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#031 - How to Communicate Trust Without Saying a Word with Pamela Barnum

The Workplace Communication Podcast

Imagine being a young female in your 20s and being assigned to work as an undercover police officer in the drug unit. Now imagine how quickly you’d need to build trust so you could fit in seamlessly in the criminal underworld – or have your life depend on it. This is exactly how Pamela Barnum became such an expert in body language and trust. On this episode of The Workplace Communication Podcast, Pamela shares her top tips on how to communicate trust without saying a word. Leadership tips you won’t want to miss: How Pamela managed to build trust in a world where no one trusts anybody The role of confidence and self-trust in building trust with others Body language habits that lead people to not trust you Tips to create more trust in a virtual world Pamela Barnum is a former undercover police officer and federal attorney. While working in the justice system, she learned real-world techniques for building trust, detecting deception and interpreting body language. Her TEDx Talk has been viewed almost half a million times and she has spoken to audiences from 50 to 12,000 throughout North America and Australia. Pamela has been a featured expert and contributor on trust and body language in print media, radio, and television in the United States and Canada. If you’re looking for strategies to help build trust, then this episode is for you! If you’ve enjoyed this episode, please be sure to subscribe and leave a review.  Links to look at: Pamela’s contact information: Website: https://pamelabarnum.com/ Lindsay’s contact information: To book a discovery call: https://calendly.com/lindsaylapaquette/discovery-call E-mail: lindsay@collaborative-solutions.ca Website: https://lindsaylapaquette.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindsaylapaquette/ Previous podcast episodes:  https://lindsaylapaquette.com/podcast


18 Jan 2021

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#22 The Art of Building Trust! w/ Pamela Barnum ; The Successful Solopreneurs Podcast

The Successful Solopreneurs Podcast! Hindsight's 20/20

Drug deals, psychology, undercover police, rottweilers and trust-building, this episode really does tick all the boxes! The former police officer and now body language expert, Pamela Barnum, gives us the down-low on what life as an undercover police officer was like and how she reads body language to foresee how the situation is going to play out.  She also gives us advice on building the trust of your clients and how you can see the emotional state they could be in during a conversation. You can expect to hear about how to build confidence in business and tips on earning the trust of your clients. Pamela married her colleague Kevin who she met through an undercover job they did where they posed as a married couple. A real-life Mr. & Mrs. Smith story! You can find Pamela on the following platforms website here  Facebook here Instagram here Amy Cuddy’s TED talk I love meeting my listeners and connecting with our community, join us here. I am here to help your business with practical knowledge and experience. Book a complimentary call here and see how I can help you. Sue Styles C.E.O [Chief Encouragement Officer] of The Successful Solopreneurs School of Business.


12 Jan 2021

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What is your Body Language saying? With Pamela Barnum

Aligned Agent Podcast

What is your Body Language saying?Communication is 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal.In today's episode, Michelle interviews special guest Pamela Barnum, a Trust Strategist, and Non-Verbal Communication Expert.Pamela wasn't always gracing big stages like TEDx.  She spent years as an undercover officer in the Drug Enforcement sector.Imagine living as a different person, with a different identity and working with some of the most dangerous individuals?!  The ability to build trust is what kept Pamela safe and successful in her work.Today Pamela shares her insights and tips for how to build trust through body language so that you can leverage these skills in your business.  


28 Sep 2020

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Building Trust and Empathy to Enhance Relationships with Pamela Barnum

Start With A Win

In this episode of Start With A Win, Pamela Barnum joins us. She is an expert on body language, trust, deception, and human nature. Pamela delivered a TEDx Talk on what she learned from drug dealers about trust during her time as an undercover law enforcement officer.Pamela shares with Win Nation that we all make initial judgments about people within the first few milliseconds of meeting them for the first time, whether we realize it or not. Our brains read body language and determine if we can trust people or if we have some hesitations. This trust is an essential requirement for business and personal relationships, which can largely predict the outcome of our relationships, positively or negatively.  Today’s work environment primarily consists of video meetings rather than seeing one another in person. Be mindful as there are many aspects to consider as you speak with others via video. Continue to build rapport with your team and trust with others you interact with through video. People are looking for authenticity above all else in these times. While you need to be conscious of your background so it isn’t distracting, it is helpful for people to see your surroundings to gain a better understanding of who you are. Ensure to have your camera at eye level and dress as you would for an in-person meeting, so it feels more like a face-to-face conversation.Empathy should be one of your main goals in all interactions. Take a step back and truly try to understand the other person. Empathy is the gateway to other positive outcomes, such as collaboration, transparency, openness, and creativity. Ask clarifying questions when you don’t understand or to confirm you are comprehending what the other person is saying. When possible, remove any physical barriers between you and the person you are meeting with as well.  Overall, Pamela encourages listeners to be conscious of the subtleties you are projecting to those around you and do your best to communicate with authenticity.Connect with Pamela:https://pamelabarnum.com/“What Drug Dealers Taught Me About Trust”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2L4eU4iVmcConnect with Adam:https://www.startwithawin.com/ https://www.facebook.com/REMAXAdamContoshttps://twitter.com/REMAXAdamContos https://www.instagram.com/REMAXadamcontos/ Leave us a voicemail:888-581-4430


1 Jul 2020

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Body Language and Negotiation with Pamela Barnum

In Your AREA Podcast

This episode of In Your AREA features a conversation between Janet Kuehn, Associate Broker at RE/MAX Advantage Whitecourt and Pamela Barnum, Trust Strategist and Body Language Expert as they explore the importance of body language and communication in a real estate negotiation. Pamela chats about her past experience as an undercover police officer and prosecutor and how these two roles allowed her to perfect the art of interpreting body language and intention. We hope you enjoy!


20 Apr 2020

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Pamela Barnum: What We Can Learn About Deception from an Undercover Drug Enforcement Officer

The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

Pamela Barnum is a former undercover drug enforcement officer, body language expert and TEDx speaker. Pamela has experienced living as an entirely different person, with a different name, in a different town, integrating with drug dealers and learning about their lives. Get an inside look into the world of undercover drug enforcement and find out what she learned from these experiences about trust and deception.Visit Pamela's website at www.PamelaBarnum.comBlinkistWith Blinkist, you get unlimited access to read or listen to a massive library of condensed non-fiction books. All the books you want and all for one low price. Right now, for a limited time, Blinkist has a special offer just for our audience. Go to Blinkist.com/creative and try it free for 7 days.Listener TribeWe have our own private social network for listeners of the Unmistakable Creative podcast. You can meet other listeners, discuss episodes, and we even have the opportunity to run live Q&A’s. Just visit unmistakablecreative.com/tribe to sign up.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


19 Feb 2020

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#9 – Pamela Barnum

Happy Living Presents: Something Significant

Eighteen months later, Pamela left her successful, twenty-year career in law enforcement to build her own business and create the life of her dreams.

5 Feb 2018