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19 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jaime Cross. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jaime Cross, often where they are interviewed.

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19 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jaime Cross. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jaime Cross, often where they are interviewed.

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Running a Faith Based Business with Jaime Cross

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#95: Have you heard God's call to start a business and are unsure on how to proceed?

If so, I'd like to introduce to you, Jaime Cross! Two years after leaving her corporate banking career to be home with her newborn son, Jaime had a longing to build a meaningful empire driven by purpose and global impact. Earnestly seeking direction, Jaime asked God for a billion dollar idea, and days later saw a business plan in a dream.

She immediately embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, and after nine long years of trial and error....a lot of mistakes and tears... her company is leading a True Beauty movement that is changing the way people do skin. Jaime stands at the forefront of business as a force for good, as she paves a way for men and women to activate their own dreams and embark on their journey towards Becoming. 

So what are you waiting for? Let's dive into my conversation with Jaime.

Key Lessons From This Episode:

  • Her journey to the billion dollar idea
  • Why being faithful in the little moments matters
  • Why you shouldn't worry if you are not growing fast at the beginning
  • How she pivoted her business in reaction with the recent pandemic and how storytelling made all the difference
  • The mistake that she has learned the most from
  • How she stayed accountable and driven


  Remember, YOU Matter! See you in the next episode. 

Sep 01 2020 · 34mins
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From Farmers Markets To 8-Figure E-Commerce Business With Jaime Cross of MIGLiving.com

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Jaime Cross is the founder of MIG Living, an online e-commerce company that sells "Seed to Soul" beauty and wellness products made with all-natural ingredients. Jaime went from selling her products at local farmer's markets to now being an 8-Figure online business, all in 10 years.

We chat about:

  • How the idea of MIG Living came about, and what selling at local farmer markets for 4 years taught her about business
  • Focusing on creating the best soap product as a differentiation and her journey moving her offline business online
  • Her biggest marketing lessons from studying under Russell Brunson
  • Why she decided to focus on network marketing to grow MIG Living
  • How she continues to grow MIG Living by 200% even during the Covid-19 pandemic
Aug 24 2020 · 27mins

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EP 096 - Jaime Cross - Mother of 4 and 8-Figure Entrepreneur

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Jaime Cross is a wife of 17 years, mother of four small boys & an eight-figure entrepreneur. She founded her organic skincare company, MIG Living, after seeing a business plan in a dream six years ago.

Jaime also founded The HER Effect® which is a global movement to mobilize & empower women towards action & vision for impact, giving them all that is necessary to be successful in their families, businesses and in life.

Aug 12 2020 · 52mins
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Farmers Market to 8 Figure Business | Ep. 6 with Jaime Cross CEO MIG Living

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Jaime Cross, founder of MIG Living is a trailblazer in the "clean beauty" movement. She took MIG Living, her all-natural beauty company, from local farmer's markets to an 8-Figure online business in just 10 years. She also empowers women with her online "The Her Effect" Community (more than 50,000 members) where she educates women on the woes of the American beauty industry, and how they can make healthier decisions regarding their beauty & skincare routines. She's been featured on top morning shows on NBC, CBS, Life & Style Magazine, USA Today, Red Tricycle, and she has been a featured speaker at ClickFunnels' Funnel Hacking Live.

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Jul 30 2020 · 24mins

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152 : The Money Mindset Jaime Cross Used to Grow a 7-Figure Business DETAILS

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Jamie Cross is simply amazing and I am so honored to have her on today's episode of the podcast.

Jamie's episode is one we're pulling from the podcast vault! Her episode was one of the most downloaded and streamed episodes of the Business, Jesus, Sweet Tea podcast!

Jamie is a perfect example of having God be the center of your business and seeing how He moves when we give Him something to work with.

On today's episode, Jamie shares with us her mindset around money and how she has use the power of giving to increase and grow her business to 7-figures.

Jaime embarked on her entrepreneurial journey the next morning and after eight long years of trial and error.... and a lot of mistakes and tears... her multi seven figure company is one of the fastest growing organic skin care companies in the world. Jaime now stands at the forefront of business as a force for good, bridging her two empires, MIG and The HER Effect together to equip and surround women who are ready to rise. She is passionately paving the way for women to embody true beauty, pursue purpose, and embark on their own journey towards Becoming HER with profitability and a soul set on fire.

P.S. As a mother of four boys, unschooling, married for 16 years… she empowers from a place of no compromise and powerful truth. We have one life, and it’s time to stop putting a question mark where there belongs a period.

Join the waitlist for my membership program Social Thrive >>> www.joinsocialthrive.com

Jun 09 2020 · 25mins
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KDE Podcast 265: Increasing Your Capacity for God’s Best in Business (Conversation with Jaime Cross)

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Today’s guest is Jaime Cross, CEO and Founder of MIG Soap & Body Company.  If you’ve read Shae’s book Grace Over Grind: How Grace Will Take Your Business Where Grinding Can’t, you may recognize her name immediately as her story of how God gave her a billion dollar business idea in her dreams was included.  Her story is such a great testimony of how God gives us divine strategy and ideas -- yes even in our sleep! Jaime shares about the adventures in business she has been experiencing in the past few years as MIG grew from a six-figure revenue business to a multi-million dollar enterprise with a growing staff and a big vision for the future. It’s a candid conversation about how she continues to partner with God to increase in grace and increase in capacity for all that God has in store for her and MIG in the marketplace.  You’ll be inspired to dream big with God and put no limits on what He places in your heart.
Jun 03 2020 · 45mins
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Billionaire in the Making with Jaime Cross

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Caleb talks with Jaime Cross, who is not only just an amazing entrepreneur, but a marketer, homeschooler, and valuable woman! She and Caleb have a lot of the same beliefs as it relates to health and passion for God. Today, Jaime shares her powerful story and talks about who she is, her motivations, and goals. Enjoy this episode!

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Show Notes

  • What Caleb loves about Jaime - 2:37
  • Being a blessing for Caleb - 6:21
  • Jaime's story, her two babies, and not having a lot of money - 8:11
  • Always wanting to change the world - 8:50
  • Learning how to be committed to marriage - 9:52
  • Wanting to have a billion-dollar idea - 12:49
  • When she formulated her first bar of soap - 14:24
  • Keeping the nutrients in the soap - 16:00
  • You have to be faithful with the little things - 16:55
  • Spending months formulating the best soap - 19:34
  • Separating yourself in a difficult market - 20:25
  • Figuring out what the people want - 21:54
  • Three things that make her products different - 24:23
  • One of the most amazing things for your skin - 26:36
  • What happened when she was pregnant with her baby #4 - 30:09
  • Building a billion-dollar company - 30:39
  • Needing a mentor that taught her tactics for digital marketing - 31:29
  • Going through a traumatic experience - 33:55
  • Having a stable income - 37:56
  • Doing a webinar - 41:16
  • Gaining five million dollars over the internet! - 44:38
  • When was the game-changer for Jamie - 45:40
  • Facebook was not the business model company - 50:29
  • Empowering women - 55:24
  • What's the Her Effect - 57:41
  • Jaime's answer for The Legacy Question - 59:37

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Jan 20 2020 · 1hr 2mins
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Episode 103 - Story Selling with Jaime Cross of MIG Soap

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Who doesn’t love a good story? As humans, we’ve relied on storytelling for entertainment, education, and preservation of culture since the beginning of time. Storytelling is also for marketers.   During my first sales job at a local radio station my boss sagely advised me that “facts tell, but stories sell.” I’ve never forgotten that lesson. In this episode, I chat with the charming Jaime Cross the founder of MIG Soap. From her kitchen table to now a multi-million dollar eCommerce business Jaime has grown largely based on great products and solid storytelling.  Here’s a taste of what we cover:
  • What’s the psychology behind storytelling?
  • How good storytelling can increase the perceived value of a product by 2x or more.  
  • Common storytelling mistakes to avoid. 
  • The process MIG uses to get their overall story right…and then to get the story right for each product.  
  • How to turn customer testimonials into stories
  • How do you deliver your story across email, product detail pages, and more.  
  • Storytelling resources
Jan 15 2020 · 43mins
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E0406 - Jaime Cross & The Epic Story Of MIG Soap

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One of the most inspirational stories in business is that of Jaime Cross and how her belief, hard work and persistence took her from survival mode to thriving with MIG Soap. This is an absolute must-listen no matter who you are or what business you're in. 

Nov 21 2019 · 29mins
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How 2-Comma-Club Award Winner Jaime Cross Went From Living to Paycheck-to-Paycheck to Running a Multi-Million Dollar Business

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With her back against the the wall, after six years of struggle, she discovered Expert Secrets, attended Funnel Hacking Live, and relentlessly pursued her vision.

After she perfected the online marketing process, she made 1,000 in the first week, 140K the first month, and has generated almost 4.5 million in the past year and a half.

I hope you have a pen ready because I have a feeling you're going to want to take some notes. 


Find Jaime Cross at thehereffect.com

Nov 04 2019 · 29mins