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"JOSH BROLIN BRO!" w/ Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger a.k.a THE DOUGHBOYS!

Will You Accept This Rose?

It's the PODCAST CROSSOVER America did not know that it needed when Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell from THE DOUGHBOYS join Arden and Dr. Banana to be our ROOKIES OF THE SEASON!! Comin' in HOT! Ron Perlman! Ben Stiller! Josh Brolin!- Arden thinks Andrew S is a dream and does not ever need to do his British accent again!- Nick thinks Blake has a dreamy jaw like John Travolta!- Mitch loves the BROMANCES and is reluctantly IN!- Dr. Banana PLAYED D1 RUGBY!!!!!!!All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 41mins

7 Jul 2021

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The One Where Lizzy Spent A Summer In NYC And Got Hit On By Josh Brolin...While Working For Donald Trump (May 26th, 2021)

The Tyler, Danaye and Fuzzy Podcast

We talked best & worst summer jobs...and our friend Lizzy told us about the summer she spent in NYC and got hit on by Josh Brolin/Thanos...while working for Donald Trump (4:02). As crazy as that is...it may not have been as much fun as Kelli had as a Bud Girl while working at Craven! (11:29) Also on the show: Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Engagement Ring was Made in Alberta (7:33). The Period Blood Moon is Upon Us (9:02). A Brand New Treat Shop has opened in Kensington (19:24). Guy Fieri signs a MASSIVE TV Deal Worth $80 Million (20:57). A Calgary Legend has Announced He’s Retiring (29:56).    Looking for a job? Joey’s is Hiring(32:18)! 


26 May 2021

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Josh Brolin's birthday SE3 EP40


Josh Brolin's birthday quiz is here for those who would like to find out how well do they know MCU's Thanos the Mad Titan and Deadpool 2's Cable.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


13 Feb 2021

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Episode 475: LAMB Acting School 101 #46 - Josh Brolin

The LAMBcast

Josh Brolin is our actor of the month in the LAMB's Acting School 101 feature. Alongside the monthly blogathon held on the LAMB site, there will also be a monthly podcast episode devoted to the actor and their roles, and wouldn’t you know it but that’s this very show. Rob was joined by Paul of The Peoples Movies to discuss all things Josh Brolin, but mainly the five performances of his that they like the most. If you have any reviews, podcasts or features written or published about Josh Brolin or any film or TV show he has appeared in, send them to Rob at actingschool101@movierob.net by 15th February.


7 Feb 2021

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Josh Brolin II - Episode 385

Behind The Shield

Josh Brolin is a former wildland firefighter, actor and writer. In this second interview, we discuss social media, fame, family, kindness, trolls, adventure, writing and much more.


25 Nov 2020

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JOSH BROLIN | Before They Were Famous | Marvel's Thanos & Cable

Before They Were Famous

For Josh Brolin the apple didn't fall far from the tree with his father being a bit of Hollywood royalty and Josh getting started as an actor in his first role at the age of 16 and back when he was a kid, I swear this dude was a doppelganger for Justin Beiber. Also probably a bit of a lady killer. Despite growing up on a ranch three hours out of Hollywood Brolin would end up following in his father's footsteps and he worked steadily with roles only getting bigger and better as the years passed. It's turning out to be quite the standout year for Josh Brolin. In 2017, Hollywood had been searching left, right and centre for the right actor to play Cable in the sequel to Deadpool, with prominent stars such as Michael Shannon as well as Stranger Things' David Harbour being among the primary contenders. As it turned out, the studio opted for Brolin instead, meaning that this would not only be his second role in a Marvel film but his second role in a Marvel film within the span of just one month.


19 Oct 2020

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PS5 UI and Western Les Misérables Starring Josh Brolin

NPC Tonight

Connor and Jordan take the reins and drive the show off the rails. Join us as we discuss the PS5 UI reveal, Spider-Man Cat, Blasphemous, and loads more. Stick around through the end to hear NPC Tonight's first ever radio drama(?). Follow and rate NPC Tonight on your preferred podcast service and keep up with us at twitter.com/NPCTonight

1hr 48mins

17 Oct 2020

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Josh Brolin - Actor

Team Deakins

EPISODE 50 - JOSH BROLIN - Actor Team Deakins sits down with long time friend, actor Josh Brolin (TRUE GRIT, AVENGERS: ENDGAME, ONLY THE BRAVE, MILK). We learned so much from him - how going into law is similar to being an actor (who knew?) and how acting is like golf (learned something new!). He also tells us how his interest in human behavior drew him to acting and he shares the very funny story of his audition for NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. He speaks of his experiences working with the Coen Brothers, he tells us what was involved in his THE AVENGERS role and shares how he was convinced to do SICARIO. He also goes into how he relates with the camera crew, his prep for films and how he uses instagram as a platform for his prose. And that’s only a part of what we talked about! Don’t miss it! RECOMMENDED EPISODE VIEWING: No Country for Old Men

1hr 22mins

30 Sep 2020

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Halloweens cancelled cause of Josh Brolin

With a Side of Chaos Podcast

This show contains adult content and is brought to you by the letter H.WHAT THE FUCK! The Shit Show talks about how HHN is a no go for this year, Josh brings the shots and conversation, Mandy may get naked for the next episode, Austin tells us what a charmander is, and I ruin a funeral. Oh yeah, my mom calls the show and makes us all cry.

1hr 46mins

25 Jul 2020

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El Podcast de Schrödinger - Josh Brolin

Charlas Ordinarias con Gente Extraordinaria

Sobre juventud, drogas, sexo y la oscuridad que todos cargamos en nuestro interior.


1 Jun 2020