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341 - Clean Energy Industry Overview: Where do I Start? with Sarah Wilder, Becca Ward, Joe Tassone, and Eric Pasi


Welcome to another Tactical Tuesday, which is a short form conversation with subject matter experts designed to give you practical tools, tips and advice for building your solar business, or career. If you've clicked through on today's episode, an overview on where do I start in the clean energy industry, I suspect that you are thinking about a career change or you're thinking about how your career could or should be growing in the industry, and you are looking for some tips and practical advice. In fairness, this is a replay from our SunCast Career Summit, which happened back in September 2020, but it is a great overview. Not only myself but some of the guests (in particular, Eric Pasi) have written quite a bit about the answers to the oft-made question: “How do I get into this industry? Where do I start?” Remember you can always find the resources and learn more about today’s guest, recommendations, book links and more than 340 other founder stories and startup advice at www.mysuncast.com. Gain access to all the show notes & resources from this episode here You can connect with me, Nico Johnson, on Twitter, LinkedIn or email Thanks a ton to our podcast sponsor for continuing to help make this content FREE to You! Please check them out and let me know what you think!

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16 Feb 2021

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CleanWave with Eric Pasi

Health as Protest

The “50-Year Storm”. It’s what Patrick Swayze’s character (Bodhi) was chasing in the cult-classic film, Point Break. The storm was to produce once-in-a-lifetime waves that no bank-robbing surfer could possibly resist. So when Bodhi escapes the clutches of law enforcement in the film’s final heist-gone-wrong, undercover agent Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves) knows where he’ll find his escaped friend/mentor/criminal target. In the final scene of the movie, Utah tracks Bodhi to the point of the 50-Year Storm in Victoria, Australia. Seeking justice, Utah intends to arrest Bodhi, but the complicated relationship that he developed during his undercover work comes into play. Bodhi begs Utah for the chance to catch a wave, and as they peer out to the massive walls of water swelling about, they both know he’s asking for death doing what he loves verses a life spent in prison. In the end, Utah let’s Bodhi catch his wave. It’s poetic. Water cleans us. And the massive swell of the 50-Year Storm washes away the messiness of Utah and Bodhi’s complicated relationship. Today humanity finds itself in another complicated relationship. And this one has much higher stakes than that of Bodhi and Utah, because it involves how we coexist with the spinning rock that we call home, planet Earth. As we humans sprawl about, we harvest from our home and pollute with a tunnel-vision that mistakes profits for progress. And in our madness we’ve become comfortable with the paradoxical relationship that when we kill our host (Earth), we kill ourselves too. But what if there was a wave coming about that could help clean the messy relationship that we’ve developed with our home? Enter Eric Pasi. Eric is a clean energy pioneer and the CDO of Impact Power Solutions, which is the Midwest’s largest commercial solar development company. With more than a dozen years of industry experience, Eric has become an important voice regarding the challenges that we all will face in a world where climate change remains unchecked. But unlike those that might dwell or wallow within the weight of what seems like an insurmountable problem, Eric is focused on solutions... specifically those that the clean tech sector has to offer. I should also note that Eric is a longtime friend, and beyond that, we spent more than a decade together pursuing our love of music, playing more shows than I can remember, and birthing multiple EPs and albums along the way. But in Eric’s latest creation, he takes to the page... authoring the book CleanWave: A guide to success in the green recovery. Today we reunite within the studio (virtually) to talk about his book and why it’s a guide for what happens next... 


23 Nov 2020

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A Guide to Careers in the Green Recovery with Eric Pasi and Ben Passer

Decarbonize: The Clean Energy Podcast

Tune in to Fresh Energy's conversation with Eric Pasi, principal at IPS Solar and author of new book, CleanWave: A Guide to Success in the Green Recovery.Rapidly advancing technology, high demand, and sheer affordability are pushing clean energy into the mainstream. With coal plants closing, pipelines under scrutiny, and prices for wind and solar dropping, fossil fuels in the United States are at a tipping point and clean energy is poised for major expansion. This exponential growth is prompting many students and mid-career professionals to ride the “CleanWave” and create a career in clean energy.Tune in to get advice on breaking into the clean energy sector and get the scoop on how clean energy will be a catalyst for economic recovery. We will also discuss energy’s place in the renewed civil rights movement and hear how Eric sees his work as honoring his father’s Tongan legacy.Listeners can stay up to date on our work via our once monthly email list, blog at www.fresh-energy.org, or by following us on Facebook and Twitter. You can support Fresh Energy’s work for a clean energy Minnesota by making a donation today!


17 Nov 2020

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Electric Election Roadtrip EP 14: Eric Pasi & Jonathan Perman

Electric Election Roadtrip Podcast

Today we are joined by Eric Pasi, Chief Development Officer at Impact Power Solutions, and Jonathan Perman, Co-Director of the American Congressional Exchange at the Bipartisan Policy Center to talk about the role of policy in growing the renewable energy industry. This is episode 14 of 30 on our 45-day odyssey to bring you local stories about the many environmental solutions taking place across the country in the lead up to Election Day. Subscribe via the podcast platform of your choice by searching Electric Election Roadtrip!


9 Oct 2020

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287 - Clean Wave: Careers in the Green Recovery, with Eric Pasi


Today’s entrepreneur is a longtime internet friend and member of the SunCast Tribe, Eric Pasi. Better known for his role as Chief Development Officer at Impact Power Solutions, one of the well-known EPC and Energy Development companies in the MN and broader Midwest markets. He was instrumental in the Community Solar Gardens initiative at the company and foresaw the community solar boom in the region. Since becoming Chief Development Officer in 2016, he’s helped IPS grow revenues by more than tenfold. He is also author of the upcoming book: Clean Wave, A Guide to Success in the Green Recovery, which guides readers through the past, present, and future of cleantech while offering actionable solutions for jobseekers. Speaking of job seekers, Eric is a featured speaker at our forthcoming SunCast Career Summit in just 2 weeks time! Read more here: events.mysuncast.com Remember you can always find the resources and learn more about today’s guest, recommendations, book links and more than 280 other founder stories and startup advice at www.mysuncast.com. Gain access to all the show notes & resources from this episode here You can connect with the me, Nico Johnson, on Twitter, LinkedIn or email Thanks a ton to our podcast sponsors for continuing to help make this content FREE to You! Please check them out and let me know what you think!


20 Aug 2020

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Increasing opportunities in the clean energy revolution - A conversation with Eric Pasi

Energy Futures: Conversations on Where We’re Headed

In July of 2020, Eric Pasi, Chief Development Officer of Impact Power Solutions, a leading full-service clean energy development company based in Roseville, sat down virtually for a conversation with Marie Donahue, Sustainability Storyteller with CERTs. Pasi shares encouraging trends in the clean energy sector and his observations of how solar developers navigated challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. He speaks to the need for increasing opportunities for everyone to participate in the clean energy revolution and highlights his forthcoming book, Clean Wave, featuring stories and tips for those interested in pursuing careers in clean energy. Read more. The Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) connect individuals and communities in Minnesota to the resources they need to identify and implement community-based clean energy projects. CERTs is a partnership of University of Minnesota Extension Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships, Great Plains Institute, Southwest Regional Development Commission, and Minnesota Department of Commerce.


18 Aug 2020

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Ep 1: Eric Pasi, CDO of IPS Solar

The Sounds of Solar Podcast

Welcome to a new podcast dedicated to clean energy and the future of solar! This is the Sounds of Solar Podcast from the offices of EVS in Minneapolis and Boulder, CO. In this episode, Raj and Kyle take you through the objectives of the podcast and introduce you to Eric Pasi, who helped grow IPS Solar from just a handful of employees to over 50 in a short-few years. 


13 May 2019