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Episode #37 Musician Anxiety Feat. Marielle Kraft - 12-23-20

UnCoMfY CoNvOs

In this Episode Shiv sits down with Marielle Kraft, a Professional Indie Pop Singer and Songwriter now based in Nashville. She plays at venues all across the country, shares the stage with as big as names as John McLaughlin, Ava Max, and Betty Who, was crowned Grand Champion of the Mid-Atlantic Singer-Songwriter Competition in 2018, delivered a TEDx talk at Firefly in 2018, and in Spotify's 2020 wrapped over the past two years has had 1.16 Million streams while in the past year has had 678K streams, 32K hours of listens, and 218K listeners across 89 countries out of the 92 Spotify is actually available. In addition to all of this, she is a fellow East Greenwich High School Alumn. We talk about everything from an artist's schedule to cutting teeth at open mics to how we can't stop dancing while listening to Spanish music. As always, please subscribe, rate, and share the pod if you enjoy- thanks so much for listening! Also you can follow Marielle @mariellekraft on Insta and most other social media platforms.


11 Jan 2021

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S.2 Episode 11 - Cabin Sessions with Marielle Kraft

The Why Behind The What

In this episode, I interview singer-songwriter Marielle Kraft about how she spends four days in silence and solitude every year in a tiny cabin. She shares how it impacts her soul, faith, and her songwriting.  Yet, the coolest part of this episode is that Marielle plays a song she has never ever played publicly. Yes, that’s right people, it’s a world premiere performance on the podcast! And, it brought tears to my eyes.  You can find Marielle’s music on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, or wherever you listen to your music. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also buy some merch on her website.  Subscribe to my newsletter and be sure to check out my website and blog. You can also find me on Twitter or Instagram. Please take a moment to review this podcast on Apple Podcasts. Music Credit:‘Creative Minds’ from www.bendsound.com.  This podcast was written and created on Monacan Land. Learn more at native-land.ca May you have peace, may you have calm, and may you have happiness. 


11 May 2020

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Ep. 8: Follow Your Gut: How Singer-Songwriter Marielle Kraft Left a Successful Teaching Career to Live Her Musical Dreams

Coffee n Tea with S & L Podcast

We start off this episode a little differently with a clip of singer/songwriter Marielle Kraft's hit single How Far You Feel. Marielle's a former sixth-grade English teacher who began playing her guitar for her college roommates at the University of Delaware. Per her roommates' request, she recorded How Far You Feel. The song hit Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist and reached 40,000 streams in one week! This was the beginning of her music career.In this episode, Marielle shares: Her discovery of music and her songwriting process.The importance of vulnerability.The importance of developing your own structure as a business owner. Her daily "rhythms". When she knew it was time to pursue a musical career full-time. About Marielle KraftTo find out more about Marielle and her music be sure to visit her online and connect with her on Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook to stay updated on her tour dates and new releases! Be sure to also watch her Tedx Talk at Firefly about being honest through songwriting.Thanks for listening! Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out! Did you enjoy this episode? Give it a 5-star rating and share it with your friends.You can find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and TuneIn, iHeartRadio or anywhere you listen to your podcasts. Be sure to subscribe and join us on Instagram and Facebook!#SabineAndLisa #CoffeeNTeaSL #MarielleKraft #HowFarYouFeel #Box

1hr 16mins

21 Nov 2019

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58. Marielle Kraft - Honesty in Songwriting

The Narrative Podcast

This week we talk with singer-songwriter, Marielle Kraft about how she got her start in true authentic sharing of stories through music. We also talk about the future of Reality TV, Chance The Rapper's new album, and exciting new things at Narrative.

1hr 6mins

7 Aug 2019

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"Quitting my job for music" ft. Marielle Kraft

This Next Song's About - A Songwriter's Podcast

Marielle Kraft is a Sofar Sounds favourite from Philadelphia who is quickly making an impact on the indie pop scene, known for her storytelling songwriting technique of vivid detail, clever word choice, and refreshing taste. Marielle joins us to talk about quitting her job as a teacher to be in music full time and hit the road touring. Her new single “Better Without You” coming out May 17th. www.mariellekraft.com  


15 May 2019

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9/18/18 - Special Guest: Marielle Kraft

DC Music Rocks

This week on DC Music Rocks, Marielle Kraft, a singer-songwriter who laces honest stories together through clever lyrics with catchy melodies, stops by for a chat with host Brian Nelson-Palmer.  The episode also features great tracks by Fellowcraft ft Ardamus, Virginia Man, Mackenzie Fisher, and Heather Mae. ^^Episode Audio/Post Is Live - Click Above (might need to buffer/load, refresh page if you have any issues)^^ Podcast:  iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, Pocket Casts, PodBean, PlayerFM, or THIS URL in your other podcast app of choice. Tell Siri, Alexa, or Google Home "Play the podcast DC Music Rocks"! <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " > <img class="thumb-image" data-image="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/576c7541414fb5f6a4c597b8/1537055453837-IXAELWU1S1NVUN8EWDTE/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kJQyhJNCPFaF3z6oMQ5KwFtZw-zPPgdn4jUwVcJE1ZvWQUxwkmyExglNqGp0IvTJZUJFbgE-7XRK3dMEBRBhUpxn9MscIJUH4esFEGk4cC-kwDD88aZZkucN8hiwA1..." data-image-dimensions="600x337" data-image-focal-point="0.5,0.5" alt="Marielle Kraft" data-load="false" data-image-id="5b9d9abd70a6ad3a541a9d37" data-type="image" src="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/576c7541414fb5f6a4c597b8/1537055453837-IXAELWU1S1NVUN8EWDTE/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kJQyhJNCPFaF3z6oMQ5KwFtZw-zPPgdn4jUwVcJE1ZvWQUxwkmyExglNqGp0IvTJZUJFbgE-7XRK3dMEBRBhUpxn9MscIJUH4esFEGk4cC-kwDD88aZZkucN8hiwA1..." /> </figure> Marielle Kraft Bio/Links: Marielle Kraft is a singer-songwriter who laces honest stories together through clever lyrics with catchy melodies, drawing influence from artists like Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, and John Mayer. Since 18, her songs have been known to bring together a room of strangers through laughter, reflection, and maybe a few welcome tears. Her latest powerful single, Test Drive, was just released in late August.https://www.mariellekraft.com/http://instagram.com/mariellekrafthttps://www.facebook.com/mariellekraft We found out this week on the show that Marielle gave a TedX Talk?!?! We went and found the link, check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRhwhKtLsD0 <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " > <img class="thumb-image" data-image="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/576c7541414fb5f6a4c597b8/1537055580692-CYAXZAFN4SLX65HCRGTX/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kMR1yAHb8bPoH1-OdajP2rZZw-zPPgdn4jUwVcJE1ZvWQUxwkmyExglNqGp0IvTJZUJFbgE-7XRK3dMEBRBhUpya-Yv2-AUIrtyc_1d9d84jKAfrgH35AgL5HDK7jK..." data-image-dimensions="600x400" data-image-focal-point="0.5,0.5" alt="Brave Like Us" data-load="false" data-image-id="5b9d9b3f21c67c45060eb900" data-type="image" src="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/576c7541414fb5f6a4c597b8/1537055580692-CYAXZAFN4SLX65HCRGTX/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kMR1yAHb8bPoH1-OdajP2rZZw-zPPgdn4jUwVcJE1ZvWQUxwkmyExglNqGp0IvTJZUJFbgE-7XRK3dMEBRBhUpya-Yv2-AUIrtyc_1d9d84jKAfrgH35AgL5HDK7jK..." /> </figure> <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " > <img class="thumb-image" data-image="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/576c7541414fb5f6a4c597b8/1537055510452-1PGW3D9IBJHQ3U93WI8L/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kJQyhJNCPFaF3z6oMQ5KwFtZw-zPPgdn4jUwVcJE1ZvWQUxwkmyExglNqGp0IvTJZUJFbgE-7XRK3dMEBRBhUpxn9MscIJUH4esFEGk4cC-kwDD88aZZkucN8hiwA1..." data-image-dimensions="600x337" data-image-focal-point="0.5,0.5" alt="Marielle Kraft" data-load="false" data-image-id="5b9d9af303ce64f586e9bd3f" data-type="image" src="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/576c7541414fb5f6a4c597b8/1537055510452-1PGW3D9IBJHQ3U93WI8L/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kJQyhJNCPFaF3z6oMQ5KwFtZw-zPPgdn4jUwVcJE1ZvWQUxwkmyExglNqGp0IvTJZUJFbgE-7XRK3dMEBRBhUpxn9MscIJUH4esFEGk4cC-kwDD88aZZkucN8hiwA1..." /> </figure> Email Signup LinkFor those who don't already conveniently get all this via email! FROM THIS SHOWMUSICThat’s That, by Fellowcraft (feat. Ardamus) (Hard Rock, Blues Rock)Test Drive, by Marielle Kraft (Pop, Singer-Songwriter Pop)Desire, by Virginia Man (Rock, Pop Rock)Picture Man, by Mackenzie Fisher (Indie, Singer-Songwriter)I Am Enough, by Heather Mae (Pop, Singer-Songwriter)The first time we've played this artist for you on the show, & a new artist profile added to our DC Artist Database!  There's new artists every week!->Follow The Show's Spotify Playlist<-ANNOUNCEMENTSIt's the fall fund drive at WERA 96.7 FM and Arlington Independent Media. This is the station which the live version of our show is broadcast on! You tax deductible donation goes to support community radio which in turn supports our community!Could you skip a Starbucks this week and send that money to the station instead? Do a picnic date instead of a dinner out and share that amount? Has the station touched your life in a positive way? Click below or visit the station's website at wera.fm to send your support!https://www.facebook.com/dcmusicrocks/posts/2224949371083256https://www.wera.fm/NEW RELEASESMusic  (There’s links to their profile which will take you to their iTunes/Spotify links so you can listen, and Website/Facebook for more info) Fellowcraft - Three  *Your host Brian’s band!(9 Song Full Grunge/Blues Album - RIYL Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, SoundgardenThe Meer - Shed(15 Song Indie Album - RIYL amplified guitar, RIYL PJ Harvey, Queens of the Stone Age, The Cranberries)Babbling April - Country House  (Indie Single - RIYL Yo La Tengo, Built To Spill, Yeah Yeah Yeahs)Color Palette - Sunburn  (Indie Electro Pop Single - RIYL Depeche Mode, The Smiths, M83)Den-Mate - XOSO(Indie Rock Single - RIYL Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Portishead)Teddy Chipouras - Prior To Rain  (Folk Single - RIYL The Avett Brothers, The Lumineers, Dawes, Mumford and Sons)AkinG Kalld Pedro - Zoe Saldana - Bonus Track (Hip Hop Single - Bonus Track I’ve been digging on a commentary Afro-brazil album just released, RIYL Esperanza Spalding, Janelle Monae)PlaylistsOur 2018 New Releases by DC Artists’ Spotify Playlist:https://open.spotify.com/user/dcmusicrocks/playlist/7kbMQzbrQPisoJq5A76V3kOur ‘DC Artists Official Music Videos’ Youtube Playlist:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtzE3kBQ_70kU0_uB-sdviWajkbzi2AkrTHIS WEEK'S LOCAL DC SHOWS TO SEEHere’s just a few highlights for the coming week, be sure to check out the calendar for the full list of all the upcoming shows! Check details before you go in case something changed/canceled! http://www.dcmusicrocks.com/local-music-calendarSep 21 - FriBumper Jacksons @ The Soundry in Columbia, MD (Country/Folk)Sep 22 - SatMILO in the Doldrums @ Rock & Roll Hotel in Washington, DC (Rock)Justin Trawick and The Common Good @ Pearl Street Warehouse in Washington, DC (Bluegrass)Sep 25 - TueLavender @ DC9 Nightclub in Washington, DC (Rock)Sep 27 - ThuLauren Calve @ Pearl Street Warehouse in Washington, DCPatreonDo you like what we're doing?  Would you support us?  We'd love to grow and do more!  There’s little give aways, but for us to evolve this online platform to cover even more we really need funds and support. 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19 Sep 2018