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go92 - Pete Rowed

self torque

Aren’t vehicles basically time traveling devices? Like, by getting from A to B in some fraction of the time it should have taken you with legs - potentially with a tonne of cargo - you are effectively gifting yourself with hours, days or even YEARS that you weren’t biologically intended to have at your disposal? To then do whatever it is you now want to do instead?Anyway look that’s only the first minute or so of this podcast. My friend Pete legit makes me feel like my brain is a honda civic next to his porsche 911. The way this man’s energy rumbles is always such a treat to behold so hopefully you enjoy this chat in the park that we had the other day.PS. Pete also makes one of the most functionally perfect products I’ve ever used - @repe for easy separation and carriage of waste in the wilderness. My cleanups don’t happen without them!D.E.A.D.S.E.T.L.E.G.E.N.D.https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/RePeteGoods www.luckyroland.com.au www.emuparade.org

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1 Nov 2019

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VIEWS 13 - Pete Rowed [29.7.18]

self torque

My mate Pete’s level of environmental mindfulness is insanely inspiring to be around. Where I sometimes feel drained at the energy required to consider the environment in the everyday, that is the only level Pete is capable of operating on, and he does so effortlessly and happily. It is very motivating energy to experience. Like how many other people do you know have homemade a bicycle-powered washing machine? Exactly!Pete was among the first - and perhaps the only - person to call out Patagonia for pursuing a food line sold in single-serving, single-use plastic packaging. I tend to agree with his ongoing dismay at the hypocrisy present in this situation, and was similarly gobsmacked by how feeble their response to his criticism was.Having been swiftly encouraged off public social media platforms to a private email thread, Pete eventually ran up against a brick wall. Most alarming was the response to his request of more scientific information confirming that the use of non-recyclable packaging is an environmentally-sound decision.An outdated and wholly invalid study was the only evidence offered by Patagonia as ‘rigorous research’, and an apparently compelling justification for using single-use plastic pouches instead of recyclable alternatives.All in all it’s a disappointing experience, and in my opinion a missed opportunity for Patagonia to have made a real difference in the food industry (assuming that really is their genuine objective). Hopefully its not too late!www.everydaygreen.org

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1 Aug 2018

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VIEWS #7 - Pete Rowed [18.5.18]

self torque

I had a very pleasant chinwag with my mate Pete down south the other day between surfs in glorious 6 ft / 20 sec swell. A day for the books!Pete is a bloody lovely chap, with a large brain in a melon screwed v tightly to his shoulders. I have great respect for his no-bullshit, pragmatist attitude towards climate change and general thirst for positivity in life, so it was a fun yarn.www.everydaygreen.org


20 May 2018