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Episode #34 The Corporate Agent - Angelique Rewers


Angelique Rewers is the CEO and Founder of The Corporate Agent


19 Apr 2021

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Thought Leadership With Angelique Rewers

Leading with Audacious Confidence

There are many definitions of leadership out there, but the most important form of leadership that we need right now – with all the problems we’re experiencing in the world today – is thought leadership. But what exactly is it? On today’s show, Angelique Rewers joins Alicia Couri to explain what thought leadership is all about and why it’s important in today’s business landscape. Angelique is the Founder of The Corporate Agent and has successfully navigated all sides of the corporate buying table for more than two decades. She is also a keynote speaker and top media contributor.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Leading With Audacious Community today:https://aliciacouri.com/Google PlusTwitterInstagramFacebook


28 Oct 2020

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Rhett Power with Angelique Rewers on Power Lunch Live

Power Lunch Live

Is it the right time to become an entrepreneur? We will discuss today on Power Lunch Live with Angelique Rewers. Angelique is CEO of The Corporate Agent and the nation’s most trusted expert on winning corporate clients. Recognized as an Enterprising Woman of the Year, Angelique and her team have worked with leading Fortune 500 corporations, mentored entrepreneurs in 72+ countries worldwide, delivered over 2,000 seminars, and have been featured by leading media like Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, The Washington Post, WSJ, CBS and many more.


22 Oct 2020

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443: Angelique Rewers | How to Land Big Paying Clients

Build Your Network

Angelique Rewers is CEO of The Corporate Agent, and the nation’s most trusted expert on winning corporate clients. Recognized as an Enterprising Woman of the Year, Angelique and her team have worked with leading Fortune 500 corporations, mentored entrepreneurs in 72+ countries worldwide, delivered over 2,000 seminars, and have been featured by leading media like Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, The Washington Post, WSJ, CBS and many more. On This Episode: Angelique shares how being bullied in her middle school years impacted her development and shaped who she is today. Get bits of knowledge drawn from Angelique’s time dealing with the C-Suite Learn how to get more visibility as a small business owner. Key Takeaways: Don’t allow other’s opinions determine what you are or are not going to do. The market determines the worth of your endeavor. Most decision makers have no idea who you are, so you have to position what makes you unique. Tweetable Quotes: “Introductions are one of the best currencies when you’re dealing with corporate decision makers.” –  Angelique Rewers https://www.linkedin.com/in/angeliquerewers/ (linkedin.com/in/angeliquerewers) Resources Mentioned: Visit Travis’ website at https://create.acast.com/episodes/3b48e6da-a672-4e83-9897-ddefc4e88bc7/travischappell.com (travischappell.com) Join the Build Your Network Facebook group https://create.acast.com/episodes/3b48e6da-a672-4e83-9897-ddefc4e88bc7/travischappell.com/group (travischappell.com/group) Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


29 Jul 2020

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134. Connecting Entrepreneurs And Corporations, With Angelique Rewers


In today's highly competitive business landscape, companies from all industries have to make ongoing critical decisions between building internal expertise or buying it from external entrepreneurs. At the same time, there is an army of highly capable, knowledgable experts who struggle with how to get the attention of corporate buyers. Navigation on both sides can be daunting, and it is indeed a rare find to meet a business leader with solid expertise on both the corporate and the entrepreneurial sides of the organizational equation. In this episode, we meet Angelique Rewers, CEO of The Corporate Agent, an organization that is widely recognized as the undisputed champion at helping small businesses and experts land big corporate clients.My Favorite Quotes from Angelique Rewers in this episode, (paraphrased):“Small business owners should remember that corporations are full of human beings!”“Frankly, most of today's sales training is seriously outdated!”“Online content marketing alone won't work for building corporate relationships!”The best ways to connect with Angelique Rewers online are:Website: https://thecorporateagent.com/influenceLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angeliquerewers/About the PROFITABLE HAPPINESS™ Podcast:The Profitable Happiness™ Podcast features stories from highly successful happiness professionals, executive coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs. Each week, our guests show us how they’ve used the art and science of happiness to build profitable workplace cultures.  https://drpele.comSupport the show (https://drpele.com)


8 Jul 2020

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The Key to Landing New Corporate Clients in Uncertain Times – with Angelique Rewers - EP074

The RFP Success Show

There is no user’s manual for what we’re facing right now. The COVID-19 quarantine has disrupted business as we know it and shifted the way companies are spending money. So, what can small businesses do make the best use of this uncertain time? How can we position ourselves as an ideal vendor partner or service provider that corporate decision makers will advocate for when a need arises? Angelique Rewers is the Founder and CEO of The Corporate Agent, a management consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses win corporate clients. She has also built an online community of more than 25K business owners, and her team has mentored 3,500 startups and solopreneurs across 72 countries. Angelique has 20-plus years of experience on both sides of the corporate buying table, and Inc. Magazine calls her ‘the undisputed champion at helping small businesses land BIG clients.’ On this episode of The RFP Success Show, Angelique joins us to discuss how corporate buying habits have shifted during the Coronavirus quarantine and explain why NOW is an ideal time to build relationships with potential corporate clients. She weighs in on what small businesses can do to build trust with corporate decision makers and stand out among the competition, staying top-of-mind without turning into a pain in the ass. Listen in for Angelique’s insight on where to find corporate RFPs and learn what YOU can do to land corporate clients—even in uncertain times! Key Takeaways How a ‘hijacked’ presentation led Angelique to create The Corporate Agent How corporate buying habits have shifted during the Coronavirus quarantine Why companies are extending existing contracts or sole sourcing from existing vendors right now Why NOW is an ideal time to build relationships with potential corporate clients Angelique’s insight on what makes a good vendor Bring ideas with energy of giving (no sales fishhook) Low maintenance but high expectations Anticipate client needs and map out journey The value in being a ‘taker’ who gives decision makers time vs. taking it away What small businesses can do to stand out among the competition Come in with show of force ‘What you’re really asking for is…’ (win theme) Point out advantages of smaller provider How to find out about corporate RFPs Most companies have database online Reach out to head of procurement Follow #RFP/#RFQ on Twitter, LinkedIn How to stay front-of-mind without bothering corporate decision makers Why it’s more useful to distill great content vs. create your own Connect with Angelique The Corporate Agent Angelique on Twitter Angelique on LinkedIn Angelique on Facebook Angelique on Instagram Connect with Lisa The RFP Success Community on LinkedIn Lisa’s Website Lisa on Twitter Lisa on Facebook Lisa on LinkedIn Subscribe on iTunes Email lisa@lisarehurek.com Resources Jim & Dwight Sales Call from The Office The RFP Success Institute The RFP Success Book by Lisa Rehurek


19 May 2020

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268. Angelique Rewers on how small businesses can land big clients

Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

Angelique Rewers is the Founder of The Corporate Agent. Inc. Magazine has called her the undisputed champion at helping small businesses land big clients. In today’s discussion, Angelique shares tips on how to get the attention of corporate decision makers. We focus in particular on how you can create engaging events – virtual or in person. Do check out the website of The Corporate Agent, where you can find a range of free resources to get started. Also, follow The Corporate Agent at: https://www.instagram.com/angeliquerewers/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/angeliquerewers/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/GetCorporateClients


24 Apr 2020

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Episode 0083: Angelique Rewers

Business and Life

Angelique Rewers is the CEO and Founder of The Corporate Agent, a firm that works with coaches, consultants, speakers and other service-based small businesses on strategies for landing 5-, 6- and 7-figure deals with corporate clients. She has been featured by Entrepreneur, Yahoo! Finance, ABC, NBC, Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc., Washington Post and more.


18 Mar 2020

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Angelique Rewers and the Power of Perspective

Elegant Warrior Podcast with Heather Hansen

Angelique is the Founder and CEO of The Corporate Agent. She’s among the top 1% of women business owners nationwide and has been named an Enterprising Woman by Enterprising Women Magazine. Find Angelique here: https://thecorporateagent.com/ Her book choice is Essentialism: https://gregmckeown.com/book/ Her song choice is Hall of Fame: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk48xRzuNvA For information regarding your data privacy, visit Acast.com/privacy


27 Jan 2020

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164: How to Close a Corporate Coaching Client in Just One Conversation: Angelique Rewers

STaR Coach Show

I’m always interested in helping you build flow into the way you deliver your coaching services to your clients. We want to develop this flow in ways that have proven to be efficient and successful. Today’s guest fits perfectly into these goals. Join me to learn more!Angelique Rewers is CEO and founder of The Corporate Agent. She’s been called “The Undisputed Champion at Helping Small Businesses Land Big Clients” by Inc. magazine. The focus on landing big clients is certainly one we want to cultivate in our coaching practices. I know that landing big corporate clients can be intimidating, so I think Angelique will help us understand more. She’ll cover the conversations we need to have in the “corporate America” space, along with how we meet our clients there and bring value to them. She has groundbreaking global conferences that bring business owners together with major brands like IBM, Intel, HP, Paypal, AT&T, Marriott, and many more. In addition to being named “Enterprising Woman of the Year” by Enterprising Women magazine, Angelique has also been featured by Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc., Lucky, Washington Post, Entrepreneur, CBS, and many more. In today’s conversation, Angelique opens up about how we bring our coaching skills to the sales conversation to bring our clients value, understand their needs, and create a conversation that closes those corporate clients. Angelique has built her company on the belief that businesses, not governments, change the world. She’s also created a download for our audience that you can find the link to in our Resources section. Show Highlights:●    How to begin approaching and engaging corporate clients●    Being proactive in identifying problems and solutions●    Why proposals don’t work--so don’t send them!●    Different conversations to have with a prospective client:○    The bridge conversation○    The capabilities briefing conversation○    The needs discovery conversation○    The red zone to end zone conversation●    Basic tips for the needs discovery conversation○    Identify whether the client is ready for this conversation○    Be proactive in priming your client for this conversation●    The value in relationship-building in coaching●    The immense need for coaches within corporations●    Why you must master business development and the sales process●    Dealing with objections that clients must navigate●    The two most important commodities of your clients: time and brain space●    Why you have to show clients how you are different●    Instilling from the beginning a level of value and leadership to create a comfort level in the relationship dynamic●    Angelique’s tips in readjusting and guiding a client in the “co-creating to 100%” processResources:www.thecorporateagent.com/starcoach Download 7 Simple $100K Packages to Sell Corporate Clients


11 Dec 2019