & Laurie Wright return to The Couch with COUCH KID NEW MUSIC.  The album is entitled Wonder Man and dropped about 6 weeks ago.  Can’t wait to chat with these two wonderful musicians and get the to share stories about the new album and their lives on the road sharing with their fans.
Jun 30 2015 · 3hr 28mins