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Ep. 33 Evan Herrman - How to Embrace Adversity & Create Momentum with Grace

In The Growth Space

We are joined today by the host of The Whole Person Podcast, Evan Herrman. In this episode, Evan shared his series of unfortunate events last 2019 that led him to exponentially grow in all areas of his life despite the global pandemic  - Faith, Family, Finances, Friendship, Fitness and Fun. He also touched on the early struggles he faced during childhood years with his learning disability that forged his resilience and faith later on in his life.  Check out https://www.davidmcglennen.com/ for links, transcript and more details.


3 May 2021

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Podcast 843: The Whole Person Podcast with Evan Herrman

Inside Personal Growth with Greg Voisen

In my recent podcast interview, minister, realtor and podcast host, Evan Herrman and I explore the different aspects of life and how to recover from anxiety and fear through confidence and courage. His stories and real life examples in different situations are very revealing and informative.If you want to learn more about Evan Herrman and hear his thoughts and advice for being your whole person in different areas of life, please click here to join him on his podcast show “The Whole Person Podcast.”


31 Mar 2021

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Breaking the Victim Mentality and Taking Charge of Your Life with Evan Herrman

Unstoppable with Ralph Graves Jr. Show | Conversations with Unstoppable Leaders

Today we talk with Evan Herrman, realtor, minister and podcast host, about building yourself and career into a life you want to live. Evan shares with us about working 21 different jobs after post-grad and working through it as a newlywed. To hear more about Evan’s story, click here: http://thewholepersonpodcast.com/


2 Mar 2021

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The Keys to a Great 2021 with Evan Herrman

Get Your FILL, Financial Independence and Long Life

Entrepreneur and host of the Whole Person Podcast, Evan Herrman, shares his journey from "wantrepreneur" to entrepreneur and his rituals for end-of-year and start-of-year. He explains how he got out of debt and why 2020 was the best year of his life.  About Evan's Podcast: The Whole Person Podcast is about an entrepreneur's journey of becoming a whole person and living a life of significance in the areas of life that matter most. Faith-Family-Finances-Friendship-Fitness-Fun. My entire life, I have wanted to be a high performing person with the success and accolades that go with it. While I was on this idealistic pursuit, I found out that not only was it harder than I realized but because my life did not look like what I had pictured In my head, I resented what I had as if it was not enough. I felt like a failure in every area of my life. All I could see where my shortcomings instead of the areas that I did have success. I realized I needed to change and that I need help both mentally and emotionally. I wanted to heal in my image and self-worth. So I began this journey of finding out what it means to live life as a whole person. I am on this journey of learning what real-life success looks like and loving myself through the process of change and becoming more grateful for what I already have as I live a life of significance in the areas that matter most. Visit Feedspot where this podcast was chosen as #27 on their list of the top 70 Early Retirement and Financial Independence podcasts, Yay!


1 Feb 2021

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You are your own brand with Lisa Mustard

The Whole Person Podcast with Evan Herrman

In this amazing episode, I am talking to Lisa who is an expert at building your own brand. Your brand is you and effects the way people see you in the world. Lisa is also a fitness nut and a licensed psychologist.  Let's get real about your self and your brand.


18 May 2020

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American Idol Contestant with Geena Fotanella

The Whole Person Podcast with Evan Herrman

In this episode, I got to talk with one of my best friend's cousins about her experience on American Idol.  She is talented in every way. She will talk about her music path and how she is making that a career and lessons she has learned along the way about pursuing one's dreams.  She will even sing us a few songs.  #bringgeenaback


14 Apr 2020

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Raise your game with Alan Stein Jr.

The Whole Person Podcast with Evan Herrman

Alan was a basketball coach to many young players over the years who have gone on to be some of the biggest names in the NBA. Alan in his new book talks about raising your game to the next level.  We discuss his book on this episode about how we can apply its principles to where we are at in our own field.www.thewholepersonpodcast.com


9 Mar 2020

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Free To Focus with Michael Hyatt

The Whole Person Podcast with Evan Herrman

In this episode, Michael Hyatt and I talk about his book Free To Focus. You will hear from one of the tops leaders in the world when it comes to productivity and personal growth. www.thewholepersonpodcast.com


16 Dec 2019

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Ep. 191 - In Pursuit of Wholeness - with Evan Herrman

The Impact Entrepreneur

Evan Herrman recently interviewed me on his show The Whole Person Podcast and we had such a great conversation I wanted to share it here. Evan and I got to know each other when he reached out to me after hearing me talk on someone else’s podcast. He wanted some financial advice, but also just to connect and make friends — and I’m so happy that he did. It’s truly amazing how podcasts can help people tap into new relationships and powerful communities.When Evan was seven years old, he wanted to be a pastor. He went to college, graduated with a degree in theology, got married the next week, and was then unemployed for nine months. So he became a real estate agent, and that felt very much like a second choice for him until he realized that fulfillment isn’t about your job. It’s about the person that you’re being. He started his podcast out of a desire to learn and grow, and he has been thrilled with the guests he’s been able to interview so far, including David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, and leadership mentor Michael Hyatt.Before he started podcasting, one of the stories he was telling himself was that he didn’t have anything value-wise to give to people because he was hurt and broken. He had this idea that he needed to come from a place of almost perfection to speak to people and give them advice to grow and develop.Then he thought, what if I don't come at my life from the perspective of having it together, but instead from the perspective of being a broken individual who's in the pursuit of wholeness? This new story enabled him to get the podcast started, but also to see himself with more love. In this conversation, we talk about the six bridges that are fundamental to self-worth and fulfillment - faith, family, finances, friendship, fitness, and fun. We also discuss how traditional measures of status and achievement can be taken away in the blink of an eye and how important it is to be vulnerable, humble, and open to the plan that God has for us. As Evan shares about his experience, “As soon as I abandoned my thoughts of what I was supposed to be, God naturally brought things together into something that I wasn't expecting.”Don’t be a podcast junkie…Resources:The Whole Person PodcastGet your copy of Master the Key: A Story to Free Your Potential, Find Meaning and Live Life on Purpose--We are brought to you by the Lawton Marketing Group, a full-service advertising and design agency serving companies and entrepreneurs at all levels. They are your one-stop shop for all your website, logo, social media, print, app design and reputable management needs.Visit LawtonMG.com for more info.--The Impact Entrepreneur Show is a production of Crate Media

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18 Nov 2019

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How To Rewire Your Brain with Dr. Shad Helmstetter

The Whole Person Podcast with Evan Herrman

Evan: (00:17) Hi, my name is Evan Herman, and I'm documenting my journey on becoming the best version of myself while learning how to be an entrepreneur and developing the successful habits that are necessary to get and keep me there. If you want to come alongside me and make this journey together, we'll be listening and learning from some of the world's greatest mentors in the areas that matter most. Faith, family, finances, friendship, fitness, and fun. So join me on the whole person podcast.  Evan: (00:50) If you haven't had an opportunity yet, you can check us out at www.thewholepersonpodcast.com. You can find resources to grow yourself in every area of life. As we're growing, we're going to be putting our free resources up there.  We have a fantastic guest, Dr. Shad Helmstetter. He is a bestselling author with more than 20 books in the field of personal growth. Dr shad is a pioneer Dean in the field of self-talk. He is the first behavioral researcher to focus on the role of self-talk as a primary programming source that directs our life path and personal effectiveness, and he's identified the actual self-talk words and phrases which most impact our programming.  Evan: (01:51) After deciding against his earlier choice to enter the ministry, Dr. Shad began his personal development career in 1972 when he developed the personal life coaching system that would refer later be adopted for the use by life coaching businesses and informed the foundation of life coach Institute. Dr. Shad, welcome to the show. How are you?   Dr. Shad: I'm incredible,  Evan:  That's quite a bio of yourself, and I took it straight from your website, so I know it's accurate. Yeah, and that was the short version.  Dr. Shad: That is the short version. There's a lot there, you know, I thank you. I appreciate it. Kind words.   Evan: You bet. Before we get into the questions, I did not realize how much you and I are probably alike. I have to ask you, you wanted to go into the ministry but then decided not to pursue this path, which is very similar to my journey cause I went to all Oral Roberts university to get a degree in theology, which I accomplished but then never went into ministry and went in the business.  Evan: (


16 Oct 2019