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Episode 153 – GitHub Actions with Edward Thomson

The 6 Figure Developer Podcast

This week we’re talking with Edward Thomson about GitHub Actions. Edward is a developer tools nerd, maintainer of libgit2: the Git library, host of All Things Git: the podcast about Git, and curator of Developer Tools Weekly. Links https://twitter.com/ethomson https://www.edwardthomson.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/ethomson/ https://libgit2.org/ https://www.meetup.com/londongit/ Resources https://github.com/actions https://github.com/features/actions https://docs.github.com/en/actions/getting-started-with-github-actions/about-github-actions https://github.blog/2019-08-08-github-actions-now-supports-ci-cd/ “Tempting Time” by Animals As Leaders used with permissions – All Rights Reserved   × Subscribe now! Never miss a post, subscribe to The 6 Figure Developer Podcast! Are you interested in being a guest on The 6 Figure Developer Podcast? Click here to check availability!


20 Jul 2020

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Edward Thomson - PhD In Astrophysics Turned Decentralization Diehard - ep 25

Zima Red

My guest today is Edward Thomson. Edward has an incredibly interesting background that ranges from traditional finance, to crypto, to even being a Persian rug salesman. This diverse background helped him build multiple skill sets which come in handy for his current job, which is Grants Manager for the Web3 Foundation. The Web3 Foundation is best known for being the group behind the newly launched, Polkadot blockchain. Edwards's interests don't stop there, he has dived deep into decentralized gaming, going so far as to suggest different architectures that could facilitate fully on-chain games today. Falling further down the metaverse rabbit hole we look at esports DAOs and how they will eventually evolve into fully-fledged companies and how the line between what is reality and what is a game will soon become blurred. All in all, an awesome and wide-ranging conversation that I hope you will enjoy as much as I did. Edward Twitter - https://twitter.com/EAThomson Web3 Foundation - https://web3.foundation/ Edward Personal Website - https://edthomson.com/

1hr 54mins

18 Jun 2020

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DevOps and GitHub Actions with Edward Thomson

Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman

Today Scott talks with GitHub's Edward Thomson about GitHub Actions and how to really automate your entire software workflow. Are you doing anything twice...manually? What you can automate and can GitHub Actions make that happen? How complete is your CI/CD? Are you testing, releasing? What about bots to make your issue triage easier?


23 Apr 2020

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DevSecOps with Edward Thomson

Cloud Engineering – Software Engineering Daily

DevSecOps emphasizes moving security out of a siloed audit process and distributing security practices throughout the software supply chain. In the past, software development usually followed a waterfall development process. Each step in building software was serialized, one after another. First, software was planned. Then it was built. Then it was tested. Finally, the software received a security audit at the end. If a security vulnerability was not discovered during that audit, it was likely that the software would be released with the vulnerability. With continuous delivery, we can be continuously checking for security. Every new release can be tested against a battery of automated security tests. The open source libraries we use can be scanned to make sure they are up-to-date with patched versions. Static analysis can discover memory leaks and buffer overrun vulnerabilities. Edward Thomson is the principal program manager for Azure DevOps at Microsoft. He joins the show to talk about how an organization can adopt DevSecOps and introduce security practices into continuous delivery pipelines. We also talk more philosophically about security–defining the most common security risks of a software company today, from “shadow IT infrastructure” to phishing. Full disclosure: Microsoft is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily. We recently launched a new podcast: Fintech Daily! Fintech Daily is about payments, cryptocurrencies, trading, and the intersection between finance and technology. You can find it on fintechdaily.co or Apple and Google podcasts. We are looking for other hosts who want to participate. If you are interested in becoming a host, send us an email: host@fintechdaily.co The post DevSecOps with Edward Thomson appeared first on Software Engineering Daily.


23 Oct 2018

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Git Vulnerability with Edward Thomson

Cloud Engineering – Software Engineering Daily

Git is a distributed file system for version control. Git is extremely reliable, fast, and secure, owing to the fact that it is one of the oldest pieces of open source software. But even battle-tested software can have vulnerabilities. In this episode, we explore a subtle git vulnerability that could have potentially led to git users executing malicious scripts when they intended to simply pull a repository. Today’s guest Edward Thomson is a program manager at Microsoft, and a maintainer of libgit2, a C implementation of git. He also writes about git and hosts the podcast All Things Git. He is passionate about git development, which gave me a deeper perspective on something that I just consider a tool. But the only reason that tool is so good–the only reason it fades into the background–is because there are people that are passionate enough to work on it on a regular basis. We also spent some time talking about the vulnerabilities that can spread through shared code environments–particularly in the realm of git, npm, and PHP. And we touched on how deployment workflows around git and Kubernetes are changing. Full disclosure: Microsoft, where Edward works, is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily. The post Git Vulnerability with Edward Thomson appeared first on Software Engineering Daily.


17 Jul 2018

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Edward Thomson and Kayla Ngan of Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services

GameDev Breakdown

We discuss leveraging some of Microsoft's most powerful planning and development tools for game development with version control experts Edward Thomson and Kayla Ngan.


25 Mar 2018

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GitMinutes #45: Edward Thomson from Git-Merge 2017


If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element. Use the link below to download the mp3 manually. Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTubeIn this episode, we talk to Edward Thomson about his experience at Git Merge 2017. Note that Edward now has his own Git podcast together with Martin Woodward: All Things Git, which I can heartily recommend!

3 Feb 2018