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Why HR Leaders are Quitting with Claire Schmidt, AllVoices

HRchat Podcast - Interviews with HR, Talent and Tech Experts

In this HRchat episode, we consider findings from a recent survey of HR leaders that suggests HR pros are jumping ship in record numbers.Bill's guest is Claire Schmidt, CEO and Founder of AllVoices, an employee feedback management platform that helps company leaders ask for, and act on, employee feedback of all kinds through a secure, truly anonymous communication channel. The platform provides real-time insights that help company leadership build and sustain healthy cultures.Prior to founding AllVoices, Claire served as Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Fox, the Senior Director of Giving at Thrive Market, as well as the Director of Programs at Thorn.Questions Include: What has to fundamentally change when it comes to reporting issues in the workplace?What are the main stages when it comes to reporting workplace issues and harassment?AllVoices recently released a report called HR and the Great Resignation: Who’s Leaving, Hiring Outlook, and Strategies for Retention. The report surveyed HR leaders to better understand who’s leaving their jobs and why, what their organizations are doing to increase engagement and retention, hiring outlooks and strategies, and how HR leaders themselves are shouldering this weight. Let's run through some of the findings:Tell us about the data sample. What were the demographics of those surveyed?48% of HR leaders have seen over 30% of their staff quit in the past year and 28% of employees are leaving because they’ve found a better offer. Just how competitive is it at the moment? How difficult is it to keep one's employees? $61,000 to $80,000 is how much the majority of HR leaders say it costs to replace an employee. Can you explain the business case for retaining existing talent v. hiring and onboarding new employees? 53% of HR leaders are burned out and 48% of HR leaders are looking for a new job! Why is it such a stressful time for HR pros or are we seeing the result of two long years of the HR leaders muddling through the pandemic? We do our best to ensure editorial objectivity. The views and ideas shared by our guests and sponsors are entirely independent of The HR Gazette, HRchat Podcast, and Iceni Media Inc.  


9 Jun 2022

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“Solving Massive Problems” with Claire Schmidt (GWTW610)

Getting Work To Work

What problems are you interested in solving? How would you tackle them in unique ways? Claire Schmidt, CEO and Founder of AllVoices, combined a passion for finding the root causes of massive problems with her interest in using technology to develop solutions. In this conversation, Claire talks about how she took her experiences in large companies, start-ups, and non-profits to learn about the issues that affect workers and create a company that provides communication tools for employees and leadership. She shares the importance of asking questions, networking, and building healthy cultures from the bottom-up. Whether you work for yourself or at a large company, there is a lot you can learn from Claire. Show Links AllVoices Thorn Thrive Market Reflecting On One Very, Very Strange Year At Uber by Susan Fowler U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Train Dreams by Denis Johnson The Stranger by Albert Camus Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash


1 Jun 2022

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Using Technology to Drive Social Impact With AllVoices Founder & CEO, Claire Schmidt


Have you ever felt uncomfortable speaking up at work? If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone. In 2021, over 68.9 million people joined The Great Resignation—with many attributing it to the feeling of being unable to voice their concerns or make meaningful change in their workplace. Claire Schmidt identified the root of this problem—ineffective feedback and reporting systems that lacked a modern and welcoming approach—and developed a way to fix it.  Using her unique background of problem solving through technology Claire founded AllVoices, an employee feedback platform that’s driving change. AllVoices provides employees with a way to speak up, provide feedback, ask questions, share positive input, report harassment, identify bias, or speak to broader culture issues directly to their company’s leadership. I’m so excited to spend time with Claire today and talk about her incredible career in Tech, how she’s paired it with her mission to make the world a better place—from her work with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore to stop child sex trafficking, to her impact at Thrive market to increase the availability of healthy foods, she is clearly a thought leader in trying to champion new and innovative solutions. To join the WorkParty click HERE To connect with Claire Schmidt click HERE To connect with Jaclyn Johnson click HERE To learn more about AllVoices click HERE To follow along with Create & Cultivate click HERE To submit your questions call the WorkParty Hotline: 1-(833)-57-PARTY (577-2789) Get up to 40% off on Mushroom Coffee bundles when you go to Foursigmatic.com/WORKPARTY. Get 15% off an annual membership at Masterclass.com/PARTY Start investing with Vinovest today by going to zen.ai/workparty and be sure to mention WorkParty sent you to start investing in wine today. Produced by Dear Media


30 Mar 2022

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Claire Schmidt on Making All Voices Heard in a Safe Workplace, Combatting Bias and Harassments, & Founder Challenges | Evolve 067

Brandon Stover On Life

Claire Schmidt is the CEO and Founder of AllVoices: A technology platform that enables employees to anonymously report bias, discrimination or sexual harassment to their company's leadership. By equipping companies with transparent data, leadership teams can actively work to improve their culture and move towards a more equal and just workplace. Prior to founding AllVoices, Claire served as Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Fox, the Senior Director of Giving at Thrive Market, as well as the Director of Programs at Thorn. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE How company culture has been changed by MeToo, BLM, COVID, and remote work Why anonymous reporting helps create a psychologically safe and decent workplace How to have a compassionate conversation without having to agree with the other side or even like them The skills you need to start a career in social impact How to quickly became an expert in any domain & surround yourself with mentors Why you should raise more money for your startup in your pre-seed than you think and much more... Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/67 TIMESTAMPS(00:00) - Podcast Recommendation - Startups for Good with Miles Laster(00:43) - Introduction(02:09) - Claire's Mission(02:23) - What Problems inside the Workplace?(05:05) - Why do Whistleblower Hotlines and Culture Surveys Not Address the Issue?(07:19) - How has MeToo, COVID, and BLM Changed Company Culture?(08:46) - What is the State of The Workplace in 2021?(11:23) - What About Remote Work?(12:24)  - What is a Psychologically Safe and Decent Workplace?(13:56) - What is AllVoices and How Does It Help?(20:16) - Why Anonymity is Important(25:05) - A Unique Benefit Available to Any Employee in Any Company(29:41) - How Effective is AllVoices?(32:24) - How Claire Builds Culture in AllVoices as CEO(36:34) - What Work Still Needs Done in This Space?(38:40) - How Claire Started Her Social Impact Career & The Skills She Learned(42:47) - How to Quickly Became An Expert In Any Domain(44:24) - How to Surround Yourself with Expert Mentors(47:06) - Why Claire Quit Her Successful Career to Start AllVoices(49:25) - How Claire Made Life Changing Decisions in the Beginning of AllVoices(52:32) - Why You Should Raise More Money Than You Think in Your Pre-Seed(56:03) - Why You Must Separate Your Identity From Your Startup(58:04) - The Future of Company Culture(1:00:51) - Call to Action(1:02:29) - How To Push The World To Evolve

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1 Nov 2021

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S18E4 - Workplace Wrongdoing and Employee Feedback, with Claire Schmidt

Human Capital Innovations (HCI) Podcast, with Jonathan H. Westover, PhD

In this HCI Podcast episode, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanhwestover/) talks with Claire Schmidt about two recent reports from AllVoices, the Workplace Wrongdoing Report and the Employee Feedback Report. See the video here: https://youtu.be/-QHLFj4ddjo.Claire Schmidt (https://www.linkedin.com/in/clairecschmidt) is the Founder and CEO of AllVoices, a platform that enables anyone to anonymously report sexual harassment and workplace issues directly to company leadership. Before founding AllVoices, Claire served as Vice President of Technology and Innovation at 20th Century Fox. In 2010 she helped found and lead Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children, a nonprofit organization which deploys technology in innovative ways to fight child sex trafficking. During her five years at Thorn, Claire ran all programmatic work, spoke at the White House, the State Department, and Stanford University, and led a task force of more than 30 major technology companies, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft. Claire graduated from Stanford with a degree in Economics in 2006. She was the curator and vice-curator of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Los Angeles, and in 2015 won a Mic50 award for her work at Thorn.Check out Dr. Westover's new book, The Alchemy of Truly Remarkable Leadership, here: https://www.innovativehumancapital.com/leadershipalchemy.Check out the latest issue of the Human Capital Leadership magazine, here: https://www.innovativehumancapital.com/hci-magazine.Ranked in the Top 10 Performance Management Podcasts: https://blog.feedspot.com/performance_management_podcasts/ ; Ranked in the Top 10 Workplace Podcasts: https://blog.feedspot.com/workplace_podcasts/ ; Ranked in the Top 15 HR Podcasts: https://blog.feedspot.com/hr_podcasts/ ; Ranked in the Top 15 Talent Management Podcasts: https://blog.feedspot.com/talent_management_podcasts/ ; Ranked in the Top 15 Personal Development and Self-Improvement Podcasts: https://blog.feedspot.com/personal_development_podcasts/ ; Ranked in the Top 30 Leadership Podcasts: https://blog.feedspot.com/leadership_podcasts/Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


7 May 2021

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“How to help employees feel comfortable reporting workplace issues” with Claire Schmidt

The Employee Cycle Podcast for HR Leaders

Welcome our guest Claire Schmidt. We're going to discuss how you can help employees feel comfortable reporting workplace issues.


30 Apr 2021

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Claire Schmidt, Founder of AllVoices, On the Importance of Empowering Employees to Share their Experiences

Engage and Empower

In this episode, Claire talks about her inspiration to found AllVoices, a powerful platform geared towards enabling employees to anonymously share feedback with their company’s leadership and people team. AllVoices also provides leaders and People team members the opportunity to respond directly to employees around feedback, opening up conversations and dialogues that may not otherwise have surfaced. AllVoices captures everything from culture feedback, to harassment related feedback, to even Covid19 Health and Safety Related feedback. Claire talks about everything AllVoices has learned about harassment prevention and enablement as her team worked with many companies over the last few years through her product.


19 Apr 2021

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Episode 98 - Claire Schmidt of AllVoices

A Better HR Business

My guest today is Claire Schmidt of AllVoices. AllVoices is a reporting platform and case management tool that enables employees to safely report harassment, bias, culture issues, and other feedback directly to their company's leadership. To see the list of topics as well as all the details of my other guests, check out the show notes here: www.GetMoreHRClients.com/Podcast WANT MORE CLIENTS? Want more clients and/or want to position your agency or consultancy as a thought leader in the Human Resources industry? Check out: www.GetMoreHRClients.com/Services. Also, if you're looking for more ideas to help you grow your HR-related business, here's something that might help . . . Check out my free presentation (no signup required) on 10 clever ways that successful consultancies are bringing in more business. You can see the video and download the slides here: www.getmorehrclients.com/marketing-advice-for-sme-consultancies/webinar/


14 Apr 2021

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Helping Create A Safe Workplace with Claire Schmidt


038: Do you feel comfortable speaking up at your workplace? Many people don't. This is why Claire Schmidt created a tool that allows employees to anonymously provide feedback to company leadership. Claire talks about the inspiration behind Allvoices and walks us through her process for validating the idea. She also talks about how the product works, and how any employee could use the tool, even if their company is not on the platform. Claire also discusses the company values and describes the type of people she looks for when hiring for her team.  Anonymously report issues, share feedback, or ask questions directly to your company at: allvoices.co/report Learn more about the AllVoices platform and how it can help you build healthy, safe company cultures at: www.allvoices.co Find jobs at mission-driven companies at goodgigs! Follow Claire on LinkedIn and Twitter --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/goodmakers/message


6 Apr 2021

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Combatting Bias & Harassment - AllVoices Founder Claire Schmidt

The VentureFuel Visionaries

AllVoices gives companies the tools to listen at scale by allowing employees to anonymously send feedback to company leaders about workplace issues like bias and harassment. This gives everyone a voice and gives employers the opportunity to proactively improve diversity, equity and inclusion.


23 Jul 2020