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(EP9): Jonathan Little Professional Poker Player With $7+ Million Winnings, Founder PokerCoaching.com

Vested Capital

Jonathan Little is a professional poker player with over $7 Million in career earnings from tournaments (both online and in person) and is one of the most popular poker coaches/personalities in the industry.He's also co-founder of PokerCoaching.com, a membership site and training community with over 5500 paying members, making it a multiple seven-figure business.I met Jonathan via Jason Calacanis and his angel investor syndicate. Jonathan is an active investor in all kinds of different asset classes, from NFTs to Magic: The Gathering cards, although he is of course most focused on poker.During this interview we go back in time to learn how Jonathan got his start in poker, how he quickly became a professional, earning as much as $30,000 a month playing a specific type of poker online. We also learn how he upped his game to the point where he won over a million dollars from one tournament - twice.There's a lot of wisdom in this interview, and while much of it seems specific to excelling at Poker, Jonathan's advice can be applied to other aspects of life, from being a startup founder, content marketing and when to invest versus when to spend your money to grow faster.I enjoyed this one a lot, and I'm sure you will too.Yaro Podcast: https://www.yaro.blog/pod/Blog: https://www.yaro.blog/

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5 Jul 2021

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Penile Cancer Survivor, Jonathan Little, Brings a Positive Mindset and Humor to His Journey

Urology Care Podcast

Jonathan Little, a penile cancer survivor from the UK, opens up about the journey he has gone through from when he first started noticing symptoms to now being in remission. His humor, positive attitude and "one step at a time" mindset are just a few things that make his story so interesting. To read more about Jonathan's story and journey with cancer, check out his personal blog at https://www.knob.blog/ Short on time? Use the below timestamps to jump to any section: 0:37 - Introduction 1:08 - Initial diagnosis & experience 3:52 - Next steps after diagnosis 8:04 - Mindset after surgery 12:01 - Treatment after surgery 28:07 - Recovering during a pandemic 30:54 - Where is Jonathan today in his journey? 32:23 - Taking ownership of his story 37:42 - Advice for others 39:55 - Final thoughts For more information, please visit https://www.urologyhealth.org/ and don’t forget to subscribe to our free digital magazine, UrologyHealth extra. June 30, 2021


30 Jun 2021

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HU4Rolls - Jonathan Little & Shannon Shorr - Episode 8 - GPITHM Podcast Network

GPI/THM Poker Podcast Network

Best friends Jonathan Little and Shannon Shorr join Roland to talk about their poker journey, their first trip together to Vienna, how they each support each other to this day and many more interesting subjects, including how Shannon is much more likely to have missed a plane back in the day!

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3 Jun 2021

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#145 Jonathan Little: WPT Player of the Year, 2x WPT Champ, & Founder of PokerCoaching.com

Chasing Poker Greatness

On today’s show, we break the thermometer and watch the mercury spill out all over your brand new Crocs (What a waste of mercury) as I am very pleased to welcome back the one and only human in the world who can say they’re my boss, the great Jonathan Little.Strap into your seat because today’s conversation is going to cover playing poker, teaching poker, learning poker, and learning from poker. JL is a powerhouse in the poker community as he has over $7 Million in live MTT cashes, is a 2x WPT champion, is the season 6 WPT player of the year, and works so hard he makes me feel like I’m asleep at the wheel.He posts a weekly blog, has at least two podcasts, publishes multiple YouTube vids per week, and has built his baby, PokerCoaching.com, into one of the most dominant poker training platforms on the market.Oh, and remember the last time we talked to Jonathan, and he told us with a straight face he wouldn't write another book? Me too but it appears the man just can’t help himself as he's wrapped up yet another eventual poker classic, which means the count is now up to 15 best-selling poker strategy books. In today’s conversation with the founder of PokerCoaching.com, you’re going to learn:- How a homeless dude in a junkyard was the catalyst to Jonathan’s poker career.- Adjustments you ought to make when playing against weaker opponents.- How Jonathan manages to continue to find stuff to write about.- And much, much more!Before you dive into this episode with Dara, I wanted to take a moment to let you know about my latest mini-course: Neutralize River Leads.NRL is powered by Mass Data Analysis, which means the strategies were built based on what folks are ACTUALLY doing instead of what folks theoretically SHOULD do.Neutralize River Leads is a “pay what you wish” mini-course so that you can experience the power of MDA at absolutely no upfront cost.You can grab your copy at https://chasingpokergreatness.com/NRL by joining the daily newsletter.Without further ado, l bring to you cardplayer, entrepreneur, 15 times author, and fan-favorite Jonathan Little! New CPG Cash Game Courses!Preflop Bootcamp: https://bit.ly/Preflop-BootcampFish in a Barrel: http://bit.ly/fish-in-a-barrelNeutralize Flop Leads: https://bit.ly/2OkN8Yt

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26 May 2021

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First Flag - Jonathan Little - Episode 27 - GPITHM Podcast Network

GPI/THM Poker Podcast Network

Roland is joined by his former partner in the booth, Jonathan Little, in this episode of First Flag. The two-time WPT Champion and jack of all trades in poker talks about his live debut in Tunica, reveals how he's always been shut out in Australia and talks about collecting one of the rarest flags, the Turks and Caicos flag.


18 May 2021

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Dr. Jonathan Little

Diabetes: From Beta Cells to Bicycles

Dr. Jonathan Little is an associate professor at the School of Health and Exercise at the University of British Columbia. His work studies diet and exercise in type 2 diabetes. Little's research explores how different exercise and nutritional strategies can be used to i) prevent, treat or reverse type 2 diabetes; ii) reduce inflammation and iii) improve overall cardiometabolic health.”


28 Apr 2021

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Ep 253 - Jonathan Little On Exploiting Low Stakes Tournaments


Jonathan Little was a student at the University of West Florida studying psychology when he began playing poker with friends. As his interest in poker grew, it led him to study many books on poker. After earning an initial bankroll of $35,000 online over a six-month period, he decided to drop out of college and play poker professionally. He has become a well-known player, author, coach, and ambassador of the game, creating and leading pokercoaching.com. Jonathan is a great friend of RecPoker and we continue to be excited about our future together


9 Mar 2021

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Ep 214 - Jonathan Little


Jonathan Little is a poker player, coach, author, and owner of pokercoaching.com. In this discussion, we get caught up on everything Jonathan has going on, what he enjoys the most, and how in the heck he can multi-table 14 games at the same time. We wonder if he gets bored playing live after spending so much time with the action of multi-tabling online.


3 Nov 2020

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CardsChat with Jonathan Little

CardsChat - Poker professional interviews from The World's #1 Poker Community

On episode #8 of the CardsChat podcast, we’re joined by Jonathan Little. Jonathan is a two-time World Poker Tour title winner and has over $7 million in live poker tournament earnings. He is an incredibly prolific author of over a dozen poker strategy books and is also the Founder of the Pokercoaching.com training site. Jonathan won the People’s Choice award for Poker Personality of the Year at the 2019 Global Poker Awards ceremony, and on this episode he shares plenty of tips about productivity, making a poker lifestyle work as a family man, and more.


7 Oct 2020

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#84 Jonathan Little Round 2: ACR Ban, #PokerGOAT, & Excelling at Tough NLHE Games

Chasing Poker Greatness

Today my guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast coming back for an overdue Round 2 conversation is the founder of PokerCoaching.com Jonathan Little.I don’t know if you’ve heard but Mr. Little has been featured fairly prominently in a couple of controversies over the past week that of course we’re about to dive into. The first is Phil Nagy smashing him with the ban hammer at ACR and the 2nd stemmed from accusations of rigging Twitter polls in my recent #PokerGOAT competition on Twitter.Before we go any further I want you to know that I’m biased in many, many ways in life but one of my core values is striving to be as fair as I can to the folks I interact with. On a personal level I’ve never personally had a single negative interaction with Jonathan or any of his PokerCoaching.com coaches and he’s been nothing but generous with his time and energy specifically with me.With that said I do wish to make it clear to you that it’s ok if you don’t like Jonathan Little. It’s also OK if you hate me as well. I don’t know exactly why you’d be listening to this podcast if that were the case but that’s a different matter entirely. Sometimes I feel like we live in a world where we don’t feel safe to have our own opinions, especially if they’re unpopular. I really, really hope that changes.In today’s episode, you’re going to learn:- Why Jonathan thinks Excelling at Tough No-Limit Hold’em Games should be the next book in your poker library.- Why the #PokerGOAT controversy affected Jonathan more than getting banned from ACR.- How you should go about risk-taking in today’s poker environment.- And much, MUCH more.So without any further ado, I bring to you the founder of one of the largest and most successful poker training platforms in the entire universe, Jonathan Little.New CPG Cash Game Courses!Preflop Bootcamp: https://bit.ly/Preflop-BootcampFish in a Barrel: http://bit.ly/fish-in-a-barrelNeutralize Flop Leads: https://bit.ly/2OkN8Yt

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17 Sep 2020