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Building Your Financial Runway for Self-Employment With Sophia Bera

Women Solopreneur Stories Podcast

Sophia Bera, owner of Gen Y Planning, explains how to build your financial runway to increase your work freedom. Of the many lessons packed into this episode, here's a few to keep an ear out for: How Sophia has designed her work and life based on a vision exercise she did 5 years ago. Why constantly changing your job within the same industry might never solve your dissatisfaction with your work. Why she believes entrepreneurship is the new job security for Millennials. Full show notes at https://lifeskillsthatmatter.com/show099 from Life Skills That Matter Ready to work for yourself? Learn the first 5 actions at http://lifeskillsthatmatter.com/getstarted


16 Aug 2021

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Ep 217: Creating Value For Next-Generation Clients By Focusing On Actions Over Projections with Sophia Bera

Financial Advisor Success

Sophia Bera is a past guest of the podcast, and originally wrote a guest post for Nerd’s Eye View as far back as 2013. If you missed her before, she is the founder of Gen Y Planning, an independent RIA that serves just under 100 young professionals—and that was also one of the first location-independent firms in the financial planning industry. Listen in as we catch up on how Gen Y Planning has shifted over the years, why net worth reporting is not at the heart of Gen Y’s planning process, and why their focus with clients is more on short-term goals versus long-term metrics. Sophia will also share how she created a work-life balance that allows her to spend more time doing what she loves, and how she was able to take four months away from the business on maternity leave without the business skipping a beat. For show notes and more visit: https://www.kitces.com/217

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23 Feb 2021

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IA 012: USA & Giving Yourself Grace with Sophia Bera, CFP®

The Innovating Advice Show

Sophia Bera, CFP®, Founder of Gen Y Planning joins the show for a raw, unedited conversation between friends. We’re discussing health, wellness, anxiety, therapy, the importance of self care and the dangers of social media. This is an episode we all need at different points in our career and life, to know that we’re not alone in our struggles and we need to give ourselves grace. You’ll Learn The great advice Sophia was given when deciding whether to start her own practice or work for someone else. That starting a business can be like a mullet - business in the front and hot mess in the back (no offense to mullets). How to balance self-care with professional success. What masculine versus feminine approaches to business are. Why entrepreneurs need to get their own financial house in order before starting a business. Guest Bio Sophia Bera, CFP® is not your father’s financial planner. After working in traditional financial planning firms since 2007 she quit her job at a NY start-up to launch her own firm, Gen Y Planning. Now, she runs a 6-figure online business from her laptop. Her recent accolades include the “Top 40 Under 40” by Investment News, “10 young Advisors to Watch” by Financial Advisor Magazine, and “10 of the Best Personal Finance Experts on Twitter.” When she’s not working from a coffee shop, you can find her in a yoga class or eating a breakfast taco in Austin, TX. Resources Sophia’s LinkedIn Sophia’s Twitter Gen Y Planning website Gen Y Planning newsletter signup


11 Mar 2020

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Shaking Up the Financial Planning Industry with Sophia Bera

Building It Online Podcast

If you were told by all of your known competitors, that running 'this type of company' virtually is not possible, would you still try? Most would not. And therefore, they've lost from the start. Sophia Bera is different for exactly that. She heard, "That's impossible..." countless times before she changed who she was talking to and set out to prove the world wrong.In this episode, we sit down with Sophia Bera of Gen Y Planning to hear about work-life balance, operating with intent, and how shaking up age-old industry norms is sometimes the best thing you can do with your time! Sophia got started in financial planning with the idea of being able to help young people make smart decisions with their money for their future. But she wasn't excited about working at a traditional brokerage and the old school model of how things were done, so she decided to build her company a bit differently.Today she has more than 100 clients and multiple team members that help her deliver amazing financial support to millennials. Her business is also fully remote so she's been able to grow it from her home base in Austin, TX and while she is traveling abroad.Tune in to hear advice like the following: What to look for in a mentor The right way to fail in businessHow to transition from a solo entrepreneur to leading a team of people that deliver your serviceWhy recurring revenue is your best friend in business and how Sophia created it with packages that are easy to say yes toHow to stop living life for your 2 weeks of paid vacation and create a business that supports the life of your dreamsHere are some of the resources mentioned in the podcast:Sophia's podcast choice: Tropical MBASophia's book choice: The Tribe of MentorsOur goal in this episode is to show you how you can grow a business, hire a team, and travel across the globe all at the same time. Sophia's Contact Info:Gen Y Planning - Website, Facebook, LinkedInHost Contact InfoMajor Impact Media - Facebook, WebsiteOutside ROI - Facebook, Website


7 Oct 2019

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Sophia Bera: Financial Planning for Millennials

The Bold Life Movement with Kimberly Rich

Sophia Bera has been featured on everything from CNBC to Forbes, from New York Times, to Fortune Magazine. She is THE go to financial planner for millennials, and founder of GenYPlanning.com.  I invited Sophia onto today's show to shine light on what so many of us try desperately to keep in the dark; our struggle to be financially savvy. If you're reading this, then you're likely part of Generation Y. Which means, you may be at the point in your life, or in your career, where you're doing big things and starting to reap the rewards. Or maybe you're experiencing some major life shifts (like starting a business, buying a house, or getting married).  But there's slim chance you were taught in school how to be financially proactive in these situations. Since so many people have no clue that they too could benefit from a financial planner, I asked Sophia to come on and school us.  Who doesn't  want to be smarter with their money?  It takes some transparency, and some intentionality to set yourself up for success. And with that financial foundation, you're much more likely to achieve your dreams and find the "freedom" we all crave.  IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN:  The difference between a bookkeeper, an accountant and a financial planner. The biggest mistake Millennials are making with their money. The first thing you should do if you are in debt, to start being more proactive.  Easy wins you can get if you feel “bad with money" The first financial move you should make if you start a new business.  The best tools for managing your money. How to make money tracking easier if you're a business owner.  FOLLOW SOPHIA: GenYPlanning.com | LinkedIn | Facebook 


25 Apr 2017

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Building Your Financial Runway for Self-Employment With Sophia Bera (099)

Life Skills That Matter | Create Work That Works For You

So if you are thinking of working for yourself, how financially prepared are you to make that transition from a steady paycheck to less certain income? Sophia Bera is going to share strategies for building your financial runway to support you through your transition to self-employment. She’s the founder of Gen Y Planning, offering financial planning services tailored to the needs of Millennials. She saw an opportunity to start her own business because she felt the financial industry that employed her, didn’t really get how to communicate to her generation. Of the many lessons packed into this episode, here’s a few to keep an ear out for: How Sophia has designed her work and life based on a vision exercise she did 5 years ago. Why constantly changing your job within the same industry might never solve your dissatisfaction with your work. Why she believes entrepreneurship is the new job security for Millennials. Life Skills That Matter In This Episode Aligning habits with your purpose. Self-awareness Reframing mindset. Embracing discomfort. Locate your financial runway. How Sophia Works and Thinks Wake up time:  7:00-8:00am Superpower:  Builds close connections quickly. Definition of success:  Based off of visioning exercise from 5 years ago.  She wakes up when she wants, has no morning meetings, works from home/anywhere, stays active throughout the day and being social. Regains focus by:  Using a Pomodoro app. Inspirational Quotes “I believe that entrepreneurship is the new job security for my generation.” “I try to focus less on how people are spending their money and more on what they value.” “What we do every day is more important than what we do once in a while.” Coaching Advice Trouble visualize how you want to work? Sophia offers this advice: 1) Draw/write out ideal day and build from there. 2) Figure out the next right step and just start there. Resources + Bonus Materials Starting an RIA Wit Less Than $10K Pomodoro App Connect With Sophia Website LinkedIn Twitter Thanks for listening! Enjoy this episode? Subscribe Review Feedback The post Building Your Financial Runway for Self-Employment With Sophia Bera (099) appeared first on Life Skills That Matter.


13 Apr 2017

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Ep.197 ~ What Should the Younger Generation Do With Their Money? And Media Hacking ~ Sophia Bera

The Business Method Podcast: Interviews from the World’s Top Entrepreneurs & High-Performance Experts 🎧

Subscribe to our podcast on iTuneshttps://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/entrepreneur-house-live-in/id1069958541?mt=2“I think it’s really important to hire a good tax accountant, and I think this is a mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs make.” Sophia BeraOn today’s episode, we are joined by the media hacker and financial planner for Generation-Y and the Millennials, Sophia Bera. Sophia founded Gen-Y Planning to cater to an underserved niche in the financial planning world. After hearing many times from experienced financial planners that it would be a horrible idea to serve this market, Sophia started the business anyway and nailed it!On the show, we get behind the mind of Sophia and where the younger generation should put their money. We also talk about some really great investments for the younger entrepreneurs and digital nomads that are listening. We will address the importance of saving, investing, and setting some financial goals to diversify your income. Sophia also talks a lot about her media coverage. She has been featured on dozens of popular media outlets. She will share some of her hacks to get ‘in’ with the media and exactly how she did it.05:49: Sophia and Chris Discuss ‘Taboo Rules’ Around Money15:23: Gen-Y Planning Business Model18:32: Sophia’s Strategy to Get in the Media25:14: Case Studies for Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads That Want to InvestI’m an entrepreneur with $60,000 in personal income. I spend less than $20,000 in expenses. What should I do with my money?I am a coder that is living paycheck to paycheck and has about $15,000 in gold and silver with $2000 in monthly income. What should I do with my money?I am an entrepreneur that has a software business and making over $100,000 in personal income a year? What should I do with my extra money?36:09: What is Sophia Investing In?Honorable Mentions:HAROhttps://www.helpareporter.com/SEP IRAhttp://www.businessinsider.com/save-for-retirement-if-i-earn-too-much-for-a-roth-ira-2016-6Self-Directed IRAhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-directed_IRAHealth Savings Accounthttp://genyplanning.com/2014/11/19/hsas-for-millennials/Contact Info:http://genyplanning.com http://genyplanning.com/apply https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc2NCbmSGofHzcoAQFHDM5iitwcwVNDgUn4kiq02iXuP-JsoA/viewform https://www.facebook.com/genyplanningTwitter:@sophiaberahttps://twitter.com/@sophiabera


31 Mar 2017

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Ep 012: Delivering Profitable Financial Planning to Millennials For A Monthly Retainer Fee with Sophia Bera

Financial Advisor Success

Today I’m chatting with Sophia Bera, the founder of Gen Y Planning. Sophia was the subject of a post on Nerd’s Eye View back in 2013 when she was starting her firm. Four years on, she’s bringing home more than $100,000 in revenue and serving about 50 clients on a monthly retainer model.   Sophia’s firm is another example of just how powerful a niche can be. Although peers told her that millennials would be a challenging and non-lucrative group to serve, she quickly found that advisors were lacking, not millennial clients. In this episode, Sophia breaks down her fee structure and service model. Sophia’s experience with traditional firms, financial startups, and running her own business make her uniquely suited to consulting clients and other financial planners alike on their various options for financial management.   Get the full show notes and transcript for this episode at: https://www.kitces.com/12 

1hr 28mins

21 Mar 2017

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Values Based Financial Planning – with Sophia Bera

The NextFem Podcast | Real-Talk with Successful Women

In this episode Sophia Bera shares the fascinating differences in the financial planning needs of millennials, her top money lessons for millennial women and what it means to have your spending match your values. Sophia is the founder of the atypical financial firm Gen Y Planning She has been featured in the NY Times, Wall […] The post Values Based Financial Planning – with Sophia Bera appeared first on NextFem.


17 Oct 2016

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061 - Sophia Bera

Bidsy's Small Business Society

Sophia Bera is a top-authority on financial planning for millennials. After working in traditional financial planning firms since 2007, she quit her job to launch her own firm, Gen Y Planning. Now she runs a 6-figure business from her laptop! Sophia has been quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Forbes, and many more. Her goal is to provide affordable and accessible financial planning to clients in their 20's and 30's.

2 Jun 2016