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Hedonic Treadmill with Andy Junk

Talking Shop w/ James Dugan & Rob Grabowski

This week, James and Rob are joined by their first (and maybe only) repeat guest: ANDY JUNK! They talk with Andy about moving to New York, personal trust, restarting, hobbie vs career, and inside out boy. Follow Andy on instagram @ therealandyjunk and if you're in NYC check out the Brooklyn Comedy Collective Here's the episode of the HIDDEN BRAIN Andy was talking about. Like what we do? Support our PATREON As always, please rate, review, and subscribe. 

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8 Feb 2022

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Glad-handing with Andy Junk

Talking Shop w/ James Dugan & Rob Grabowski

On this week's episode, James and Rob sit down with Andy Junk. Though they are not drunk on a trunk, they do talk about marketing yourself, jealousy, Improvised Shakespeare, Harold teams, cockney slang, and the excursion into the intuitive.  See Andy live on stage with The Improvised Shakespeare Company every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at iO Chicago. And follow him on twitter @ TheRealAndyJunk As always, please rate, review, and subscribe!

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18 Jun 2019

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172: Alex Trepka and Andy Junk


ALEX TREPKA and ANDY JUNK share a few words of wisdom and many words of nonsense on PopFury! They talk about furniture shopping, winning back the heart of your amnesiac lover, the bucket lists of their 10-year-old selves and Alex's cinematic triumph, "AKA Bad Boy 2" SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:15 Andy and his wife just went furniture shopping. He enjoys home improvement projects on their new home even though he has no idea what he is doing. Andy doesn’t have a junk room for all the instruments he doesn’t know how to play. 13:10 A woman suffered from amnesia and forgot her boyfriend. Sammy wants to know how Andy would woo Jenn back if that happened to him. 20:35 They wonder what they would tell their younger selves if they could send advice back in time. 26:55 A 10-year old girl’s bucket list has gone viral. Andy and Alex share what their 10-year-old bucket lists would have been. Andy had a very specific fantasy as a child. 38:30 Alex met his current girlfriend through Bumble. Sammy asks if he has a playbook of dating techniques. Alex offers drink ordering advice. 46:45 Alex is a doing the February money challenge...which Andy and Sammy immediately shit on. Andy and Alex try to sell Sammy on a vacation in Canada. 50:30 Drunk men drove an ATV pulling a couch through a drive through. Alex recalls the Jack Ass-inspired bush diving shenanigans of his own youth. Andy is too excited about Alex’s homemade high school film “AKA Bad Boy 2” 58:50 Outro Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode of the PopFury Podcast, please subscribe and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher! You can also listen to PopFury on Google Play Music! If you have any questions or comments, you reach me at Sammy@PopFuryPodcast.com!

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13 Feb 2017

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162: Diane Teng and Andy Junk


DIANE TENG and ANDY JUNK are totally adults now and you can hear them talk like mature adults about very adult things like buying lipstick, buying a house, traveling to Myanmar, teddy bears and allergies! SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:05 Diane needs advice on how to buy lipstick and explains make-up costs to the fellas.  “You know who taught me how to put eyeliner on? My high school theater director…” 7:10 Andy has bought a house. His mommy helped him with how to do it. 12:50 Diane Teng Chronicles (continued): now lives with her boyfriend in a studio apartment. Andy got cleaner once he moved in with his lady. 20:15 She spent two weeks in Myanmar with her family. She pooped in a hole, slept with 10 people in a hotel room and saw a “famous” boulder. There were also places where ladies were not permitted. It was great! 29:45 A blind horse has a seeing-eye camel. Andy and Diane wonder which animal they would be. “If my mom listens to this, I hope that I’ve already told her this because I don’t want her to find out this way…” 32:25 A boy had teddy bears made from his deceased father’s uniform. Andy shares a horrible secret about a Build A Bear. Sammy and Diane decide Andy is lactose intolerant. 37:45 Diane is allergic to everything. 42:40 Sammy wonders when Andy finally felt like an adult. “Why can’t we ever end on a high point for me?” 46:20 Outro Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode of the PopFury Podcast, please subscribe and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher! You can also listen to PopFury on Google Play Music!


12 Dec 2016

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131: Alan Callaghan and Andy Junk


ALAN CALLAGHAN and ANDY JUNK stamp their PopFury passports! They talk about their recent travels, planning Andy's bachelor party, learning how to argue with significant others, the Freddy Got Fingered VHS arrest and Microsoft's now-racist chatbot, Tay! SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:05 Alan recently visited Europe where he apparently went on a crime spree. Andy just went to Cancun as an adult. 13:55 Andy is getting married in August and is designing the wedding invitation. Alan lobbies to be the best man.“I want to live as if i were a 13-year-old boy who has enough money to live exactly how a 13-year-old boy wants to without parental supervision.”18:45 A bicyclist used tea candles for light on his bike. Andy describes 2Toots Train Whistle Grill, which sounds like hell on Earth to Sammy. 21:00 A drunk Florida couple fought each other using Taco Bell food. Andy and Alan select their food weapons of choice. 24:00 Andy gets into the nature of arguing in relationships and learning how to fight with his fiance, Jenn. 30:30 Alan once gutted out three dates with someone he didn’t have chemistry with. Sammy wonders what Andy and Alan define “chemistry” as. 35:00  A man was arrested for not returning the VHS tape of Freddy Got Fingered. Andy was the guy from the video store who called you about owing money.“I think there are no bounds to the perversion of Man.”39:15 A woman claimed a man was hiding under her truck at a Walmart. The urban legend of Chicago’s Homey the Clown comes up as does the Target “Poop Perv” 44:45 Tay, Microsoft’s twitter chatbot that learns from users on the internet, turned into a racist troll. 47:15 Outro Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode of the PopFury Podcast, please subscribe and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher!


25 Mar 2016

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109: Amber Robinson and Andy Junk


AMBER ROBINSON and ANDY JUNK inaugurate PopFury's new penthouse digs, Studio 4W! They talk Star Wars, Sixteen Candles, the worst college play ever, Jessica Jones, Andy's marriage proposal, Russian WiFi and Star Trek. SHOW NOTES 0:00 INTRO 0:50 Amber is playing Maid Marian.....'s elderly father. 3:00 Andy is not so crazy about Star Wars. Amber breaks down everything wrong with John Hughes' Sixteen Candles.“It's my social responsibility as an American to see Star Wars.”10:05 Amber and Andy were in an atrocious 4-hour artistic disaster of a college play with a crazy German director, black face, nudity, a mid-show talkback and actual homeless families. Enjoy the trailer for “Into An Unlulled Sleep”. 26:00 SLIGHT SPOILER WARNING JESSICA JONES We broadly discuss Netflix's second Marvel offering, Jessica Jones. 30:05 We discuss manipulative significant others and being the jerk in the relationship. Andy tests Amber's sitcom knowledge.“No matter how unromantic your proposal is, people will think it's very sweet.”35:15 Andy shares the story of his marriage proposal. 40:10 A Texas Grandmother beat her daughter in the Beer Mile World Championships.“We have a theory that Amber's never been drunk because she thinks she's drunk..."42:30 Amber forces Andy to watch Russian theater on YouTube. She Ambersplains the origins of the Soviet Union's arts scene and shares her experiences as student there. 49:20 Russia will be adding public WiFi to cemeteries 53:15 Listen to the fantastic Remake and Rabbit Hole podcasts! 54:25 Amber and Andy share their feelings on the new Star Trek trailer and explain why Star Trek: Deep Space 9 would not work on the big screen."Not getting angry is not the same as Happy-Go-Lucky..."59:55 We analyze Hipster Santa Claus and determine what it would take for Amber to assault on an inflatable St Nick. 1:07:30 Outro Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode of the PopFury Podcast, please subscribe and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher!

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17 Dec 2015

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Episode 81: Andy Junk and Diane Teng


Lockpicker Andy Junk & gymnast Diane Teng team up and break into the PopFury Podcast to talk overly dramatic athletes, dating a clown, stabbing each other, financial advice, Seinfeld, and Andy's frivolous purchases.  (Special appearances by the Blue Angels from the Chicago Air & Water Show) SHOW NOTES: 0:00 Intro 1:05 Sammy marvels at the fitness of his guests. Diane is training for a triathlon; Andy biked 500 miles."You know what? Athletes are sooooo weird. They're kinda babies." -Diane4:10 Andy thinks Diane is a dreamer. Diane thinks athletes are overly dramatic. 13:00 We make Diane talk about doing gymnastics as a kid. We then make her talk about the clown she met online. 23:30 A Russian body builder declared his abs stab-proof and made his party guest stab him. Diane would totally stab Andy."I like to talk out loud...WAIT! Think out loud!" -Diane27:10 Andy is Diane's financial advisor. We learn that Diane eats A LOT."I have no problem with the amount that she's eating. I have a problem with the amount she's spending." -Andy33:35 A man dressed as a bear and then harassed bears eating fish at a river. Andy has punched a bird off his head; Diane has been bitten by every animal ever. 39:00 Diane has never seen any of the Star Wars movies. Both Andy and Diane have exercise tricks and mantras to get them through the worst of it."I get sweet sweet satisfaction when I pass someone on a nicer bike than me." -Diane46:30 Diane just binge watched Seinfeld and we discuss our favorite characters and episodes. 52:50 Sammy asks the duo how much money it would take to be happy. Andy discloses his frivolous purchases."Actually, the detachable bidet I did buy in a fervor---I actually got next day shipping. I needed it. I needed it!" -Andy59:40 Andy talks about marriage. Sammy forces Diane to talk about marriage. 1:03:40 Outro, during which Andy savages my intro voice over.

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17 Aug 2015

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Batman with Andy Junk!

The Nerdologues Present: Talking Games

When it comes to superheroes, Batman is pretty much the coolest... but his games haven't always lived up to the character. Today, Kellen, Clayton, and guest Andy Junk sit down to chat about the many video game permutations of the Caped Crusader, along with some comics and movies! Special attention is paid to the Arkham games, of course, but we're going all the way back to the NES for this one. Also, amazingly, three knowledgeable people more or less agree that Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns is vastly overrated (which it is!). This episode is sponsored by Iron Galaxy Studios. Thanks Iron Galaxy, and thanks Chicago Podcast Coop!


14 Jul 2015

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Episode 54: Jenn Gibbons and Andy Junk


Adorkable couple Jenn Gibbons and Andy Junk crowd into Studio 1Q to talk about their California bike trip (and possible ghost sighting), Round 1 of their relationship, watching X-Files together and their competitive Dr Mario play. The PopFury Podcast has moved! Please visit us on our new website at PopFuryPodcast.com! SHOW NOTES: 0:00 Intro 2:00 Jenn & Andy recount their their 600-mile, 2-week bike trip in California. Sammy suspects they met a ghost. 16:00 Jenn is currently hungover. Jenn and Andy recount how they first started dating. Somehow Shawn Bowers gets named dropped constantly. 23:00 They try to watch X-Files together but Andy falls asleep constantly. They also watch Friday Night Lights, Peaky Blinders and Top the Lake together. Jenn declares David Duchovny a sex addict and what do you do as a sex addict. 34:15 They play Dr Mario competitively against each other. Dr Mario addiction runs in Andy's family. Andy shares his lyrics for Dr Mario. 38:40 They have a dog together and struggle to communicate its size to Sammy. 42:00 The Mad Men finale airs before the podcast goes live. Sammy asks for Andy's pre-emptive guess on how it is received. 43:45 CSI is ending after 15 seasons. Jenn goes down the rabbit hole of her Grey's Anatomy love. We poorly recall Irene's slap from Real World. 50:00 Taco Bell is opening a location in Wicker Park that will sell alcoholic drinks. Massachusetts Police issues a warning not to chase bears with a hatchet. We realized we don't know bear protocol. 55:30 A man got upset when a fast food restaurant didn't have Mac & Cheese or potatoes. 56:40 We run down the box office results for the weekend. 1:01:20 Outro

1hr 3mins

17 May 2015

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Episode 60 - MBSing with Andy Junk - Batman

The Nerdologues Present: MBSing

Andy Junk may have mad love for the Caped Crusader, but he is far from a Dark Knight. Brimming with kindness and enthusiasm, Andy covered all eras and all mediums of Batman fandom (comics, films, live action and animated TV series, video games, collectables... the works). There were no stones left unturned in this delightful romp through the bat cave. After rapidly consuming most of MBSing in a few weeks, Andy has become a super fan, so it's easy to see how he was able to become a buff on all things Batman after plowing through all the comics he could find in the library in high school. If you're ever looking for a gift for the guy or a topic of conversation, anything Batman-related is more than welcome. Andy deserves only gifts and joyous conversations as he flies through life staying true to his core values just like the Batman himself.PS I SAY BAGHEAD INSTEAD OF TOWELHEAD AS A NAME OF AN AARON ECKHARDT MOVIE AND I'M SORRY I FELT TOO MUCH PRESSURE AND I CHOKED I LOVE YOU AARON.Notes:Drunk in a Trunk with Andy JunkTJ Miller on working with Michael BayThe Mark of Zorro IS the film young Bruce Wayne saw with his parents before their murdersEvery page of the Chris Ware book Andy loaned me on one wallMore info on The Seduction of the InnocentThe evolution of the Bat symbol in the comics and films

1hr 32mins

30 Jul 2014