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#162 - Attachment Theory 101 with Silvy Khoucasian

Mark Groves Podcast

Themes: Attachment Theory, Attachment Styles, Dating, Relationships THIS IS IT! The Attachment theory podcast you’ve all been waiting for! Silvy Khoucasian is my personal go-to expert for attachment theory so sit back and let us guide you through all things attachment!  Discover: Attachment 101- New Course all about Attachment Theory and attachment styles Silvy’s background and expertise in Attachment Theory What your attachment style tendencies are and how you can change them to create secure stable relationships Links: https://createthelove.com/attachment https://www.instagram.com/silvykhoucasian/ Sponsors: Organifi | Visit organifi.com/createthelove to receive 20% off all products with code CREATETHELOVE! Create more love by visiting: createthelove.com @createthelove @createthelovecards See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


26 Aug 2021

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582: Understanding Attachment Styles and Setting Healthy Boundaries with Silvy Khoucasian

As Told By Nomads

In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join Silvy Khoucasian and me to discuss the different styles of attachment, the types of boundaries by Rokelle Lerner, and what she has to say about how to make intentional, genuine connections. Of course, not fully understanding what other people are going through sometimes is understandable. But for Silvy, what's essential at the very least is to learn how to validate the experiences of others even though we're unable to completely empathize. Tune in as Silvy shares more of her wisdom as a Relationship Coach in this episode!How to make a connection on the first date?Sparking connections with people involve elements that differ from person to person. Especially if it's a romantic relationship in a pandemic where the experience, for most people, is a new context. For a start, Silvy talks about boundaries. Boundaries, for her, need to be discussed before the first meet-up. It'd be awkward to talk about what works and what doesn't as the meet-up happens. That's why it's important to do it before, even if it sounds too serious to talk about at first. Boundaries exist to help both parties feel safe. When safety is established, a lot of things can take off better. It also gives clarity depending on what the intentions for dating are. Exploring is also one thing to remember when dating. Managing your expectations and allowing both to shine is a must to genuinely know each other. It's risk-taking, and it shouldn't always just be about you. For connection to happen, mutuality, reciprocity, and taking risks with vulnerability must take place. Both parties must actively take part in making these happen. If there's no active participation and you just leave things as is, many opportunities will be missed.Outline of the episode:[04:42]Silvy: On the experience of immigration[07:58]What is it about relationships that are telling of our personalities?[12:11]Relationships may serve as mirrors[16:46]The Attachment Theory and the different attachment formations/styles[22:43]People find themselves in stories and in other people's experiences[24:38]Why do you need to set boundaries?[29:54]The pandemic is a new context to experience – on keeping boundaries[32:33]How do we intentionally spark a connection?[38:51]The back and forth thoughts when connecting with a different attachment style[41:51]Making a connection is an active processResources:Website: http://www.silvykhoucasian.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/silvykhoucasian/?hl=enOnline Programs: http://www.silvykhoucasian.com/online-programsCoaching: http://www.silvykhoucasian.com/coachingConnect with Tayo Rockson and the As Told By Nomads Podcast on:Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tayorockson Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcastTwitter: https://twitter.com/TayoRockson Personal Website: https://tayorockson.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


21 Jul 2021

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Deep Connection with Silvy Khoucasian

Free Your Energy

Silvy Khoucasian is a Relationship Coach, a Writer, and the Founder of Love With Integrity Coaching. Silvy earned her Master’s Degree in Psychology from the MFT program at Phillips Graduate Institute, and her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Silvy was born in Saudi Arabia and immigrated to the United States at the age of 4 years from Syria. Her own experiences of straddling two very different cultures helps her to understand complexity, challenges around identity, and the ability to hold and tolerate differences (and even contradictions) in oneself and within interpersonal relationships.She also has an extensive background in the theatrical arts, particularly in acting. Silvy uniquely fuses her knowledge of art, attachment theory, boundaries, sociological systems, and various forms of creativity in her coaching work with her clients. She has facilitated one on one, couples, and group sessions over the last 9 years and has spent a significant amount of time investing in her own personal healing journey. She deeply values being a compassionate guide as well as an eternal student. Silvy has been featured in Women’s Health, Playboy, Allure, and Cosmopolitan Magazine and she looks forward to contributing to the health and wellness of intimate relationships for many years to come.Some of her favorite mentors are Esther Perel, Harriet Lerner, Irvin Yolam, Brene Brown, and Michelle and Barack Obama.In her spare time, Silvy loves to travel and spend time with her fiance as well as her golden retriever.vist her at http://www.silvykhoucasian.comand at https://www.instagram.com/silvykhoucasian/

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30 May 2021

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Attachment theory pt 2 with Silvy Khoucasian

Conversations with Kenzie

Yes our convo was THAT good that we needed to keep going! Silvy and I continue to learn and unpack about different attachments. Anxious, avoidant, anxious-avoidant? How do you date someone with a different attachment to you? Can you change your attachment? Should you? All of this plus SO much more! Follow Silvy on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/silvykhoucasian/ Produced by Brett Kibbler


3 May 2021

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Attachment theory pt 1 with Silvy Khoucasian

Conversations with Kenzie

Are you anxiously attached? Maybe avoidant? What if you're a bit of both? In this conversation with renowned relationship coach Silvy Khoucasian where we dive into what attachment is, how we figure out what type we are, what the pros and cons are to each attachment type. This conversation was SO good we went overtime which means there is a part 2 that you don't want to miss! Follow Silvy on instagram https://www.instagram.com/silvykhoucasian/ Produced by Brett Kibbler 


3 May 2021

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Ep. 011 Boundaries, Sisterhood and Navigating Needs w/ Silvy Khoucasian

The Pleasure Portal

In this week's episode I sit down with my beloved friend, sister and colleague Silvy Khoucasian. Silvy is one of my most favourite humans, she's kind, generous, considerate and such a brilliant coach and teacher when it comes to all things relationships, boundaries and attachment systems. It is one of my greatest blessings in life to be loved up by this woman. To get to share her magic with ya'll today brings me great joy and pleasure. Let's dive in! In this episode we explore: • The nature of boundaries.• Boundaries in romantic relationships vs friendship boundaries.• How our boundaries have strengthened our friendship and trust in sisterhood. • Titrating vulnerability and it's link to building relational trust. • Negotiating needs, boundaries and counter-offers in love and friendship. Connect with Silvy: Instagram: HEREBoundaries Program: HEREWebsite: HERESilvy is a Relationship Coach and the Founder of Love With Integrity Coaching. She is a writer and has an extensive background in the theatrical arts, particularly in acting and in film production. Silvy uniquely fuses her knowledge of attachment theory, boundaries, sociological systems, art, and creativity in her coaching work with her clients. She has facilitated one on one, couples, and group sessions over the last 9 years and has spent a significant amount of time investing in her own personal healing journey. She deeply values being a compassionate guide as well as an eternal student. Silvy has been featured in Women’s Health, Vogue, Playboy, Allure, and Cosmopolitan magazine. Silvy eagerly looks forward to contributing to and uplifting the global conversation on intimate relationships for many years to come.-----------------------------------------------------------------I've chosen to postpone my Visioning for Love workshop until March 6th 2021. I've also decided to make this workshop FREE. If you want in on the magic you can sign up HERExxKelsey


20 Feb 2021

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217: Summer Series: Attachment and Relationships with Silvy Khoucasian

The Adult Chair

We all have different ways that we connect and bond with others, and in psychology, we call this “attachment style.” For example, some of us are anxious in our bonds, always making sure the relationship is ok. Others of us pull away when we feel we are getting too close with someone else. Our attachment style is HIGHLY influenced by our childhood and how we bonded with our caregivers growing up, and it’s so important to understanding how we interact in our adult relationships! In this episode, I interview the incredible Silvy Khoucasian, a relationship coach and attachment style expert, about the different attachment styles and how we bond in relationships. Understanding your attachment style can be one of the most helpful tools for understanding how you show up in relationships and seeing the patterns that you might otherwise be tempted to blame on your partner. Listen to discover: What attachment theory is and why it matters The four attachment styles How the different attachment styles interact with each other How your attachment style creates patterns in your relationships today How to set boundaries for each attachment style Repairing shame and moving forward in relationships It was such a joy having Silvy on the show as she breaks down attachment theory in a simple, easy-to-understand way. As Silvy reminds us, our attachment style is not our fault, and it’s important to be gentle with ourselves as we learn and heal these patterns. Everyone is deserving of love and capable of having secure, healthy relationships no matter their attachment style — but it’s up to us to do the work! I hope this episode helps you on your journey towards healthier relationships. “Along that journey, it’s important to start reflecting on, ‘What are some ways I can start to bring healthier behaviors into the picture?’ or at least, ‘How can I communicate the tendencies that push people away or block connection?’” - Silvy Khoucasian “It doesn’t matter who we pair with as long as both people are willing to see their unhealthy behaviors...it takes both people being really honest about those things.” - Silvy Khoucasian “Starting to pay attention to whether our boundaries are serving us or if they’re actually getting in the way of the kinds of relationships we want can be really helpful and can be paired with certain attachment styles really well.” - Silvy Khoucasian “As you do the thing that’s going to help you heal it, it’s going to be uncomfortable.” - Silvy Khoucasian “You have to know yourself, then you have to be able to tell your partner who you are and what you need. We react instead of expressing, ‘Hey, this is what I need.’” - Michelle Chalfant Resources Silvy Khoucasian on Instagram @SilvyKhoucasian Boundaries Offering https://bryanreves.com/boundaries-silvy/ The Adult Chair Workshop - New York https://theadultchair.com/new-york/ The Adult Chair Workshop - Charleston https://theadultchair.com/charleston/ The Adult Chair Membership - Free Month of July! https://theadultchair.com/membership/ Use code FREEMEMBER More Adult Chair The Adult Chair Website https://theadultchair.com The Adult Chair Membership https://theadultchair.com/membership/ The Adult Chair Workshop https://theadultchair.com/events/ The Adult Chair Coaching Certification https://theadultchair.com/certification-program/ Stay Connected Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michelle.chalfant Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MichelleChalfantFanPage/ The Adult Chair Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theadultchair/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Michellechalfant *** EPISODE CREDITS: If you like this podcast and are thinking of creating your own, consider talking to my producer, Danny Ozment. He helps thought leaders, influencers, executives, HR professionals, recruiters, lawyers, realtors, bloggers, coaches, and authors create, launch, and produce podcasts that grow their business and impact the world. Find out more at https://emeraldcitypro.com 


2 Jul 2020

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#50 All About Boundaries & Attachment Styles w/Relationship Coach, Silvy Khoucasian

The MAJic Hour

Our guest, Slivy Khoucasian, is an expert in teaching practical relationship skills and how to build and maintain healthy boundaries. In this episode we touch on the attachment styles we all play out in our relationships, being bound by codependency, and the shame that keeps us from communicating in truth with others. We explore where and how we, often unconsciously, seek validation from our loved ones, and better ways of navigating our patterns to improve our relationships. We’re thrilled to be learning from her today, how to turn conflict into connection, and how to love with integrity.Books: Wired for Love by Stan Tatkin, The Power of Attachment, Attached, Wired for Dating, Where to Draw the Line, Codependent No More MAJic Tricks: 5 things you can say during conflict & how to apologize. Self care thru less phone use.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-majic-hour/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 21mins

28 Oct 2019

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181: Attachment and Relationships with Silvy Khoucasian

The Adult Chair

Today on the show, relationship and attachment expert, Silvy Khoucasian and I have a conversation about attachment in relationships. We talk through all of the attachment styles and how to heal and find secure attachment regardless of your style.  We also talk about the importance of boundaries and how to set them as well as shame and trust in relationships and how to build this.  Regardless of your attachment style, you are going to find value in today's show and walk away with tools you can begin to use right away!  30 Day Journaling Challenge https://theadultchair.com/30days New website! https://theadultchair.com Silvy Khoucasian on Instagram @SilvyKhoucasian Boundaries offering: https://bryanreves.com/boundaries-silvy/ 


24 Oct 2019

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E48 Attachment Styles with Relationship Coach Silvy Khoucasian

The Viall Files

Today we are joined by popular relationship coach Silvy Khocasian who teaches us all about Attachment Styles. We learn about where they originate, Nick reveals his own attachment style, and we talk about how to know whether someone is compatible with you. Are you secure, avoidant, anxious, or fearful? Be sure to subscribe so that you never miss an episode! THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: BEST FIENDS: https://download.bestfiends.comNOOM: https://www.noom.com/viallPROACTIV: https://www.proactiv.com/NICKSHIPSTATION https://www.shipstation.com/welcome-podcast-listener/ CODE: VIALLSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 10mins

2 Oct 2019