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The OG YouTube Agent - Karin Carr

Content Agent Podcast

Karin has inspired literally hundreds of real estate agents across the country to start their own YouTube channel because she was one of the first! Listen in on Karin's best practices for starting and growing a successful YouTube channel to attract all the clients you will ever need.Karin on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/SixFootRealtorKarin's Group on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/558087544608509***********************Connect with us on Facebook - Tactical Real Estate Agents - This is an open and collaborative network. No sales, recruiting, or listing promotions allowed :P Members of the Industry Syndicate Podcast Network #industrysyndicate *********************** Recommended Products or Services: Fiverr - When you need to outsource help for a specific project, from logo creation to website customization. This is the go-to industry platform to hire freelance services for your business. PicMonkey - When it comes to editing YouTube thumbnails, or creating ANY marketing materials, this is your best tool. It's very affordable as-is, but click HERE for a monthly discount. This is the only photo editing tool I use anymore! Buzzsprout - The only podcast host we recommend. They are great!


22 Sep 2021

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Episode 33 - Karin Carr - Launch Your Farm

Launch Your Farm Podcast

Automate your sales using video!  Episode 33 – Karin Carr http://www.LaunchYourFarm.com/Episode33 Welcome back to our 33rd episode of the Launch Your Farm Show where I interview Karin Carr with Keller Williams in Savannah Georgia. Today, Karin and discuss how she had moved 3000 miles across the country to be closer to family and had restart her business. She had no idea how difficult it would be and then decided to move again and then decided to do it again! Karin realized she needed to do something different since she couldn’t rely on her sphere and past clients, so she decided to go all-in with video marketing. She learned a ton of tricks along the way and she shares many of those in our episode today. In this episode Karin and I talk about: · Why clients call her and are ready to work with her before they’ve even met her all because of her videos. · Karin shares how she failed the first year after she moved and just about quit the business but then she found video! · What you can do to create consistent content that resonates with your audience that they will love! · A SUPER easy way to create videos based on what people are actually searching for! · How agents can use video to build their business to succeed even if you have zero experience in the business or making video! · Plus a ton of other ideas that you can use to grow geographic farm! Connect with Karin on her various channels/groups at: Youtube For Real Estate Agents – www.facebook.com/groups/youtubeforrealestateagents Real Estate Youtube Channel - www.youtube.com/c/KarincarrRealEstate Video Training Channel – www.Youtube.com/KarinCarr YOUR BEST BOOK – Check out Karin’s favorite book at the moment. “The CLICK Technique” by Lindsey Anderson To get a copy you can order it here: Canada – https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07FF51F8Y USA - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FF51F8Y Be sure to like and subscribe as well as check our website and other social channels. Your Friend In Farming, Ryan Smith Launch Your Farm Website - http://www.LaunchYourFarm.com Facebook - http://www.Facebook.com/LaunchYourFarm


21 Jun 2021

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Episode 16 - Karin Carr

New Releases (audio)


19 Jun 2021

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Episode 16 - Karin Carr

New Releases


19 Jun 2021

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291 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Karin Carr

Mail-Right Show | Real Estate Agents | Seller Lead Generation | Real Estate Agent | Real Estate Investors | Online Marketing |

Evergreen vs Viral YouTube Content Strategy For Real Estate Agents Karin Carr has been a REALTOR® since 2005. She heads the Georgia Coast Homes Team with Keller Williams in Savannah, GA.Karin is a sought-after speaker on video marketing. She was named the #1 BombBomb Real Estate Video Influencer in 2019 in the Consumer Education category. Karin has spoken at Inman Connect, KW Family Reunion, the Florida REALTORS® annual convention, and is a frequent Livestream and podcast guest to teach about the effectiveness of video marketing. Karin is the Amazon bestselling author of YouTube for Real Estate Agents - Learn how to get FREE real estate leads and never cold call again. https://karincarr.com/


20 May 2021

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How She Did It: Her First Multi 6-Figure Launch In Just 10 Months with Karin Carr

The Art of Online Business

It’s no secret that online entrepreneurs want to grow their businesses without working harder and longer. I am definitely one of those people, and so is my guest today! I am excited to be joined by Karin Carr in this episode who is one of my Accelerator coaching members.  Karin Carr is a sought-after speaker on video marketing for real estate agents. A 15 year veteran of the real estate industry, she was named Real Estate Video Influencer of the Year in 2019 by Bombbomb. The success of her YouTube channel led her to begin training other agents how to have similar results, and in July of 2018, her coaching program, YouTube for Agents, was born. Karin is the Amazon bestselling author of YouTube for Real Estate Agents - Learn how to get FREE real estate leads and never cold call again. After not being able to step away from her laptop, Karin decided that she wanted to work less and make more money. Now, she has a proficient team and was able to retire her husband because of her continual increase in revenue. We are talking about her business journey, and how she has completely transformed her business since I met her. We’re also breaking down how she uses her team, how she's now working less than she ever has, how she is making more money, how she got over limiting beliefs, and more. On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:  How to leverage and delegate to your virtual assistants The benefit of doing a time audit The best way to add fast action bonuses How to overcome objections Why you need to fully believe in your offer What you can do to improve your show up rate Why you might not feel excited after a big launch The stories and lessons that Karin shares in this episode will teach you the strategies and mindset shifts that you need to have success in your business, so tune in to learn more from her! If you want to have a bigger impact in your business without working harder and longer, apply for my Accelerator Coaching program at www.rickmulready.com/accelerator. Also, if you have had a win as a result of listening to the show, I would love to hear about it to celebrate my 500th episode. Visit rickmulready.com/500 to send me a voice message sharing your breakthrough or win! Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode: https://youtube.com/karincarr https://karincarr.com rickmulready.com/500 rickmulready.com/accelerator Full show notes available at www.rickmulready.com/494See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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12 May 2021

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31: Mastering Organic Growth on YouTube with Karin Carr

Master Your Real Estate Marketing

Have you thought about starting a Youtube channel for your business, but you’re not sure where to start?  Today’s guest, Karin Carr, is here to give us tips, advice, direction and some of her favorite strategies for Youtube. She is providing a little bit of insight on the big picture side of it and then some of the nuts and bolts of what makes a good YouTube channel.  Karin is a sought-after speaker on video marketing. She was named the #1 BombBomb Real Estate Video Influencer in 2019 in the Consumer Education category and speaks all over the country about her love of all things YouTube. Karin is the Amazon bestselling author of YouTube for Real Estate Agents - Learn how to get FREE real estate leads and never cold call again. She’ll be sharing her advice on how to define your area of expertise, how to dominate your market, how to serve through evergreen content and more. If you are interested in improving your Youtube strategy or getting some initial direction on recording videos, be sure to tune in to this episode! Are you ready to become the go-to real estate agent in your city? Ready to generate a steady flow of amazing leads and referrals who only want to work with you --without cold-calling, door-knocking, or buying expensive leads?! If you want to learn more about my step-by-step implementation plan for real estate agents, check out Master Your Marketing with Paige. This is a great way to set yourself up for success moving into 2021!  I would love to connect on Facebook or Instagram! Show notes available at www.paigeschulte.com/podcast/31


10 Feb 2021

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How a Realtor Generates Over 70% of Her Clients From YouTube with Karin Carr

Connection Loop with Ruben Dua

Realtors are always thinking of ways to find new clients. That being said, what if there was a way to find a significant amount of clients from YouTube? In this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb founder Ruben Dua spoke with Karin Carr about finding prospects on one of the world’s most popular websites. Some of the insights and thoughts that you will hear in this episode include the following: There is significant value in experimentation. When a new platform (like YouTube) comes out, it is worth your time to try it out. See how it works and if you can use it in your business. While every experiment may not work out, there may be some home runs that will supercharge your business’s growth. YouTube is an outstanding platform to generate inbound leads. There are plenty of viewers that may be following your work for some time. They may be extremely impressed if you respond to their inbound messages. Your responses may even lead to future sales. There are haters on the Internet. It is inevitable. That being said, the occasional hater is overshadowed by the many people that get real value from your videos. Keep this in mind if you are nervous about recording videos and distributing them to your audience. Think about finding a video accountability partner. He or she can hold your feet to the fire and make sure that you are consistently creating videos. This is especially helpful when you are first starting out. When creating your videos on YouTube, make sure that you are leveraging keyword research. Any keyword research tool will work. By being strategic about the keywords that you choose, you’ll be more likely to bolster your videos’ SEO. Real estate agents will certainly get a lot from this episode. But even if you aren’t a real estate agent, Karin has some fabulous insights that can help you get the most out of YouTube marketing. Karin Carr has been a realtor for 15 years. She started making YouTube videos several years ago as a branding exercise. She has grown her YouTube presence to create a successful real estate practice. Now, Karin helps other real estate agents attract a steady stream of new clients through the power of YouTube. Want to learn more from Karin about how realtors can generate a significant number of clients from YouTube? The story continues at dubb.com. Learn more about Dubb at https://dubb.it/up5c --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/connection-loop-dubb/message


3 Nov 2020

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Using YouTube to Grow Your Real Estate Leads, w/ Karin Carr | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E57

Bulletproof Cashflow: Multifamily & Apartment Investing for Financial Freedom

Karin Carr is the founder of Youtube for Agents, the real estate industry's premier training program that focuses specifically on using YouTube as a lead gen strategy. She was voted one of BombBomb’s Real Estate Video Influencers for 2018 and has been a frequent guest speaker at events such as Inman Connect as well as numerous webcasts where she shares her love of all things YouTube. Through her coaching programs, she helps real estate brokers explore ways to reach their ideal clients and gain more market share without dumping money on buying leads or running expensive ads. She is also the best selling author of "YouTube for Real Estate Agents" where she helps people get real estate leads and never cold call again. In this episode, Karin will be explaining how to use Youtube to grow your real estate leads.


16 Sep 2020

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25. Getting your Youtube channel started: Interview with Karin Carr

Ingari Video Confidence

3 Years ago Karin was just starting over with her business in a new state and decided she would give Youtube a try as a way to generate leads. Today she runs a hugely successful real estate business, has a coaching program that has trained hundreds of people, and has spoken on many national stages. In this interview you'll learn about her 7 step process for getting your Youtube channel started including using keyword research tools to plan your videos, setting up channel art, and the time management needed to stay consistent. You'll also get to hear a few things Karin has learned about adjusting your mindset and working through your discomfort on camera.


25 Jul 2020