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Your Faith Journey with Ranette Holmseth, #44

Follower of One : Missions For The Rest Of Us

Your Faith Journey with Ranette Holmseth, #44 In this week's episode of the Follower of One Podcast, Mike talks with Ranette Holmseth. Ranette is the President of Your Faith Journey where she helps connect women to a community of kingdom women leaders that provide resources for them to grow in their faith to live in freedom from what is holding them back to live fully. Please welcome Ranette to the Follower of One community! Episode Breakdown 1:00 - Meet Ranette Holmseth 1:20 - Your Faith Journey 2:20 - Ranette's Life-Changing Story 6:20 - Faith University 7:45 - Ranette's Faith Story 10:10 - Stories in the Faith Journey with Ranette 13:25 - Vision for Your Faith Journey 14:25 - Ranette's Experience with Faith at Work 18:10 - Connect with Ranette What is Stopping You? One of the most difficult challenges we face as Christians is being able to explain, with effective words, our faith story, and why it is important. The reason this seems to be a big obstacle is that sometimes, we are not sure what is stopping us from sharing our story in the first place. So we want to ask you, What is stopping you? Ranette shares some experiences she has from her work with Your Faith Journey and some common themes are clear. Is it knowing the Bible verses? Knowing the teachings within the Bible? Do you know what it means for others when you tell your story? The most important thing to focus on is understanding what it means for YOU first. You are the expert of your own life and no-one can tell you differently. Tell us your thoughts in the comments! What are some things holding you back at the moment? Small Steps We have covered action items for faith at work in our interviews and more importantly, an in-depth version in our Marketplace Mission Trip. But how do we start the process? What if what I want to do is too big to take on? It all starts with small steps. You can't solve all the problems in your world but you can make a difference. You can pray, live your faith daily, express intent, and make an impact but first, you have to understand your goal and circumstances. Mike speaks on this with Ranette and it is important to note this: If you focus on the things you can't do, you become paralyzed. Focus on the things you can do, and one hundred percent of that time, they all start with small steps. It is just like building a business or a network of contacts, take it one step at a time! Connect with Ranette Ranette's Linkedin Your Faith Journey Connect With Follower Of One Join us over in our Online Community, get social with us; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Listen to our podcast on your way to work and subscribe using your favorite podcast app. Be a part of our next Marketplace Mission Trip


15 Aug 2020

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Icebreaker Series: Ep 4 // Ranette Holmseth

Connecting Our Stories

Today we talk with Ranette Holmseth, Founder and Executive Director of Your Faith Journey. We talked about the difference between pride and confidence in the way we carry ourselves and tell our stories. It's a sweet and genuine conversation about how each of us have influence right where we are and how leaning into that in so important.Here's how to get connected with Ranette and the Your Faith Journey community.Instagram: yfjourneyFacebook: Your Faith Journey & Your Faith Journey Friends groupWebsite: yourfaithjourney.orgEmail Ranette at ranette@yourfaithjourney.orgSubscribe to support the creation of this content: patreon.com/connectingourstoriesGet access to our online curriculum, Root Causes of Human Trafficking & Sexual Violence here: storiesfoundation.thinkific.com/courses/root-causes


11 Jul 2020

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