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States eye higher fuel taxes

Land Line Now

LLN (2/2/21) – Seven states are considering changes to their fuel taxes – and, no surprise, most of them are thinking about an increase. Also, when you’re dealing with your truck, understanding how it works can make your life a lot easier. That’s especially the case with tires. We’ll explore what makes commercial truck tires unique, how that can bring about unique problems and how to prevent those problems in the first place. And a coalition of transportation-related organization is working to stop a proposed increase in minimum insurance. Meanwhile, as of today, we have a new secretary of transportation. 0:00 – Newscast. 9:44 – Understanding tires. 24:37 – States eye higher fuel taxes. 39:59 – Opposing insurance increase; new transportation secretary.


3 Feb 2021

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Episode 80: Understanding Fuel Taxes

Blue Ribbon Podcast

You’re buying fuel in all the WRONG places and for all the WRONG reasons. IFTA isn’t all that difficult to understand, but people have made it much more complicated than it needs to be. We will break it all down and show you how we buy fuel and where we buy it to get the most savings.

22 Nov 2020

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#29. Understanding IFTA and Fuel Taxes

Haulin Assets

Ben Franklin made the phrase, “a penny saved is a penny earned” popular, and there is no industry where that saying holds more true than the trucking industry. A savings of 6 cents a gallon of fuel is like saving 1 cent per mile. When you are driving over 500 miles a day, 1 cent a mile adds up to thousands of dollars a year. Purchasing fuel smartly is one of the easiest ways to save money. In the past I have talked about how fuel planning and a good fuel card can save you lots of money. I want to take it one step further and show you how understanding fuel taxes can help you save even more. Most people don’t understand how the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and fuel taxes work. Those who do will save money on their fuel. I had an experience recently that illustrates this point. Listen to this episode for a full explanation. See the full show notes here, and check out the Haulin Assets website, where you can also hear previous episodes.


20 Nov 2019

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States increase fuel taxes

Land Line Now

LLN (6/27/19) – July 1st is a big day across the country, as numerous states laws go into effect, including several that will increase fuel taxes. Also, the FMCSA wants to update the frequently cited and often derided Large Truck Crash Causation Study. We’ll have information on upcoming truck shows. And a Supreme Court ruling involving benefits for a Marine Corps veteran could have a significant impact on trucking. 0:00-9:57 – Newscast 9:57-24:42 – FMCSA to update study 24:42-39:40 – State fuel tax increases; truck shows 39:40-49:24 – Supreme Court on regulations  


28 Jun 2019

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States fiddle with fuel taxes

Land Line Now

LLN (5/9/19) – Minnesota officials battle over how to fund the state’s highways. And a plan to tax diesel at the local level passes in Nevada. Also, should the requirement that truckers fill out an employment application be changed? Meanwhile, we’ll have the latest on meal and rest breaks in California. We’ll have information about upcoming truck shows. And Congress continues to work toward on plans for a new infrastructure bill. 0:00-9:57 – Newscast 9:57-24:43 – Trucker employment applications 24:43-39:38 – Minn. highway funding; Nev. local diesel tax 39:38-49:22 – Federal infrastructure update


10 May 2019

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Red Eye's Extra Mile Podcast - Ep 08 - Fuel Taxes, Tolling, Infrasctructure, Parking, and More... Oh My!

Red Eye's Extra Mile with Eric Harley Podcast

Lisa Mullings, President and CEO for NATSO, and Bob Wollenman, Chairman of the Board for NATSO, join host Eric Harley to discuss some of the overlooked things that greatly effect the industry. Fuel Taxes, Tolling, Infrasctructure, and Parking are just some of the topics we cover this week.  Join the conversation and learn more about key issues that affect your business. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


25 Feb 2019

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State Update – Fuel taxes may go up

Land Line Now

State governments around the country are pushing to hike fuel taxes to pay for needed road work. Reed Black talks with our state legislative experts, Keith Goble and Mike Matousek.


20 May 2017

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Episode 14: Understanding Fuel Taxes

Blue Ribbon Podcast

Fuel taxes are an important element of your profitability. It is very important to understand this issue so you won't end up losing money by buying fuel in the wrong states.IFTA Website with State Fuel Tax RatesAn overview:Before IFTA-Fuel taxes were collected by individual states. Trucks had to have fuel tax permits in each state, many having to display plates on their trucks for each state. Fuel had to be purchased in each state to cover the amount owed for traveling through that state.


18 Jun 2016

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A New Way to Pay for Transportation: Exploring a Shift from Fuel Taxes to Mileage-Based User Fees

RAND Congressional Briefing Series

In this April 2011 Congressional Briefing, Liisa Ecola discusses approaches to funding and conducting system trials designed to help policy and decisionmakers better understand the benefits and trade-offs of mileage-based user fees.


27 Apr 2011