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February 13 with Tommy Peeler

Tool Talk Radio Podcast

Joe and Allan are joined by guest Tommy Peeler, project director of Midtown Cabinetry and Millwork. Reach out to get information on custom cabinetry for your home kitchen by sending an email to tommy@midtownmill.com.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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13 Feb 2021

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Reading the Law with Tommy Peeler

Working with the Word

"The Law reveals the Lawgiver." Simply put, reading the Law of Moses helps us to see who God is - his character of holiness, justice, mercy, and love. Definitely grab your Bible for this episode, and follow along as we unpack this perspective of the Law with Tommy Peeler.  To hear more from Tommy check out the Avon Heights church of Christ Music credits  "Faith" by Vibe Tracks  "Computer Bounce" by Geographer "For the Love Of" by Stayloose  "The Starry Night" by John Tadlock 

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2 Feb 2021

Similar People

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Jesus and the Woman at the Well-An Interview with Tommy Peeler

Teach Them Diligently-A Study for Bible Class Teachers

Think of any skill you would like to master—who do you go to in order to learn this skill? Do you want to be a chef, craftsman, or woodworker?If so, you would want to study with a master? Who could give us a better idea of how to teach than Jesus himself? (Jn 7:40-46) What are some things you notice about Jesus’ teaching style? First, Jesus’ teaching was simple. This is not to be confused with simplistic.  Sometimes Jesus concealed a point so that the arrogant and self-righteous could not perceive it (Matt 13:10-13). However, a great teacher is one who can take a complex message a present it to the common man so that he can understand. Look at the Parable of the Sower. Jesus was able to take the complex and make it simple for everyone.  Jesus’ teaching was also insightful. Look at Jesus’ profound understanding of the scriptures in the situation about the Sadducees. They come to him with a hypothetical discussion about a woman whose husband die. Jesus understands that the problem is not about the marriages of this woman, but of their understanding of the resurrection. He answers their questions with a simple, two-word answer—I AM. We could chalk this up to Jesus’ being deity or we could try to emulate this in our own lives. Meditate on the scriptures and learn the complex messages students need to know from us.  Finally, we notice that Jesus’ teaching was penetrating. Jesus threw his words like darts that were to Penetrate the hearts and minds of listeners (Jn 8:1-11) Jesus dealt with the problem of the Pharisees and their arrogance while keeping the law, but Jesus also dealt with the problem of sin with the woman. Teaching must be aimed. There has to be an arrow and someone to receive the arrow.  Jesus Knew the Scriptures and had the Right Attitude. How did he handle the issues when Satan tempted him? “It is written…” This shows that if something is right to do, scripture authorizes it. Jesus’ attitude made the difference in his knowledge of scripture. We can have a great knowledge of the word of God without having the right heart about what we study and present to students.  Let us work to Teach Like the Master. 


16 Jan 2019