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Managing People – What You Should Know – The Good Manager – Ralph Peterson

A New Direction

Everyone wants to be a manager.  They have this erroneous belief that when you become a manager that you have extra benefits and your work is less.  DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT!  There is a reason why there are so many managing jobs out there.  One is because in a very short time people realize that the work and responsibility is more.  Two, they realize they are over their head and it’s hard.  But the biggest reason is because when people get a management position they really do not have the skills and know-how when it comes to managing people.  Most people when they get into management think they will have the open door, golden rule policies.  You know the “do unto others”, “I don’t expect you to do anything I wouldn’t do”, “pick and choose your battles” etc.  But the reality is those policies never work and managers fail despite their good intentions.  Thankfully in this episode of A New Direction Management Trainer, Guru, and friend of the show Ralph Peterson sets us straight. Ralph’s latest book entitled, “The Good Manager: Being Great is Overrated” is on eye opening look at what it takes to be a “Good Manager”.  Why “good” and not “great” well as he points out using his analogy of the “Rocky” movie series, when we get great we get complacent and we stop doing the things that we did to be great.  The truth is you just need to be really good when it comes to managing which means that you have to be consistent and do the hard work that got you to a managing position and continue to do it.  “The Good Manager” has a wealth of awesome advice when it comes to managing people.  I promise you this many of the things Ralph is going to talk about in the book will shock you, surprise you, but when you start to put it all in perspective, you realize one thing…to be “The Good Manager” it may be simple, but it  is not that easy.  Oh and one other thing…Never be evil!  You are going to love Ralph Peterson! We are so grateful for the financial support of the sponsors of A New Direction.    Please go to their websites and thank them.  Even going to their social media pages and giving them a LIKE! EPIC Physical Therapy is the choice of professional athletes as well as people who have been injure or recovering from surgery.  Listen even if you just want to move and feel better they can help with that too.  They have the latest equipment and technology, but perhaps their greatest asset is their people.  They have the certified staff that will design a customized treatment plan specifically for YOU.  They understand that therapy is more than physical, it is also a mental, emotional, and spiritual recovery as well.  Look if you want EPIC Relief, EPIC Recovery, and EPIC Results start with EPIC Physical Therapy – www.EPIC pt.com Linda Craft & Team, Realtors, their clients say that their customer service is “legendary” and the reason for that is because for 35 years they build and maintain personal relationships with their clients.  Why?  Because buying and selling of a house is a great deal more than a business transaction, it is a life altering experience.  That’s because we don’t just live in a home, some of our most significant memories will be made in that home.  Linda and her team are dedicated to taking care of your memory maker as if it were their own.  Whether you are about to purchase a new home, or sell your current home, start with the relationship legends.  Start with Linda Craft & Team, Realtors – www.LindaCraft.com


17 Mar 2021

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Onward and Upward: Jazz United Remembers Ralph Peterson, Jr.

Jazz United: A Podcast From WBGO

A tribute to the irrepressible drummer, composer and educator, who died on March 1 at 58.


12 Mar 2021

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Improve Your Management Approach with Ralph Peterson

The Business of Cleaning

Leading and managing successfully can be difficult to nail down, especially when in-person seminars are few and far between right now. We sat down with someone who’s expertise in management in the cleaning industry to help you refine your own management just a little bit more. Ralph Peterson is a housekeeping management trainer, specializing in the healthcare and long-term care spaces. He has hired, promoted, and trained managers, those first-timers to the most experienced, for over 20 years. We sat with Ralph to discuss the industry, especially recently, and process management on the job. Ralph first joined the industry at 16 by cleaning ski condominiums and didn’t expect to return to it after college, but when he was offered a great management position, later on, he returned for the long haul. Podcast website: https://www.janitorialmanager.com/the-business-of-cleaning-podcast/ Have questions or like to be a guest? Email us at Marketing@DoubleASolutions.net!


2 Feb 2021

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EP64 - Ralph Peterson - "Running Changed My Life"

Run The Riot Podcast

Ralph Peterson is a Marine Core Veteran who got busy with life and forgot to take care of himself.  One day, he simply decided to make a change in how he took care of himself.  Since that decision, he's lost 150 pounds, run 88 marathons, many more half marathons, and multiple ultramarathons!  This change also gave him the confidence to run his own business, train others in management, write 4 books, and address large crowds for various events.

1hr 35mins

2 Jan 2021

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Choose the Life You Want to Live with Ralph Peterson

Run to Thrive

When you have ambition to achieve something great or step into a bigger and better version of yourself, it all starts with self-belief. Ultimately, You get to decide the life you want to live. On this episode, I dive into this idea that changed everything for my guest Ralph Peterson, a successful business owner, entrepreneur, author, speaker and marathon runner. This episode we cover: The best advice for first time marathoners - How Ralph went from High School dropout to successful entrepreneur - Tips on how to “win” the game of dieting and losing weight - The mindset that can launch you to your next level of success - The best lessons managers and leaders can learn from running. Connect with me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/coachingontherun Get a free toolkit to jumpstart your running!: https://www.coachingontherun.com/ To learn more about Ralph: www.ralphpeterson.com


26 Nov 2020

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Episode 373: Ralph Peterson Management Services - Ralph Peterson | NH Business Show

NH Business Show

Today on the NH Business Show I speak with Ralph Peterson about being a manager, what it takes to be a manager and the importance managment in your business. Get more from Ralph Peterson Management Services: https://ralphpeterson.com https://www.facebook.com/theralphpeterson Leave reviews and/or subscribe! Please, it's helpful: Itunes: https://apple.co/2syXPIb Google Play: https://bit.ly/2LhMT9A Stitcher: https://bit.ly/2syY85N IheartRadio: https://ihr.fm/2xzdg8V For more from the NH Business show, check us out at : www.NHBusinessShow.com


11 Nov 2020

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S1 Ep25 - w/Aruna Krishnan ft. Ralph Peterson

Lead That Thing!

Ralph Peterson, a Management coach and Best Selling Author talks about how to become a better manager, his use of animals to draw analogies to management issues and styles and his upcoming book. He can be reached at: https://ralphpeterson.com thegoodmanagerbook.com Produced By: Aruna Krishnan


11 Oct 2020

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Retired U.S. Marine & Motivational Speaker Ralph Peterson Energizes Five-Star Leadership Teams

Bridge the Gap: The Senior Living Podcast

Ralph Peterson is the owner and operator of a management development company that specializes in building Five-Star leadership teams within the long-term care industry. He lives in NYC, is a retired U.S. Marine and an avid marathoner. He recently earned the title of Iron Man.LinkedInFacebookYoutubeTwitterWebsite Links to Books: Congrats! Now Get Over YourselfManaging When No One Wants To WorkThe Good Manager: Being Great Is Over Rated!- Launching Oct. 2020Visit our website for more episodes, our tour dates and information at BTGvoice.comPowered by supporting partners OneDay, Propel, Solinity, and The Bridge Group Construction YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Lucas McCurdy, Owner, The Bridge Group Construction; Senior Living Construction Renovation - CapEx - Reposition     Joshua Crisp, Founder, Solinity; Senior Living Consulting - Development - Management - Marketing


28 Sep 2020

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How to Become a Top-notch Manager with Ralph Peterson

What Are You Made Of?

In this episode, we talk about:The difference between a good manager and a bad managerReasons why some companies have disengaged employeesHow caring for your employees translates to business successThe lessons Ralph learned while being in the US MarinesHow to manage teams effectively in a remote settingFind out more about Ralph on his website and connect with him on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. For more information and to explore other episodes, go to themikecroc.com. Follow Mike on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube at Mike C-Roc Ciorrocco.The views and opinions expressed on the “What Are You Made Of?” podcast are solely those of the author and guests, and should not be attributed to any other individual or entity. This is an independent production of Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco. The podcast production and the book "What Are You Made Of?" are original works of the author. All rights of ownership and reproduction are retained. Copyright 2020.


25 Sep 2020

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Episode 089 Chicago Music Revealed withguest Ralph Peterson

Chicago Jazz Audio Experience

WEDNESDAY Master drummer Ralph Peterson continues to advance the continuum of his late mentor Art Blakey on Onward & Upward, his ambitious and expansive 25th release as a leader. On this historical release, due out September 18th, Peterson brings together 14 former Jazz Messengers and three Legacy Messengers to write a new page in the Messenger Legacy songbook. Spearheaded by Peterson, the expansive lineup on Onward & Upward features Joanne Brackeen, Kevin Eubanks, Robin Eubanks, Essiet Essiet, Steve Davis, Craig Handy, Philip Harper, Brian Lynch, Lonnie Plaxico, Bill Pierce, Melissa Slocum, Jean Touissant, Peter Washington, and, in the spirit of mentorship, rising pianists Zaccai Curtis and Anthony Wonsey and percussionist Reinaldo DeJesus. The first single "El Grito" was released on May 20th, Ralph Peterson's 58th birthday.

1hr 2mins

18 Sep 2020