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600: Infinite Income with Tanner Chidester


600: Infinite Income Tanner Chidester, FitWarrior.com– The Sharkpreneur podcast with Seth Greene Episode 600 Tanner ChidesterTanner Chidester is an American fitness coach, entrepreneur, and former fashion model. A NESTA certified trainer, he is the founder of Texas-based FitWarrior.com and FitnessCEOs.com.In 2018, aged 26, he founded Fit Warrior (FitWarrior.com), a Houston, Texas-based health and fitness training firm. With the help of social media and word-of-mouth, the business shot up rapidly and by the summer of 2019, he had over 30 employees. The success of Fit Warrior led him to found his third company, Elite CEOs (FitnessCEOs.com,) a business that teaches other fitness industry entrepreneurs how to build and scale their ventures.Listen to this illuminating Sharkpreneur episode with Tanner Chidester about his book, Infinite Income.Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:●    How it can take years of perseverance to become successful as an entrepreneur.●    Why it’s so important to know what to say and how to say in when making a sale.●    How it’s more difficult to make money off of fitness because it’s a low-ticket offer.●    Why running ads through Facebook messenger allows people to objection handle and make sales.●    How Infinite Income provides tactical teachers entrepreneurs can use to succeed.Connect with Tanner:Guest Contact InfoTwitter @Tanner_FitnessInstagram @tanner.chidesterFacebook facebook.com/tannerchidesterfitnessLinkedIn linkedin.com/in/tannerchidester Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


12 Apr 2021

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#106 - Tanner Chidester on Why It's All About the Marketing, Perceived Value and Scaling Rapidly

Smarter Destiny Podcast: Quick Proven Growth Tactics From Founders You Can Use ASAP - Subscribe Now!

Tanner Chidester is the CEO and co-founder of Elite CEOs, who have generated over 25 M dollars revenue in the last three years. Along with his team, he works with business owners and fitness pros to help them sustainably scale their businesses to 7-figures, teaching people to create and scale online courses, services and programs. Tanner is also the proud owner of a 10 x ClickFunnels Award and a published author. Bullet points 00:35 - Intro 02:35 - The start as an entrepreneur 04:55 - Getting into marketing and sales 07:32 - Selling door to door 10:38 - Selling on the phone 12:45 - Scaling from one-to-one 14:19 - Elite CEO 16:24 - The method to scale service-based companies 19:06 - The conversion conversation 22:08 - The audience 24:10 - The simple advice for scaling rapidly 27:50 - The first sales call 31:56 - What to expect from a call with Elite CEOs 35:10 - Where to find out more 35:40 - Rapid fire question round 36:11 - If you ever had to start again, how would you make your money? 36:46 - What is the most common or biggest mistake that you see leaders making? 37:18 - Who is the best leader ever (alive or dead) and why? 38:07 - How do you hire top talent? 39:11 - How do you evaluate a good business deal? 40:49 - How do you identify a good business partner? 42:42 - What is one of your proudest moments? 44:31 - What is one interesting fact about you that not many people would know? 45:30 - What daily routines do you have (morning or evening) that have helped make you successful? 47:45 - What book (or books) changed your mindset or life? 48:33 - What is the most exciting question you spend your time thinking about? 49:25 - What advice would you give your younger self? 50:16 - Identifying a good coach 52:00 - What was your biggest challenge starting in business and how did you overcome it? 52:48 - What unusual or underrated food or drink should more people try out? 53:32 - What makes you happiest? 55:10 - Any asks or requests for the audience?


7 Feb 2021

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Tanner Chidester - Door-to-door salesman to building an 8-figure empire

The Casey Way

Tanner is an athlete turned entrepreneur who left college with one year to go to pursue a business in the online world. Listen as he shares his journey of how he went from a door to door salesman to building two multi-million dollar companies before the age of 30. He shares with us some inspiring messages, lessons he has learnt, and some exciting news about his upcoming adventures. Make sure you follow the links down below to connect with Tanner on social media as well as subscribing to this podcast so you do not miss another episode!Find Tanner on socials: https://www.instagram.com/tanner.chidester/ https://www.youtube.com/c/TannerChidesterOfficial/featured Get His Book: Infinite Income https://www.infiniteincomebook.com/getthebookIf you are listening on Apple Podcasts, please would you be the 1% that leaves a short review.It gives me great feedback really helps me share and inspire more people. Would love to connect and get to know you on Social MediaInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/casey_iola_Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caseyiolaYoutube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdOx_k-5vJzJASRpFskL0yA


4 Feb 2021

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Episode 88: The Right Kind of Business Coaching - with Tanner Chidester

Real Business Owners

Tanner Chidester is a successful fitness entrepreneur turned business coach who helps people create and scale online courses, services and programs. Unlike most “coaches,” Tanner actually built a seven-figure business BEFORE trying to teach others how to do it! In this episode, we talk about the coaching industry, dealing with negative reviews, and our initial thoughts on the new clubhouse platform. Connect with Tanner @Tanner.Chidester on Instagram or on YouTube at YouTube.com/TannerChidesterOfficial. Video of this podcast is available at YouTube.com/RealBusinessOwners. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook @RealBusinessOwners. Need bookkeeping or accounting services for your business? Reach out to Easier Accounting at 888-620-0770 or by visiting EasierAccounting.com. Interested in fixing your credit? Visit SixtyDayCreditRepair.com.

1hr 11mins

2 Feb 2021

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Infinite Income: Tanner Chidester

Author Hour

If time is money, then controlling your time is gold. What if you could increase your income and your control? If you take your business online, this could be your reality. Tanner Chidester ... The post Infinite Income: Tanner Chidester appeared first on Author Hour.


20 Jan 2021

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Tanner Chidester Smashes the Fitness Industry by Making His First $1 Million Before the Age of 30 

Action and Ambition

Welcome to another episode of Action & Ambition with your host, Andrew Medal. Today’s guest is Tanner Chidester. Tanner Chidester is a self-made millionaire and successful entrepreneur. He has grown and scaled two 7-figure online businesses: Elite CEOs and Fit Warrior that has generated $16 million in less than three years. He is a five-time winner of the "2 comma club" award from ClickFunnels, which signifies doing a minimum of $1 million in a sales funnel, and an 8-Figure Award recipient for one billion in the sales.  You’re going to love this episode. Let’s get to it! How did Tanner get started with his businesses, and how did he scale them so quickly? (1:11) Throughout school, Tanner was bullied as a kid.  Tanner eventually found his niché in fitness, and that started to build his confidence to start going in that direction.   It was kind of like he worked out and got results, and suddenly people were respecting him. So he figured if he worked hard at school and girls and all those other things, it would all fall into place.  Through his second year in college, Tanner wanted to play in the NFL. And the way Tanner is about business is once he sets his mind to something, he goes ‘[sycho’ about it, and he would work all day long for extreme hours to achieve what he wanted.  By 20, he had his third shoulder surgery, and he realized that Football was not going to work for him, he wasn’t big enough, and his injuries made it very hard to keep pursuing that dream.  Tanner met a man who convinced him to leave school to be an entrepreneur who was a big thing for tanner because no one in his family was one, and they did not believe in him when he left. The guy taught Tanner about online marketing in the first two years, and Tanner was starting to feel stressed out because he had no money and wasn’t making any money.  However, he did learn a lot of valuable things that helped him later on in life.  After two years of learning Online marketing, Tanner couldn’t do it anymore and decided to be a server, doing door to door sales; he hoped he could raise enough money that way to start his own business.  What ended up happening was after learning those skills and working a year or two as a server, Tanner realized he was going in circles and not making any money.  Tanner noticed an ad while he was out walking that said how to build your online fitness business.  Tanner signed up for the course after scraping together the $5,000 tuition fee. At the seminar, he was more advanced than many people attending, having worked door to door, and his two years of Online Marketing learning.  So at this seminar, tanner ended up making a lot of connections, and he started messaging and contacting people and ended up selling over $10,000, which was four times more than what he was making a month.  Realizing all he had to do was build connections and message them offering his fitness service that Tanner could finally make money. What are some tips that tanner can give busy professionals and founders on how to stay in shape? (15:03)  Tanner did not understand how people can be out of shape until he started his business.  He realized then how hard it was to fit the gym into a busy and stressful schedule because all you want to do after work is sleep.  So during his first couple of years, Tanner was not in the most excellent shape himself.  The first tip tanner can share is that it’s mostly about diet. Someone who’s eating right will easily beat someone going to the gym every day but eating poorly.  Tanner says to try and follow a healthy diet and if you’re going to eat bad, try not to do it every day.  Another tip from Tanner is to incorporate weight training into your week. You do not have to do it excessively, but three times a week should be easily sustainable. And the last tip from Tanner would be that when you do not have time, try and do a quick 30-minute high-intensity Aerobic exercise at home because of how fast they are with good results.  Many entrepreneurs tend to sit at home at desks and never actually move, so Tanner encourages Cardio just to keep the heart healthy and the cholesterol levels down.  Where does Tanner want to go now, and How will he go about accomplishing those goals? (18:36) His short immediate goal for this year is doing about $15 million and to possibly try and push that to $20-$25 Million in consulting.  That goal is near the ceiling of where you can go with paid ads and stuff like that. Currently, Tanner is working on the first SAS, which will be a trainer to trainer software.  They will be expanding that further as they are still getting new trainers over the next 3-5 years. Tanner is not too sure about what his next big thing is going to be. He has thought about investing and getting into start-ups where he feels there is a lot of upsides.  At this point, Tanner just ikes doing things that push him to be the best person that he can be; therefore, Tanner has put a lot more time in his personal life lately.  Fit Warrior Fit Warrior has a different approach to sport, nutrition, and fitness. They believe that there is a warrior in everyone, and they strive to release that inner warrior for each of their clients. They believe in the spirit of fitness and the mental and physical discipline necessary to achieve it, and they strive to support their clients as they find their warrior. Resources  Connect with Tanner: LinkedIn Fit Warrior: Website Connect with Andrew: LinkedIn


19 Nov 2020

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Tanner Chidester Y Sus 14 Millones de USD En 22 Meses

Mi Primer Millón: Secretos Del Mundo Digital

Regístrate al grupo secreto de Facebook donde podrás aprender estrategias únicas para crear un negocio por internet exitoso. En este episodio Sergio te cuenta el estudio que hizo de todo el proceso de marketing de Tanner Chidester, un joven de 28 años que en 22 meses hizo más de 14 millones de USD y cómo puedes aplicar el su sistema en tu negocio.Asegúrate de Seguirme en Instagram en @sergioeperdomoSuscríbete al podcast en Apple, Spotify, Google y StitcherPuedes escuchar el episodio anterior aquí


30 Oct 2020

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From a Former Door-to-door Salesman To Online Entrepreneur (Tanner Chidester)

The Kevin David Experience (Ninja PodCast)

Our guest for today’s episode of “The Kevin David Experience” is my friend Tanner. He is sharing his experience of dropping out of college in his final year and selling security alarms door to door to an online entrepreneur and a fitness coach. Join our conversation on topics from fitness, education, spirituality, time management, and many more.Please Enjoy! If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider being the 1% and leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes? It takes less than 30 seconds, and it really makes a world of difference reaching new interesting guests!. To sign up for Kevin's Podcast email Newsletter and to view the  show notes & past guests, please visit-https://officialkevindavid.com/podcastFollow Kevin: https://mmini.me/@FollowKD


26 Aug 2020

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The Conversation Conversion Model with Tanner Chidester, CEO of Elite CEOs and Fit Warrior. | Ep. #365

Leveling Up with Eric Siu

How many CEOs are running a million dollars a month, ad to webinar? Tanner Chidester is one of them and he joins us today to talk about qualifying calls and what it’s like grossing $12 million annually at 28 years old. Tanner is CEO of Elite CEOs and Fit Warrior, two high ticket coaching businesses that offer one on one mentorship in the fitness and entrepreneurship spaces. We hear from Tanner about how he went from playing D-I football to dropping out of college to pursue entrepreneurship following the advice of a mentor. Tanner weighs in on how he built Fit Warrior’s high ticket coaching service and used that business as a platform to start Elite CEOs. He talks about how his businesses make money, shares metrics about his staff count and monthly revenue, and also speaks to the resilience of the high ticket coaching model in this time of the worldwide pandemic. We hear more about Tanner’s business model which stresses many touchpoints between coaches and clients, and he talks about their subscription lengths, billing structures, success rates, and ideal clients. From there, we get into one of today’s biggest takeaways, with Tanner sharing about how he can close 60 percent of the calls his sales team take by using a conversion conversation model that qualifies calls for only a third of the cost that most businesses would pay. Wrapping up, we talk about some mindset hacks for optimizing the wellness side of entrepreneurship, and Tanner gives his recommendations for a favorite app and book to this end. Tune in for some lesser-used conversion strategies and nuggets about the effectiveness of high ticket offerings! TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES: [00:41] Before we jump into today’s interview, please rate, review, and subscribe to the Leveling Up Podcast! [00:44] How Tanner dropped out of college to pursue entrepreneurship and made millions. [03:25] Why Tanner is focusing on Elite CEOs now and how he used Fit Warrior as a platform. [04:18] How Tanner made money initially with Fit Warrior by selling high ticket services online. [05:17] Advertising, sales, service packages, and staff count metrics for Tanner’s businesses. [06:09] How COVID is affecting conversion rates for Tanner’s sales funnels.  [06:49] The high level, one to one coaching business model Tanner uses in both businesses. [09:50] Ideal client types and why Tanner prefers coaching clients with high ticket offerings.  [10:56] Why Tanner’s conversion conversation model has been so successful for him. [14:00] How Tanner only pays around $250 rather than $600 for a qualified call. [16:26] Additional information about how Tanner’s team qualifies clients on the front end. [18:58] How helpful The Calm App has been for Tanner’s mental wellbeing. [19:52] The use of seeing a therapist for aiding in mental health. [20:55] Happiness after wealth and why Tanner loves High Performance Habits. [21:28] The best way to connect with Tanner online. Resources From The Interview: Tanner Chidester Elite CEOs Fit Warrior The Calm App BetterHelp Russel Brunson Must read book: High Performance Habits. Leave Some Feedback: What should I talk about next? Who should I interview? Please let me know on Twitter or in the comments below. Did you enjoy this episode? If so, please leave a short review here Subscribe to Leveling Up on iTunes Get the non-iTunes RSS Feed Connect with Eric Siu:  Growth Everywhere Single Grain Eric Siu on Twitter


29 Jun 2020

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MBA1558 Guest Teacher – Tanner Chidester – How to Boost Revenue with High-Ticket Sales

The $100 MBA Show

Say it with me: undercutting is a garbage strategy. Trying to compete by offering the lowest price is a race to the bottom. When we’re starting out, most of us are shy about charging high prices. But done right, the high-ticket proposition is a smart way to gain real momentum for a new business. But don’t take it from me: we’ve got a special guest teacher. Tanner Chidester has built successful companies from the ground up by starting with high-priced services. Note that we said “starting with,” not “working his way up to” high prices. That’s right: according to Chidester, you don’t have to build revenue by marketing. You can build your marketing by getting a sh*t ton of revenue, as soon as possible. Today, Chidester will explain exactly how he’s pulled this strategy off, over and over. Perfect for coaches, consultants, and other “soft” service providers, the high-ticket approach might just be the best way to get your business off the ground. Click Play!  #btn_1_2a93752f5900eebe99baf810059ed3f8 .text {font-size:22px;color:#ffffff;font-weight:normal;}#btn_1_2a93752f5900eebe99baf810059ed3f8 {padding:30px 40px;border-color:#cc0033;border-width:1px;-moz-border-radius:0px;-webkit-border-radius:0px;border-radius:0px;background:#cc0033;background:-webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop(0%, #cc0033), color-stop(100%, #cc0033));background:-webkit-linear-gradient(top, #cc0033 0%, #cc0033 100%);background:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #cc0033 0%, #cc0033 100%);background:-ms-linear-gradient(top, #cc0033 0%, #cc0033 100%);background:-o-linear-gradient(top, #cc0033 0%, #cc0033 100%);background:linear-gradient(to bottom, #cc0033 0%, #cc0033 100%);filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr=#cc0033, endColorstr=#cc0033, GradientType=0);box-shadow:none;}#btn_1_2a93752f5900eebe99baf810059ed3f8 .gradient {-moz-border-radius:0px;-webkit-border-radius:0px;border-radius:0px;}#btn_1_2a93752f5900eebe99baf810059ed3f8 .shine {-moz-border-radius:0px;-webkit-border-radius:0px;border-radius:0px;}#btn_1_2a93752f5900eebe99baf810059ed3f8 .active {-moz-border-radius:0px;-webkit-border-radius:0px;border-radius:0px;}#btn_1_2a93752f5900eebe99baf810059ed3f8 .hover {-moz-border-radius:0px;-webkit-border-radius:0px;border-radius:0px;}SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES Stitcher | SoundCloud | Podcast Feed | How To Subscribe Give us a Rating & Review Today's Sponsors Capella University Thinking about how you can make a greater impact in your profession, or in the world? When you're ready to take the next step, Capella University has flexible doctoral programs that work with your schedule. Put your passion into action, and get the experience and skills you need to lead. Capella’s curriculum and learning format were created with flexibility in mind, to fit your life and schedule. Explore available programs and scholarship opportunities at capella.edu/doctoral WebinarNinja Looking for an easy, intuitive webinar platform that gets out of your way? WebinarNinja is the most user-friendly webinar platform on the market. Best of all, it works! With built-in marketing tools like email automations, landing pages, and more, WebinarNinja is everything you need to run live, automated, or hybrid webinars. Sign up for a free live demonstration at webinarninja.com/workshop. Show Links Elite CEOs The post MBA1558 Guest Teacher – Tanner Chidester – How to Boost Revenue with High-Ticket Sales appeared first on The $100 MBA.


29 Jun 2020