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Ep. 74 – The Murder of William Arnold Newton Part IV: Meet Rachel Mason

Christopher & Eric

Christopher and Eric's ongoing discussion of the brutal, 30-year old unsolved homicide of gay adult film actor William "Billy" Newton (aka Billy London) hasn't just drawn the attention of the LAPD homicide detective in charge of the case (see Episode 63), it's also stirred the interest of acclaimed documentarian Rachel Mason. Her beloved film CIRCUS OF BOOKS explored her childhood as the daughter of a seemingly conventional couple who also happened to own and manage one of the most successful adult book stores in West Hollywood and distribute some of the most successful gay adult films of all time. Now, Rachel joins Christopher and Eric to discuss her own exciting plans for looking into the Billy Newton murder and the startling connections to the case she’s discovered through her family’s bookstore. West Hollywood is a very small town. As always, we ask you to send any tips or recollections you might have about the case to williamnewtoninvestigation@gmail.com. Justice for Billy is long overdue.(This episode was recorded remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, which might explain slight variations in sound quality.)

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25 Apr 2021

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Struggling with Infertility, IVF Treatment, Having a Hysterectomy, and Building a Sustainable Business with Rachel Mason

Finding My Fit

Today I am joined by Rachel Mason, founder and CEO of Our Remedy. She shares her incredible story about her struggles with infertility and going through IVF treatment. After successfully conceiving and giving birth to her son, she was told she had an Ovarian cyst that could turn cancerous, and was advised to get a full hysterectomy at aged 30. She also details how her business stemmed from her struggles and how she focuses on sustainability. Find the Our Remedy website here https://ourremedy.co.uk and the Our Remedy instagram @itsourremedy here https://www.instagram.com/itsourremedy/ Connect with me on instagram @athinacrilley or @findingmyfitpodcast https://www.instagram.com/athinacrilley/ https://www.instagram.com/findingmyfitpodcast/ For health and fitness, or eating disorder recovery coaching, please see my website https://finding-my-fit.com for more details. Check out my Etsy shop FindingMyFitStore here, where you can buy my planners, and self-love or gratitude journals https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/FindingMyFitStore To read about my journey and recovery from an eating disorder, Diaries of An Anorexic: A Recovery Journey, click herehttps://amzn.to/2FwshNu


19 Apr 2021

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The Grumpy Dads Podcast Episode 12 - Featuring Rachel Mason

The Grumpy Dads's Podcast

The Grumpy Dads are joined this week by the AMAZING Rachel Mason, award winner, author, mental health advocate, musician, singer and judge on Sky One's Sing Ultimate A'capella!! Join in as they play Icebreaker Antics, discuss music, TV, mental health, postnatal depression, and so much more!!


16 Apr 2021

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Promo: Launching our Autumn Series with Paul Ronalds and Rachel Mason Nunn

Good Will Hunters

Welcome to Good Will Hunters' Autumn Series. The time has come for NGOs to radically transform. Major global shifts are underway. Civic space is shrinking and the fundamental tenets of democracy – open, transparent and accountable governance – are under threat. There is growing political antagonism towards advocacy and activism, and increasing restraints face NGOs that seek to hold governments to account. For NGOs, traditional sources of funding are drying up while demand for their services and stakeholder expectations are growing, driving up costs. Covid-19 has given renewed urgency to the localisation agenda – its no longer a choice, but an operational necessity. New technologies are creating incredible opportunities to increase impact and improve efficiency but also throwing up a raft of new challenges. Our people remain the single most important element of our success but the war for the best talent is heating up. And the workplace of the 21st century is going to look completely different to that of the 20th century. More people are displaced than ever before. Gender, racial and income inequalities are not just a “developing country” problem but are global challenges facing even the wealthiest countries. Poverty is more urban, and concentrated in some of the fastest growing economies on Earth. And the climate crisis requires us to think radically differently about development. So what does all this mean? It means NGOs need to transform - and fast - in order to be relevant, sustainable and impactful. And its never been more important to have a thriving civil society. Covid-19 has taken health systems to the brink, disrupted education, destroyed livelihoods and increased instability. We need robust, creative NGOs ready and able to face these challenges. I’m your host, Paul Ronalds, Group CEO of Save the Children Australia. Along with my co-host Rachel Mason Nunn, we’ll be talking to leading global thinkers on the challenges facing NGOs and what it will take to create the NGO of the future. Join us this Autumn, along with our series partner Alinea-Whitelum, as we confront the existential challenges facing NGOs, and get inspired by the opportunities to transform our organisations to have greater impact than ever before.Stay tuned to Good Will Media social media pages for launch dates.


17 Mar 2021

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101: Rachel Mason

The Successful Women Podcast Show with Gill Donnell

Rachel Mason is the founder and CEO of Our Remedy, an award-winning wellness brand offering sustainably packaged natural remedies for sleep, periods and anxiety. The range is totally vegan and eco-friendly, using soy inks, biodegradable shipping bags and recycled card boxes. Led by a team of women, the brand hopes to provide support and hope for women experiencing debilitating symptoms associated with their menstrual cycle and beyond. Here, Rachel shares the story of the brand's conception and its subsequent success, as well as more of her business and healthy journey. Connect with Rachel : Instagram  LinkedIn Read her advice and check out everything on the website -  ourremedy.co.uk  We would love a review of the show, if you would like to share your thoughts about our interviews on your podcast platform of choice! Check out what Gill is up to on our website gilldonnell.com


19 Feb 2021

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181: Rachel Mason: Circus of Books

Holly Randall Unfiltered

Rachel Mason is the director of Netflix's "Circus of Books" which tells the story of the legendary Los Angeles based gay porn book store and production company - that was run by Rachel's parents. Rachel and Holly reflect on growing up with parents in the business and how their powerful mothers helped pave the way for today's porn industry. Support my show by supporting my sponsors! Manscaped is the revolutionary electric trimmer for man bush. It won't nick or snag your balls, and you can get 20% off plus free shipping by visiting Manscaped.com and using code HOLLY.  I'm thrilled to have my favorite (and longest!) client Twistys sponsoring the show! I've shot some of my best work for this website, so make sure you go and check out all the beautiful girl/girl scenes I've produced for them! Want more from this podcast? Get access to tons of perks by joining my Patreon! We have exclusive bonus content with stars such as Eliza Ibarra, Alex Grey, Scarlett Sage and Molly Stewart, and Holly has her own behind-the-scenes podcast with her hilarious PM Eva, you gotta listen! Also watch the show live and get cool gifts like coffee mugs, stickers, and hoodies. Join our community now at Patreon.com/hollyrandallunfiltered Don't forget you can always email us at hollyrandallunfiltered@gmail.com

1hr 10mins

10 Feb 2021

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HOT GOSS #83: The Inaugural Golden Microphone And A Few Tip Spots (w/ Rachel Mason & Grace Helbig)

Race Chaser with Alaska & Willam

Willam and Alaska chat about Inauguration fashions, welcome guests for a tip spot or two, and look at some glorious dick pics.Featuring filmmaker Rachel Mason (@futureclown) And podcaster and author Grace Helbig (@gracehelbig)Listen to Hot Goss Ad-Free on Forever Dog PlusTHIS EPISODE SPONSORED BY HELIX:*Get up to $200 off your order at HelixSleep.com/drag.Follow us on IG at @racechaserpod and click the link in bio for a list of organizations you can donate to in support of Black Lives MatterRainbow Spotlight: Donald Trump You’re FiredFOLLOW ALASKAhttps://twitter.com/Alaska5000https://www.instagram.com/theonlyalaska5000https://www.facebook.com/AlaskaThunderhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9vnKqhNky1BcWqXbDs0NAQFOLLOW WILLAMhttps://twitter.com/willamhttps://www.instagram.com/willamhttps://www.facebook.com/willamhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrO9hj5VqGJufBlVJy-8D1gHOT GOSS IS A FOREVER DOG PODCASTSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


22 Jan 2021

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Rachel Mason


The guys are back this week with fresh new dos thanks to Dave's backyard pop-up salon plus the gem who brought you the Emmy nominated Circus of Books documentary, Rachel Mason, is here to chat about it all. They discuss how Emmy speeches are working this year, the history of Circus of Books, poppers, Outcry documentary, Escaping NXIVM podcast, cults, Dancing With The Stars contestants, Victorian piano music, finding new music, favorite venues, nostalgia for band drama, comedians on social media, hypothesizing the party scene post COVID, Buck Angel (Rachel's partner), discrimination, and potential new documentaries on the horizon!BE PART OF THE NEW “MEET-CUTE” SEGMENT! Tap out a story or send a short audio recording recounting how you met your partner and we’ll read/play it on the show! Email: Homophiliapod@gmail.comRate, review and subscribe to the show here:https://podcasts.apple.com/bs/podcast/homophilia/id1267538496

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18 Sep 2020

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Circus of Books! Lovecraft County! The RNC! The WOW Report for Radio Andy with Rachel Mason!

WOW Report

Emmy-nominated director Rachel Mason sits down with the WOW Report to chat Russian sci-fi, the Falwells, and much much more!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


28 Aug 2020

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Navigating Music, Motherhood and Mental Health with Rachel Mason

Female Entrepreneur Musician with Bree Noble

Motherhood was something central to my music career. I only started pursuing it after I had a 2-year old. I experienced a lot of what my guest, Rachel Mason, will talk about in regards to balancing a thriving music career and being a mom. I would love you to join our Female Musician Academy. The first step is to join my free masterclass on www.musiciansprofitpath.comRachel Mason is a jill-of-all-trades and has helped many people internationally. She has always loved music and song since she was around 4 years old. She has a condition similar to Tori Amos called synesthesia wherein apart from hearing music, she can see it as colours and taste it too. Music has always been a part of her life. She studied it in school and took up classical music in University during the day and at night, she wrote music in the studio. Recently, she took up Masters in Songwriting. After University, she taught voice to students. Although she loved pop, she took up Classical Music since that was the one available in their schools. She felt her voice did not belong in usual genres so she created her own path where she does belong. One time, she had an admin job that she hated. She contacted all the local schools to see if they needed a music teacher. Eventually she found a school that took her and she was able to quit the job she didn't like. She eventually needed to set up a local group for the school and from there, she and her friends set up Euphoria Show Choir. Since show choirs were not common in the UK during that time, that venture opened a lot of doors for her, which included being invited outside of the country for judging choirs.On top of all that, she also manages independent musicians. She won a competition for self-employed people in the UK as "Freelancer of the Year". It was tough competition but the judges loved that she was so diverse and she's come through really difficult things. She works with independent musicians who do not know how to start and she is like their mom who motivates them and support them in their journey. She manages the artists but it is more of mentorship that she provides. If the publicity side is doing really good and the artist feels ready, that is where she prefers to come into her management. Being a mom of little kids, she is grateful to have a good support network that includes her husband, her parents who live nearby plus her sister and her husband. She can be home with her children during the day and does her teaching in the evening. She avoided going abroad too much since that upsets them. She takes it step-by-step since there is no real blueprint for being a working mom. She loves writing for herself and collaborating with other people. She is aware that there are some things she is good at and there are some that she is not and that other person may complement it. Aside from that, she also records music and she did one with her 3-year old.She is also a patron of a Mental Health foundation. She struggled so much going through motherhood, having post-partum psychosis (also known as postnatal depression). Eventually, she admitted to herself that there was a problem and she sought treatment. It's really good that she got the support and treatment she needed and eventually recovered. She also used songwriting to cope with how she felt whenever she was depressed. That makes her really passionate about her company, Lyrical Light. Everyone is welcome to join the group, not necessarily songwriters or singers only. I previously thought I had to give up being a mom after I had a child. You do not. Rachel agrees that it's a difficult balance but it's rewarding. You can have it all just at different points and times. She has a number of income streams she keeps. Her main one is teaching which she does at home which includes teaching choirs. She's had to do the classes virtually during this time. Aside from that, she writes songs and does commission work for choirs and other outlets. She also writes articles for different magazines and does public speaking. Just like Rachel, I always encourage musicians to have 5 or 6 income streams that you build up so that no matter what is happening in the world, you still have something to tap into. There's a lot of opportunities online now which allows us to participate in events outside of our location and still stay in the safety of your home.You can find Rachel on her website at rachelmasonmusic.com, on her Instagram @rachelmasonmusic, her Facebook Rachel Mason Music and twitter @iamrachelmason.Links mentioned in this episode: www.musiciansprofitpath.com and rachelmasonmusic.com


6 Aug 2020