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John O’Sullivan on Jerm Warfare with Jeremy Nell - 05 August 2022

TNT Radio


5 Aug 2022

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Guest Interview: John O’Sullivan

Mindset Coach Academy Podcast

Today on the podcast, I am pleased to introduce the founder of Changing The Game Project, author of two #1 best-selling books, podcast host, and internationally known speaker (including TEDx and The U.S. Olympic Committee), John O’Sullivan!  John and I go way back; we’ve spoken at conferences together, we’ve done booths together, and we’ve learned from one another. He’s someone I respect, admire, cheer for, and look up to in the sports world. John is known for his wealth of practical, hands-on knowledge, and his passion for helping parents and coaches show up for their athletes in ways that really matter. He believes in creating a player-centered environment and tough-love coaching with compassion. What makes this episode stand out as being particularly relevant to parents and coaches is that John talks in-depth about how we can support young people RIGHT NOW, as the ripple effects of COVID-19 impact our world today. He gives sage advice about how you can support your athletes, push your athletes, and also hold space for their unique mindset challenges during this time.  After being a guest on John O’Sullivan’s Way of Champions Podcast, it was so fun to put him in the hot seat and sit in the student’s chair.  I love this conversation, I learned a ton, and I’m sure you will too.  Follow John: Website: https://changingthegameproject.com/ Podcast: https://changingthegameproject.com/category/podcast/ Instagram: @ctgprojecthq https://www.instagram.com/ctgprojecthq/ Books: https://www.amazon.com/John-OSullivan/e/B00CBH98SA WOC Conference:  https://changingthegameproject.mykajabi.com/woc-2022-registration Here’s a glance at this episode: [4:32] John begins by telling us about his upcoming virtual conference and its impressive line-up of speakers, including Steve Kerr, Dave Aranda, Trevor Ragan, and Ron Adams. [8:22] How can we support athletes in a COVID-19 world? John talks openly about the importance of addressing athletes’ mental health. He points to a notable increase in eating disorders, anxiety, and divorce. In his words, “in the last two years, the amount of kids I know in [these situations] are probably equivalent to the previous 25 years combined.” [15:12] When athlete behavior changes, there’s usually something going on behind the scenes. John suggests asking one key question to get the conversation rolling, and shares how at-home stress can manifest on the field. Finally, John explains how he actively works to create a safe and joyful space at practice.  [23:28] John answers the question, “How can you hold athletes to a high standard while they’re struggling?” He likens cognitive injuries to physical injuries and encourages coaches and parents to treat them with compassion while holding them to a ‘rehabilitation plan’.  [29:53] Burnout is REAL. John believes the best way to prevent burnout is to put yourself first, and sometimes that means hitting the brakes. If we can’t take care of ourselves, we’ll never be able to fully show up for others. [37:12] Peeling back the curtain on his own practice with mindfulness, John knows from experience that just a few minutes a day of mindfulness can be life-changing.  [41:36] John and Lindsey wrap up our episode today with 5 rapid-fire questions. With a quick discussion about Atomic Habits, John’s favorite outdoor activities, his family, and his love of coaching, John leaves us a few final nuggets of wisdom to end the episode!


22 Jun 2022

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John O’Sullivan CBE: Ukraine and the National Idea - Brussels National Conservatism Conference


John O’Sullivan CBE's address at the Brussels National Conservatism Conference on March 23, 2022.


6 Apr 2022

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PFP078 | John O’Sullivan, Understanding Europe and its Bureaucrats (PFS 2011)

Property and Freedom Podcast

Property and Freedom Podcast, Episode 078. This lecture is from the 2011 meeting of the Property and Freedom Society: John O’Sullivan (UK), Understanding Europe and its Bureaucrats. PFS 2011 Playlist.

10 Mar 2022

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The View From Next Door: John O’Sullivan on the War in Ukraine

The Secrets of Statecraft

John O’Sullivan runs the Danube Institute in Budapest, Hungary. From this vantage point (Hungary shares a common border with Ukraine), he has special insights on the conflict across the border in Ukraine and on the use of statecraft to find a resolution to the conflict. 


7 Mar 2022

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Changing the Game Project with John O’Sullivan

Beyond the X's & O's Podcast

John O’Sullivan is an internationally known TEDx Speaker and the founder of the Changing the Game Project. John is the author of two #1 bestselling books: Changing the Game and Every Moment Matters; he is also the host of the Way of Champions Podcast, one of the top-rated podcasts for coaches. John is a former collegiate and professional soccer player, and has coached for over 20 years on the youth, high school and college level. He has consulted with the US Olympic Committee, US Soccer, USA Football, US Lacrosse, USA Swimming, Ireland Rugby, Aussie Rules Football and many more. John shared some keen insights in this episode: Positive shift and movement in coaches, but parents still need education How there is an imaginary fear of asking volunteers to do more The importance of focusing on creating an environment and culture for your team Self-reflection practices he has used and encourages other coaches to do so The #1 cause for coach burnout is losing sight of their why How sport is neutral and it’s the adults that make it a positive or negative experience When the eyes are shining you nailed it John is without a doubt a huge advocate in our war against the ‘old-school’ coaching mentality. You can join us by sharing with your fellow coaches!


13 Feb 2022

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Elev8 Episode 68 Changing the Game with John O’Sullivan

Elev8 Podcast

Visit Changing the Game Watch John's Tedx Talk  Way of Champions Podcast Follow for more news on the Way of Champions Conference


27 Jan 2022

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#73: John O’Sullivan — Author of “Every Moment Matters: How the World's Best Coaches Inspire Their Athletes and Build Championship Teams,” and Founder of the Changing the Game Project

Bring It In | The Future of Work, Jobs, and Education

Sports are kind of a big deal. Not just among the pro leagues across the world, organized sports are also where a lot of future members of the workforce meet coaches and teammates for the first time. Like our K-12 educational system, organized athletics are a massive influence on future members of our workforce. Despite this, 70% of kids drop out of organized sports because sports culture has taken the ‘play’ out of ‘play ball’. No wonder we’re seeing only 15% of employees being engaged in our workforce. John O’Sullivan focuses on making sports fun again. A member of the 1990 Patriot League Championship team, the fmr. Executive Director of Oregon Rush Soccer Club, and founder of the Changing the Game Project, as well as the author of the Changing the Game book, John has taken to heart the coach teachings of figures like John Wooden, leading teams with equal parts X’s and O’s and genuine empathy. With the Great Resignation still in full swing, managers and coaches need to make sure their employees know that they’re safe and cared for. John’s knows the power of caring and keeping things fun in a sports environment, and that’s something the workforce is in desperate need of now. This is another episode you don’t want to miss, so with that…let’s bring it in!


26 Jan 2022

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Positively Changing Lives Through Youth Sports with John O’Sullivan

The Grief Code

In this episode Ian chats with an internationally known TEDx Speaker and the founder of the Changing the Game Project, John O'Sullivan. John’s way of changing the game as an athlete and a coach has inspired many players and fellow coaches to apply changes nit just to a game but also their life directions.Don’t miss:• John’s willingness to help people• How John help people understand the concept of connection • Trusting each other to create a connection and reach a common goal• How mental strain puts a limit on your physical ability• Understanding that playing a game or sport is not just about winning• Reinforcing correct behaviors and bringing out the enjoyment • Practicing sportsmanship in the game and in your daily life• Looking at what you have overcome as it helps shape who you are and helps you to be able to help other peopleAbout the Guest:.John O'SullivanJohn is an internationally known TEDx Speaker and the founder of the Changing the Game Project, which he started in 2012 • Author of two #1 Bestselling books Changing the Game and Every Moment Matters and leading youth sports blogger• Host of the Way of Champions Podcast, one of the top-rated podcasts in the world for coaches • Former collegiate and professional soccer player, and has coached for over 20 years on the youth, high school and college level. • He has consulted with US Olympic Committee, US Soccer, USA Football, US Lacrosse, USA Swimming, Ireland Rugby, Aussie Rules Football and many more.• National Advisory Board for the Positive Coaching Alliance and the National Association for Physical Literacy.About the Host: Ian Hawkins is the Founder and Host of The Grief Code. Dealing with grief firsthand with the passing of his father back in 2005 planted the seed in Ian to discover what personal freedom and legacy truly is. This experience was the start of his journey to heal the unresolved and unknown grief that were negatively impacting every area of his life. Leaning into his own intuition led him to leave corporate and follow his purpose of creating connection for himself and others. The Grief Code is a divinely guided process that enables every living person to uncover their unresolved and unknown grief and dramatically change their life and the lives of those they love. Thousands of people have now moved from loss to light following this exact process. Check Me Out On:Join The Grief Code Facebook group: https://www.ianhawkinscoaching.com/thegriefcode Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ianhawkinscoachingInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/ianhawkinscoaching LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ianhawkinscoaching Start your healing journey with my FREE Start Program https://www.ianhawkinscoaching.com/thestartprogram I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Grief Coach podcast, thank you so much for listening. Please share it with a friend or family member that you know would benefit from hearing it too. If you are truly ready to heal your unresolved or unknown grief, let's chat. Email me at info@ianhawkinscoaching.com. You can also stay connected with me by joining The Grief Code community at www.ianhawkinscoaching.com/thegriefcode and remember, so that I can help even more people to heal, please subscribe and leave a review on your favourite podcast platform


6 Jan 2022

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John O’Sullivan, Changing The Game Project: Winning vs Love of the Game

Pro Mindset Podcast

Author, podcaster and founder of Changing the Game Project, John O’Sullivan joins Pro Mindset and host Craig Domann. They discuss the obsession in youth sports to focus more on winning than the long-term development. They also talk about “hating to lose” vs “loving to win.”O’Sullivan started the Changing the Game Project in 2012 after two decades as a soccer player and coach on the youth, high school, college and professional level. His mission statement: to ensure that we return youth sports to our children and put the ‘play’ back in ‘play ball.’ O’Sullivan has authored two #1 bestselling books, Changing the Game: The Parents Guide to Raising Happy, High Performing Athletes, and Giving Youth Sports Back to our Kids and Every Moment Matters: How the World’s Best Coaches Inspire Their Athletes and Build Championship Teams.He has been featured by CNN, Outside Magazine, ESPN, NBC Sports and numerous other media entities. O’Sullivan’s podcast description is “we connect you with the top minds in sports, coaching, leadership, and building championship programs so you can take your athletes and teams to the next level.”Some O’Sullivanisms are:•Have a plan, challenge yourself, play hard, have fun, be bold, make friends, always learn, love what you do, and just do it.●The enemy of excellence in youth sports is the obsession with winning.●What we teach people is that the single greatest factor that affects performance is state of mind.O’Sullivan’s favorite quote: “I love watching you play.”


21 May 2021