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“Some people are just gobshites…and they need a slap” - Ranger Ray Goggins on ramming Garda squad cars

The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

If you’re a fan of RTE’s Hell Week series, you’ll be very familiar with Ray Goggins – a former Irish army Ranger (basically our version of the SAS or Navy Seals), now chief instructor on this incredibly popular TV series. Ray joined me for a fascinating chat a couple of episodes ago, but we chopped out a part of that conversation and held it back for this special bonus episode. Because that shocking video of the repeated ramming of a Garda car in Cherry Orchard had just emerged and I was very interested in what Ray thought about it, given his background. He had some pretty strong views, which you’re about to hear. I also asked Ray him about war movies and if any of them really capture the reality of what happens on the ground in a conflict. I hope you enjoy this one.


17 Oct 2022

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Ranger Ray Goggins - from the Irish Army to RTE’s Ultimate Hell Week

The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

True story: as Ultimate Hell Week chief instructor, Ray Goggins, was climbing the stairs up to the studio for our chat, he was scoping out all of the entry and exit points, and working out the fastest escape route from the building if he were to need one. Thankfully he didn’t need to make a quick escape, but as he explains, you can take the man out of the Rangers, but you can’t take the Rangers out of the man. Ray served in the Irish Army for 26 years, including 17 years in the Army Ranger Wing as an operator and leader in a Tier 1 Special Operations Unit – he has been in incredibly dangerous situations, seen awful sights, and learned so much about himself and others along the way. He shares so many great stories in this episode of The Mario Rosenstock Podcast, and he even gets a few interesting callers, including fellow Cork man Roy Keane, Christy Moore, Ray Darcy, and even Francis Brennan!Ultimate Hell Week: The Professionals – RTE 1 https://www.rte.ie/tv/programmes/1244359-ultimate-hell-week-the-professionals/Ray’s training and development company https://coreskilltraining.org/Ray’s book: Ranger 22 – Lessons from the front https://www.gillbooks.ie/biography/biography/ranger-22 COMEDY: The Ploughing Championships are finally back! There’s a great buzz about it all and some of my podcast friends have grabbed their mics and headed on down to Ratheniska to record their shows live from the event, including Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally, and Crime World’s Nicola Tallant. GET IN TOUCH:https://www.instagram.com/mariorosenstockofficial/https://twitter.com/giftgrubmariomariorosenstock@gmail.comThe Mario Rosenstock Podcast is produced by Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


23 Sep 2022

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Ultimate Hell Week's Ray Goggins Talks Resilience

Cork's 96fm Opinion Line

Ray Goggins of Ultimate Hell Week & former Army ranger chats to Fiona about resilience,why its important to have it when dealing it challenging situations & that it is a trait we can learn Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


19 Sep 2022

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Ray Goggins

The Business

Ray Goggins has had a long career in the Irish army, including the elite Army Rangers wing. He now runs Coreskills providing training for businesses. You might recognise him from watching him on RTE’s Special Forces : Ultimate Hell Week, but he now takes to our airwaves to discuss his life and career.


2 Jul 2022

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#169 A Season of Reflections Pt. II with John Bull, Owen Eastwood, Lisa Jacobs and Ray Goggins

Sleep Eat Perform Repeat

Welcome back to another episode of reflections - this week dive into conversations with John Bull, Owen Eastwood, Lisa Jacob and Ray Goggins. We hear from our excellent guests on the topic of Psychological Safety including: - (6:07) John Bull: Specialist in High Performance Leadership and Teams, Head of High Performance at Management Futures - (8:04) Owen Eastwood: Performance Coach, and Author of 'Belonging: The Ancient Code of Togetherness' - (15:10) Lisa Jacob: Team Manager at Hockey Ireland, and Co-Owner of Hidden Strength - (20:11) Ray Goggins: Director at Coreskill Training, Chief Instructor RTE television Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week - and author of 'Ranger 22' Our lens focuses this week on Psychological Safety first popularised by the great Amy Edmondson. This is a huge part of our current work with Hauora around enlightening, educating and empowering individuals in the performance wellbeing space in Ireland and abroad. We hope this medium allows you to take the lessons from the very best and apply them in your life. Our key takeaways from this episode are: 1 – Vulnerability and creating a space to see people for who they truly are, will allow groups of individuals to break through the glass ceilings and truly work effectively as a team 2 – We can create focus and cohesion more easily on stable teams, but what about when things are uncertain and changing? We need to create a culture that promotes teaming to navigate the ever-changing world and unpredicted challenges;  3 – Look back to understand where you’re going. Note all the good in your buildup…it can help reveal your progress, to drive you on to new heights Thanks for listening and as always please rate, review, and share. 


25 Apr 2022

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Making It Happen #44 Ray Goggins

Making It Happen

Welcome to Making It Happen I’ll be your host Tom Dalton We are episode number 45 with Ray Goggins    Ray Goggins served in the Irish Army for 26 years, including 17 years in the Army Ranger Wing as an operator and leader in a Tier 1 Special Operations Unit. He is currently chief instructor on RTÉ’s Ultimate Hell Week and director of a training and leadership company, Coreskill, working with various corporate organisations and teams. Specialist in Leadership and Training for Multiple organisations in sport, business, security and social. Chief Instructor RTE Hell Week.


5 Jan 2022

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Ray Goggins : Ranger 22

Ready To Be Real by Síle Seoige

Topics covered : Military training, vulnerability, self-belief, resilience, family life.Ray Goggins served in the Irish Army for 26 years, including 17 years in the Army Ranger Wing and now he spends a lot of his time working with corporate teams in his role as director of training and leadership company ‘Coreskills’.Originally from Cork, he lives in Kildare with his wife Sinéad and their two kids, Dan who's 13 and Louisa who's 10.In this conversation we talk about his book ‘Ranger 22’ and the recent success of hit TV show ‘Special Forces -Ultimate Hell Week’; he also shares the best advice he ever got, and he speaks about the power of staying calm, in any situation.Book – ‘Ranger 22- Lessons from the Front’ available online and in bookshops now.Shows – ‘Resilience- conquering your inner demons. An evening with Ray Goggins and Rory O’Connor.’For more, go to…https://www.aneveningwith.ie/And if you enjoyed this conversation, please consider showing your support, it only takes a minute and I’d really appreciate it.You can leave a rating or a little comment on Apple or you can click follow on Spotify. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


22 Oct 2021

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Season 2, Episode 1 with Ray Goggins

Colman's Podcast

In episode 1, season 2 of the Colman's Podcast, the boys catch up with Ultimate Hell Week star and author Ray Goggins to talk about his career as an army ranger, the latest season of Hell Week, and the importance of mental strength in any of life's challenges. Ray also had some solid advice for teenagers living in this modern world. Sit back, relax and enjoy the Colman's Podcast with your new hosts Ben O'Neill, Jack McCarthy, Luke O'Mahony, Shay O'Neill, Tommy Bryan, Aleksander Kurzak, and Riley Dahill, Editing and producing by Fionn McKee, Joshua Lavoie, and Aleksander Kurzak.


15 Oct 2021

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sport overload : Episode 28 with Ray Goggins

Sport overload

today I chat to former army ranger and DS on ultimate hellweek Ray Goggins about his time in the army , his new business , Ranger 22 his new book , the craic he had as a DS on ultimate hell and lots more I hope you enjoy .


14 Oct 2021

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Ray Goggins - Ultimate Hell Week

Jennifer Zamparelli

Jen chats to Ray Goggins, Utimate Hell Week Chief Instructor ahead of tonight’s final, he also looks back on his life in the military


13 Oct 2021