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Correct Me If Im Wrong: Abe Lincoln And The Titanic

Correct Me If I'm Wrong With Greg Tyler

This week was all over the place with the rose, bud, and thorn segment. From getting a new phone to having high blood pressure, this week had it all. It was also nice having a thorn that wasn't work-related for once.This week's "day in history" was a bit of a downer but it's history that everyone is familiar with. April 14 had some all-time historic worst. Including the Lincoln assassination and the sinking of the Titanic. Get ready for a quick lesson on both events!The "Correct Me if I'm Wrong" segment is still a work in progress but this week was the closest one yet. Hit play for an update and what to expect moving forward.


19 Apr 2021

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Abe Lincoln - RESPECT - Eagle Hoss & Hound - S2 E15

Eagle Hoss & Hound

On April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was shot in the back of the head by the cowardly Democrat John Wilkes Booth (as he sat enjoying a play with his wife in Ford's Theater). The nation was happy that the Civil War had ended (and so was Lincoln), but the Democrats were highly upset that they lost.   Lincoln had faced down the racism of slavery and had pushed hard to pass the 13th Amendment. The Democrats, knowing Lincoln had selected a Democrat as his Vice President (Andrew Johnson). believed they could still stop the ratification of the 13th Amendment by killing Lincoln.  With a Democrat as president, they believed they could still thwart the final steps to ratify the 13th Amendment which made slavery illegal in America.  Employing steadfast RESPECT for the concept of freedom during the trying times of the Civil War, Lincoln was an American hero who advanced social integrity to benefit all Americans.  The Eagle Hoss & Hound podcast is a platform for respect. Respect for the Eagle - the individual with a service background (including spouses). Respect for the Hoss - the Social Integrity Hero from our American past. Plus, the Hound - the common #AmericanMutt - you and me. Follow @EagleIMBUED - J.D. Collier


15 Apr 2021

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Quicktake #4- The Great Censor: Abe Lincoln vs. the media

Make History Dope Again

In this QuickTake Andrew confronts the actions and legacy of Abraham Lincoln and his relationship with the American Media. Don’t forget to follow MHDA on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and as always, thanks for helping us keep history dope!


29 Mar 2021

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Episode 1313 Scott Adams: Wokeness Cult Deprogramming, CNN Cancels Abe Lincoln, North Korea Misses Trump

Real Coffee with Scott Adams

My new book LOSERTHINK, available now on Amazon https://tinyurl.com/rqmjc2a Find my "extra" content on Locals: https://ScottAdams.Locals.com Content: Propaganda from The Intercept Cult awareness classes? Florida, spring break and COVID Margaret Sullivan on female journalist harassment Wokeness, not all bad, but gone too far Weight issues ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you would like to enjoy this same content plus bonus content from Scott Adams, including micro-lessons on lots of useful topics to build your talent stack, please see scottadams.locals.com for full access to that secret treasure.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/scott-adams00/support


14 Mar 2021

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[Zoldor2] The Adventure of Abe Lincoln

Lokathor's Audio Only Let's Plays

Today my brother and I did our "Palace 2" play of The Legend of Zelda 2: The Adventure Of Link. Patreon.

2hr 32mins

8 Feb 2021

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$MACK Talk

Your favorite 4 idiots are back to talk about spointless things like our favorite childhood Cartoons, strange 2 truths and a lie questions and more!


21 Jan 2021

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Abe Lincoln - MLK, Jr. - RESPECT - S2 E1 - Eagle Hoss & Hound

Eagle Hoss & Hound

Abraham Lincoln was our 16th President (the first REPUBLICAN elected). He led the USA to remain intact as a United States through the horrifying Civil War which served to help end slavery. Abe Liincoln is known for his Gettysburg Address, The Emancipation Proclamation, and pushing the 13th Amendment (ending slavery) through Congress in 1865.  His courage to face down the oppressors who brought slavery and his work to advance civil rights for Americans is why he is considered a Hoss. Martin Luther King, Jr. is also featured in the podcast episode for his sermon given at Dexter Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, November 1954. The Eagle Hoss & Hound podcast is a platform for respect. Respect for the Eagle - the individual with a service background (including spouses). Respect for the Hoss - the Social Integrity Hero from our American past. Plus, the Hound - the common #AmericanMutt - you and me. Follow @EagleIMBUED - J.D. Collier


6 Jan 2021

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Artist, Writer J. Edward Neill joins me for this Haunted Edition of Dead Hand Radio. Jeremy shares his accounts of growing up near a graveyard and some of the strange experiences he's had with unexplained activity. He also tells me the story of when he and a friend both witnessed the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/andrewhall/message


29 Oct 2020

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#185 Halloween Special: Ghost Train - Abe Lincoln's Paranormal Presidency

This Paranormal Life

Happy Hallowe'en everyone! This year we investigate a paranormal case buried deep in American history. From predicting the future to poltergeists and ghost trains - this is the story of Abraham Lincoln!Patreonhttps://patreon.com/ThisParanormalLifeYouTubehttps://youtube.com/thisparanormallifeTwitterhttps://twitter.com/ThisParaLifeSecret Society Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/thisparanormallife/Intro music: https://www.purple-planet.com


27 Oct 2020

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Interview w/ Don Jeffries: Founding fathers, Abe Lincoln, freemasonry, false flag for civil war. Similarities to now. Get your notepads out!

Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence?

One of the best interviews I have ever had. Don's knowledge will blow you away. Check out an amazing book of his, Crimes and Cover Ups in american politics 1776-1964. Get ready for your socks to blow off!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jackallen1/support

1hr 4mins

30 Aug 2020