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Cuffed To Construction // Cuffing Season (Part 13) // Travis Greene

Transformation Church

What are you building? God never called you to build your own platform, His desire is to build his platform in you for Him to stand on. This week, Travis Greene asks the question, what bricks are we using? We have built our platforms with bricks that are self-made, of acceptance, fame, dishonor, and jealousy. God wants to break down the bricks of our own creation and build his Kingdom with stones. If you want to allow God to build His platform in you, this message is for you!


20 Nov 2022

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I Expect It To Break - Pastor Travis Greene

ONE | A Potter's House Church

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19 Sep 2022

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Coded's Music Story

In this episode I talk about the song Oil and Water by Travis Greene and the message from the song, God's everlasting love ,and how it relates to the parable of the woman who encountered a prophet and filled the jar with Oil and it continued to fill and overflow.Enjoy the episode, and subscribe If you want to give your life to Christ send an email to codedmusicstories@gmail.com. Hope you are having a good and enjoyed the episode! Jesus Loves you. Make sure to subscribe to any platform you are listening from. Email:codedmusicstories@gmail.com. CMSPOD LINKS! - https://beacons.page/cmspodcastOil and water - https://open.spotify.com/track/6vREtE2UPe78r9FfuoBtJj?si=cf6e1b3e4a7740e7--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/codedmusicstory/message


29 Mar 2022

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我靈歌唱 58. Travis Greene


這位歌手才發行三張專輯就入圍5次葛萊美獎、在2017年一口氣拿下7座Stellar Awards,而且他在靈魂福音界相當年輕,只有38歲,可說是一顆閃耀新星!他就是Travis Greene! 據說Travis Greene兒時的遭遇十分離奇,原本一生下來就是死胎,後來奇蹟似的被醫護人員給救活;四歲的時候,竟從四樓失足墜樓,在醫院裡被宣判死亡…但媽媽不死心,抱著他不停禱告,後來Greene奇蹟似的又活過來了!多年後,Greene更做見證說,當時他看見了耶穌,叫他快回家找媽媽! 以上信不信由您,但Greene的創作養份不僅僅來自於「復活」的神蹟。Greene的父親是牧師,但不幸於1989年死於動脈瘤,還在禮拜天早上去世,得年28歲。當時Greene只有5歲就經歷喪父之痛,因此他從小就有很強烈的動機,通過音樂表達自己,也很小就開始將信仰作為精神支柱。 有這些特殊的經歷,也難怪Greene會決定跟隨爸爸的腳步成為一名牧師,也成為福音歌手為上帝歌唱,如今不僅歌唱事業蒸蒸日上,也創立自己的教會,更和妻子、三個小孩擁有幸福的家庭生活~讓我們一起認識這位大放異彩的歌手吧!


24 Mar 2022

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Travis Greene - Director of Strategy for IT Operations Products at Micro Focus

Intelligent Automation Radio

The IT industry, not unlike biology, evolves at a measured pace.  Innovations perceived as great leaps forward are more often usually just novel combinations of existing capabilities repurposed for new tasks.  The wow factor generated by the latest vendor offerings is primarily due to their inventive approach to solving current problems, not the revelation of some unimaginably futuristic scientific advancement.  It therefore behooves us to consider the solutions IT automation produces in evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, terms. One such executive taking this long view is Travis Greene, Director of Strategy for IT Operations Products at Micro Focus. As witness to a couple decades worth of progressions in IT operations, he has a clear-eyed perspective on where our industry is going, based on where we’ve been.  Travis drops in to share his insights with us, and along the way we'll learn why developers will never be able to wish IT Ops away, the future role of humans in automated enterprises, & the biggest factors in making IT automation successful.


1 Mar 2022

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24. Producing For Da Truth, Travis Greene And Limoblaze - Mag44 (The Zambia Series)

Cleaning The Airwaves

Thank you for your support by helping us create content.   MPESA TILL (BUY GOODS) - 5236949 PAYPAL - Njau.richard@gmail.com   CARD PAYMENTS - https://bit.ly/donatecta SEND WAVE - (+254) 0701-000-777   Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE - http://bit.ly/SubscribeToCTA His been known for his killer beats, creative direction, knockout punchlines and minister of the Gospel, a Gospel Activist. Prior to his conversion, Magnus "Mag44" Mando, was an upcoming hip hop artist with a love of crazy word play, but after his conversion his been known mostly for his crazy productions like Fyn Fyn Boy and Chikondi for Tio, Bana Ba Kwa Lesa and I Gat Game for Mandiva, Nyamula Manja for Gospel Activist plus many more, too many to mention. However, very few people knew this Zambian producer was as gifted on the MIC.


6 Oct 2021

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Da Fixx - Travis Greene Interview


Tap in to this Exclusive Interview with Travis Greene as we talk about his new project “Oil and Water” , preaching during the pandemic, bridging the gap in mainstream and much more on this episode of Da Fixx!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dj-focus/support

2hr 1min

12 Sep 2021

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Praise Unleashed - Travis Greene

GraceLife Church

Praise Unleashed - Travis Greene by GraceLife Church


6 Jun 2021

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Praise Unleashed | Pastor Travis Greene

Pastors Todd & Mary Bishop || Church Unleashed

Thank you Pastor Travis Greene for the word brought forth to our church! YOUR PRAISE IS A WEAPON!Support the show (https://mychurchunleashed.churchcenter.com/giving)


23 Mar 2021

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#4: Data Science meets Philosophy: Exploring how Human Rights Should Shape Our Online Lives with Travis Greene

The ACIT Science Podcast

In this episode, we are talking to Ph.D. candidate Travis Greene from the Institute of Service Science in Taipei, Taiwan, about the philosophical, ethical, and judicial implications of modern data science, machine learning algorithms, and recommender systems. We talk about the ethical responsibilities of individual data scientists, a wider perspective on the role of behavioral big data in our societies, and the moral dilemma associated with building potentially harmful algorithms. We discuss the difference between American and European approaches to data privacy and protection, the GDPR, the recent court rulings around Privacy Shield by the European Court of Justice, how we could shape online rights around ideas of building our own narrative online, how recommender systems of the future should take ideas around human well-being and flourishing into account, and how they are related to religions in giving us closure in complex information environments. We end the conversation by talking about how scientific work prospers from personal contact, conferences, and collaborations. The podcast is hosted by Manuel Brenner.

1hr 24mins

23 Oct 2020