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Beer Month: Week 2 w/ Jeremy Danner from 4 Hands Brewing!

Kansas City Magazine Presents: Kansas City‘s Only Podcast

Today on the show Kansas City Magazine Editor-in-Chief Martin Cizmar continues beer month on the show by talking to Jeremy Danner, brand ambassador for 4 Hands Brewing. They talk about his beer journey from being a brewer at 75th Street Brewery to becoming a local social media celebrity and brand ambassador. Jeremy also offers some great restaurant picks and talks about what it's like to still be a Kansas City Royals fan.  Follow Jeremy on social media and check out his podcast, here. Follow Martin on Twitter and Instagram. Follow Producer Patrick on Twitter and Instagram. Like the music on the show? Follow KC band Doglava on Instagram and check them out on Spotify. Be sure to Like Kansas City Magazine on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Subscribe to our newsletters, here.


14 Jul 2022

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34: Kansas City’s Beer Ambassador Jeremy Danner


Craft Beer is its own festival In this episode of Dadhouse, the dads welcome 4 Hands Brewery Beer Ambassador Jeremy Danner to the show. It should be no surprise that five dads love talking about beer, and some of us have the bellies to prove it. What’s the current craft beer scene look like and what kind of beer should you try to get into it? With a thousand different mixtures and flavors, there’s something for everyone. Dadhouse tries to get into it, so join us as we talk about beer, beer, beer!  Stay at home dad round up 3:12–Who knew that Mick has experience growing hops? Also, it surprises none of us. Jump in here to hear our Iowan farm boy talk about what makes beer, well, beer. Take a deep dive on the link and learn even more about the iconic plant.  3:44—It wouldn’t be a Dadhouse episode without one of us picking a fight. In this case, Shannon and Larry have a few words for Mike.  5:00—The Dadhouse crew and their families went to the Kansas City Improv. They had a blast and Shannon took the stage to participate on a skit. And although he was nervous, what he was mostly worried about was if his pants were unzipped. We also want to give a shout out to Fat Sully’s for seriously one of the biggest pizzas we have ever seen. 2 feet across and goes well with craft beer, just saying.  11:15—Take a minute to like, subscribe, and follow Dadhouse on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. 11:50—Before jumping into the topic, let’s set the record straight. Every dad deserves support and the question we get asked the most is where to find friendships. City Dads Group and the National At-Home Dad organization are your first steps. We get this asked this so much, Shannon wrote an in depth article about the best places and ways to find your dad community.  14:54—We were lucky enough to go to HomeDadCon the last year and get advice from a great community. Here is this week’s contribution from Alex.  Craft beer talk with Jeremy Danner 17:42—Welcome to the show 4 Hands Brewery Beer Ambassador Jeremy Danner. Jeremy has worked in the beer world for years and no one knows the scene quite like him. Join us as he answers all the questions the dads have for him. As a father of 1, he loves to share what he knows with everyone. And take a minute to listen to his podcast I Love This Town, which is about Kansas City!  19:42—The craft beer environment can be intimidating as hell to get into. There is a fear that gatekeepers are ready to drop your man buns right on top of you. Turns out this isnt’ the case at all as Jeremy answers the first question: Where do you even start? And what better place than trying some brews from 4 Hands. 23:29—How does it work when a specialty beer is made? Is there a starting barrel count or do you just brew away? 24:47—And speaking of how we make beer, how do you market it? Is there any market research conducted? This is the ins and outs of the process that fascinate Shannon 30:02—Are you looking for an introductory beer? Jeremy Danner has you covered here.  31:00—One of the great moments of HomeDadCon was the beer exchange where dads from all over the country brought their best local beers to share.  36:07—Does Jeremy share his hobbies and passion with his kids? There is a science behind the crafting and it’s enough to get any inquisitive kid intrigued.  38:58—What’s the difference between a pale ale, and IPA and all the other types of beers? This is one of those beginner questions that need an answer.  42:14—4 Hands Brewery does some fantastic charity work and their City Wide Mission initiative has rasied hundreds of thousands of dollars for non-profits in the St. Louis area. These are the kind of companies we can all get behind.  Time for the Dadhouse 5 47:41—It’s time for the Dadhouse 5! The questions we ask to check your dadness!  Plus, Mick comes up with an extra one.  A special thank you to Jeremy Danner and 4 Hand Brewery company for having a laugh with the guys from Dadhouse and making this episode a fun one to do! And if this is your first experience with Dadhouse, check out other episodes like This Old Dadhouse or Ready to be a Stay-at-Home Dad? 


19 Apr 2022

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Bitter Units: A Beer Podcast - 4 Hands Divided Sky with Jeremy Danner

The Tailgate Society

In this episode, Aaron, JT, and Tim are back to their relatively inebriated, but not too inebrieated, selves. They drink 4 Hands Divided Sky, and they are joined by a fifteen year veteran of the craft brewing industry. Jeremy Danner is the Kansas City on-premise specialist and a brand ambassador for 4 Hands Brewing Company. Prior to his current position, Danner worked in brewing, cellar, packaging, management and marketing roles at 75th Street Brewery, the Power Plant Restaurant & Brewery and Boulevard Brewing Company. He's contributed to brewing, R&D, branding, marketing and media, helping breweries connect to consumers through his love of craft beer. He's also a half decent Twitter follow @Jeremy_Danner. Don't forget to follow the podcast on Twitter @BitterUnits and you can follow the rest of the guys there, too.

1hr 24mins

12 Nov 2020

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031 - A Chat with Jeremy Danner

United We Drink

The guys have a conversation with Jeremy Danner of 4 Hands Brewing Company to talk about his over 15 years in the brewing industry, Twitter, baseball and more. This episode is sponsored by the American Homebrewers Association. Follow United We Drink on their social media channels. Twitter Instagram Facebook

1hr 14mins

24 Sep 2020

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Episode 280 - Jeremy Danner, 4 Hands Brewing (COVID-19 Quarantine Edition)

Steal This Beer

Episode 280 - Jeremy Danner, 4 Hands Brewing (COVID-19 Quarantine Edition) Happy Monday, Thieves! We have a fun show for you today with Jeremy Danner of 4 Hands Brewing. Jeremy’s a big fan of Kansas City (where he lives) and is known to get in Twitter scuffles from time to time. He also loves drinking beer and hard seltzer in his driveway pool (pictured here). Needless to say, he’s a fun time. Tune in and let us know what you think!—As always, you can email your questions, complaints, whimpers, or whines to us at stealthisbeerpodcast@gmail.com. We read everything we get and we'll try to respond as quickly as we can. If not online, then on air. And THANKS!You can subscribe to STB on iTunes and PLEASE LEAVE US A REVIEW!!!Co-hosts: Augie Carton & John Holl Producer: Justin Kennedy Engineer: Brian Casse Music: "Abstract Concepts - What Up in the Streets" by Black Ant.

24 Aug 2020

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Virtual Happy Hour - Jeremy Danner

Untappd Virtual Happy Hour

On this Virtual Happy Hour, Greg chats with 4 Hands Brewing (Kansas City, Missouri) brand ambassador & On-Premise Specialist, Jeremy Danner.This segment was recorded as a live broadcast on Untappd TV on July 16, 2020. To watch the full original version with video, visit untappd.tv!


20 Jul 2020

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Hard Opening - David George and Company - Jeremy Danner

Streetwise (The Pitch KC)

Today on Streetwise from The Pitch we express cautious optimism about the city's opening, listen to David George and Company's "When We All Come Together", and chat with Jeremy Danner from 4 Hands Brewing Co. Streetwise is hosted by Brock Wilbur, editor in chief of The Pitch. Subscribe on iTunes or Spotify. Subscribe to the Streetwise newsletter, a weekly meditation on Kansas City news and events.  Thanks to Jason Beers for our theme song, "One Kicker". Our editor is Terence Wiggins, whomst you should hire. 


15 May 2020

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Ep. 20 - Jeremy Danner of 4 Hands Brewing Co.

Drink Beer, Think Beer With John Holl

If you've spent even just a casual amount of time on Beer Twitter, you’ve come across Jeremy Danner. He's the passionate, outspoken, and thoughtful guy with an unending amount of Kansas City pride, a great love of family, and a near-constant live stream of beer.  He was the public face of Boulevard Brewing up until a few months ago when he was suddenly let go from the company. Now, people come and go from places all the time, but because he was such a visible part of that brewery in his role as ambassador brewer, the news sent waves through the industry.  He quickly bounced back and is now an on-premise account manager for 4 Hands Brewing Company as well as a brand ambassador.  In this conversation, recorded at the Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywine Festival, host John Holl gets into what it means to have your personal identity wrapped up in a brewery you don’t have ownership in, and what happens when it's suddenly taken away. We get into what works and what doesn’t on social media – something we could all use a refresher on. Then it's a transition into how Danner's new role in sales has helped round out his beer education and what we all can learn from that.  But first, Holl wanted to know how Danner first came to beer. Turns out, just like so many of us, it came through a friend. For more Drink Beer, Think Beer or to check out Beer Edge: The Newsletter for Beer Professionals, follow us on Twitter @thebeeredge and subscribe to our beer industry focused newsletter. There is more information, articles, and engaging content at Beer Edge. Hosted By: John Holl Guest: Jeremy Danner of 4 Hands Brewing Company Sponsor: Cigar City Brewing  Tags: beer, craft beer, Kansas City, Missouri, Colorado, corks, IPA, Boulevard, Big Beers, Sales, Marketing, hoodies Advertising: Ryan Newhouse, Ryan@beeredge.com 


19 Feb 2020

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Beer: Jeremy Danner

Take Me To Coffee

What didn't we talk about on this date coffee with Kansas City beer geek Jeremy Danner? We hit what it means to sewer a batch of beer, what Jeremy thinks a brewery needs to do to go from good to great to amazing, and most importantly we invented the Shut Up And Drink Your Beer Beer (tm) during a really fun hour. Be sure to check out 4 Hands Brewery and Jeremy's Twitter account . ☕️☕️☕️ Who doesn’t want free advice from people that are wildly successful and probably more good looking than we are? In most careers, mentorship is a built-in part of the process, but as theatre people, Andrew (Hamilton) and Jess (Broadway Unlocked) always wished they had more opportunity and acess. Which is exactly why each week they’re taking you to coffee with some of the most incredible folx they can find, from Broadway to TV to YouTube to Sports to Historians to Entrepreneurship. We set up the coffee date and you become a part of the podcast as our guests answer your most burning questions. All without anyone having to leave the comfort of the internet (or put pants on tbh). If you’re like us, and wish you had more access to smart, funny people who can help inspire you, this is your podcast! Anything goes on TM2C, so buckle up and leave us a VideoAsk to be a guest on the show and be mentored on air. Oh! And come hang out with us on the internets! Twitter/Insta/FB @tm2cpodcast Jess @jessicaryannyla Andrew @theandrewcall ☕️☕️☕️ This episode was produced by wonderwoman Emily Ho. Check her out on the Insta: @mediaby.emilySpecial Guest: Jeremy Danner.Support Take Me To CoffeeLinks:4 Hands Brewery

1hr 6mins

26 Sep 2019

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Episode 8: Jeremy Danner, Boulevard Brewery

State Your Line: A Kansas City Podcast

Summer is here in KC, and so are those summer hot takes. The Ritz Brothers discuss Kevin Kietzman's terrible take on Andy Reid and the reaction that followed. Next, let's get Midwest mad about Chiefs Kingdom being ranked the 31st best fans in the NFL! Then we talk Royals and some of our favorite Royals all-stars of yesteryear.  This week with sit down with Jeremy Danner, Ambassador Brewer, from Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City. We talk all things Boulevard and Royals in a very fun interview.  This week opening is Christopher Elbow's Fairway Creamery, where your phone eats first. We finally go behind enemy lines and try Brick + Mortar in Waldo, and Danny get's to sit in the Crown seats at the K, allegedly. Whats good in the neighborhood? Taco bell salsa, come and get it $$!! Music by Stefan Shaulinsk and Hooksounds. Podacst is hosted by anchor.fm

1hr 1min

27 Jun 2019