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Alley Oop feat. Pat Brown #120

Cannabis Coffee Hour

Rob visits with comedian Pat Brown (HBO's 2 Dope Queens & CBS's Late Show),  Pat got a full ride to play division 1 college basketball before comedy, she talks about her game and life in detail in this episode. Rob and Pat talk about NYC legalization, reparations and micro-dosing. Show's IG - Cannabiscoffeehour  Support the show's Patreon to watch the FULL VIDEO of this podcast + Bonus Content - https://www.patreon.com/robcantrellcoffee

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25 Mar 2021

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“Downtown” Patrick Brown & His Unforgettable ATV Open Invitational Victory (feat. Pat Brown)

Digging Deep with Cody Janssen

WE'RE BACK! And with another special episode of the Digging Deep ATVMX Podcast! Pat Brown was a consistent threat throughout his career as a professional ATV racer. His rise to stardom was quick, he contended for podiums almost instantly, and his first ever Pro Class win came at one of the most prestigious events in the history of the sport. "Downtown" Patrick Brown joins the show to tell his story, talk about that unforgettable 2007 ATV Open Invitational victory, and more. As always, thanks for DIGGING DEEP with us. Enjoy!Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/diggingdeep)

1hr 35mins

12 Feb 2021

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E005 - Pat Brown, AOPA You Can Fly Ambassador

Behind the Prop

Pat Brown has a long history in aviation and not only serves the "Texas Triangle" as the AOPA You Can Fly Ambassador, and he is also a Designated Pilot Examiner.  Pat and Wally have a long past and didn't even know they were both pilots when they first started working together.  We cover that and many more topics on this week's show including their general aviation pet peeves!   Fly safe and stay behind the prop!


26 Oct 2020

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Coach Pat Brown; Head Football Coach, Seabreeze High School; Daytona Beach, FL

Running the Race

Coach Pat Brown; Head Football Coach, Seabreeze High School; Daytona Beach, FL by


10 Sep 2020

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Episode 1: Is Pat Brown the new Jade Dernbach?

Silly Point

Liam Livingstone or Joe Denly? The panel consider England's coronavirus super-squad and select 3 XIs to play a Test, an ODI and a T20I simultaneously.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/silly-point/message

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15 Jun 2020

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Impossible Foods: Pat Brown

How I Built This with Guy Raz

When he was nearly 60, Pat Brown left a dream job to pursue an ambitious mission: to create delicious meat from plants. As a biochemist, he'd become alarmed at the destructive impact of meat production on the environment, so he set out to make a burger so juicy and flavorful that even meat-lovers would crave it. After some painstaking research, Pat's team created the Impossible Burger, and famous chefs started to feature it in their restaurants. In 2019, the Impossible Whopper launched at Burger King, and today Pat's company, Impossible Foods, is valued at nearly $4 billion.

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11 May 2020

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Can A Burger Help Save The Planet? Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown Says Yes

Podcast Notes Playlist: Business

Podcast Notes Key Takeaways Impossible Foods hopes to completely replace animals in the food system by 2035“The use of animals as a food technology is, by a huge margin, the most destructive technology on Earth and really posses a catastrophic threat” – Pat Brown Cultivating animals for food is the world’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions (more than all forms of transportation combined)Pat believes that once Impossible Foods achieves scale, their plant-based meat will taste even better than animal meat AND be much more affordable It’s largely a myth that animal protein > plant protein Read the full notes @ podcastnotes.org“The mission of Impossible Foods is very simple. It’s to completely replace animals in the food system by 2035.” Pat...</p>

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10 Nov 2019

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Can A Burger Help Save The Planet? Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown Says Yes

The Rich Roll Podcast

“The mission of Impossible Foods is very simple. It’s to completely replace animals in the food system by 2035.”Pat BrownBy now, most of you have heard about the Impossible Burger.I imagine many of you have tried it. Arguably the ‘beefiest' plant-based patty, even the most attuned palate has trouble believing it isn't real meat. Now ubiquitous at fine dining establishments and fast food franchises alike, it's a global phenomenon.Today we explore the mission behind the burger with Impossible Foods founder & CEO Pat Brown, the man responsible for upending everything you thought you knew about plant-based meat, on a mission to forge a better environmental future for all.A world-renowned geneticist, Pat is a former Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and Professor of Biochemistry at Stanford University. He is also a founder of Lyrical Foods, maker of Kite Hill artisanal nut milk-based cheeses and a founder of the Public Library of Science (PLOS), a nonprofit publisher that pioneered the open-access business model. Pat was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2002, and is a member of the Institute of Medicine. His numerous accolades include the American Cancer Society Medal of Honor, and the NAS Award in Molecular Biology.Moved to action by the urgent need to redress global climate change, Pat founded Impossible Foods with one clear goal: to eliminate animal agriculture — inarguably one of the biggest contributors to planetary warming — by providing delicious, nutritious, and environmentally friendly alternatives to meat and dairy directly from plants.The mission statement is ambitious, some would even say audacious. But his impact is already undeniable — and he’s just getting started.Today he shares his story.This is a broad and far-reaching conversation that covers Pat's background and the impetus behind Impossible Foods.We cover the company's initial success in converting high-end chefs, the subsequent penetration of the fast food industrial complex, and the entrepreneurial difficulties of rapid growth and meeting demand at scale.We then turn attention to Pat's mission to redress climate change. The important need to replace food from livestock with more environmental friendly alternatives. And what is required to achieve that, while meeting the finicky palate requirements of the average consumer.Irrespective of your opinion on plant-based meat analogues, the deleterious environmental impact of intensive animal agriculture is irrefutable. Seismic changes to our food systems are mandatory if we want to responsibly redress global climate change. And each of us has the power to promote these changes, beginning with our daily food choices.You can watch it all go down on YouTube and as always, the audio version streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.I really enjoyed this exchange. A compelling companion piece to last week's conversation with Paul Hawken, my sit down with Beyond Meat founder and CEO Ethan Brown and my episodes with Good Food Institute founder Bruce Friedrich (RRP 286 & 402), I encourage all of you to listen with an open and appreciative mind.Peace + Plants, See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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21 Oct 2019

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Ep 21: Pat Brown, CEO & Founder of Impossible Foods

My Climate Journey

Today’s guest is Pat Brown, CEO & founder of Impossible Foods, a company at the forefront of making nutritious, delicious meat and dairy products from plants to satisfy meat lovers and address the environmental impact of animal farming.  Founded in 2011, the Bay Area-based company has now raised a total of $687.5 million from a host of backers including Khosla Ventures, UBS, Bill Gates, Serena Williams and singer Katy Perry. In this episode we discuss: Pat’s background as a chemist and the sabbatical that led him to founding Impossible Foods What the company does, how it goes to market, and progress to date Mission, long-term vision, and how it ties back to broader climate fight What else can be impactful on climate change beyond the work of Impossible Foods Pat’s advice to consumers on the most impactful things they can do to be helpful in the fight against climate change I hope you enjoy the show! You can find me on twitter @jjacobs22 or @mcjpod and email at info@myclimatejourney.co, where I encourage you to share your feedback on episodes and suggestions for future topics or guests. Links for topics discussed in this episode: Pat Brown’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-brown-338b467 Impossible Foods website: https://impossiblefoods.com/ Impossible Foods Impact Report 2019 https://impossiblefoods.com/mission/2019impact/


22 Jul 2019

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Pat Brown Author of Recovery From Loss

Conversations With Chris

Pat lost her only son Justin to suicide.  Pat shares her story with us, the journey she went  on to find herself again and live a life now full of joy.  Pat is a grief coach and helps people deal with the devastation of suicide.


18 Jun 2019