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How To Raise A Boy To Be A Great Man - Michael Gurian - 317

The Relationship School Podcast

Did you know when males have an emotive experience, two parts of the brain lights up? And when females have an emotive experience, nine parts of the brain light up? You’re probably thinking, why just two parts with men and nine parts with women?  If you’re interested in brain differences that boys and girls experience from the time they start school throughout adulthood, you’ll want to check this out:  This week, New York Times best selling author of "The Wonder of Boys: What Parents, Mentors and Educators Can Do to Shape Boys into Exceptional Men” examines the inner life of boys; their physical, socio-emotional, and neurological development.  Michael believes that to improve male sensitivity in America, parents should adopt bi-strategic and multi-strategic parenting styles and raise boys (and girls) with resiliency, purpose, and doing emotive development that fits their sensitivity. Shownotes: 3:05 Introduction Michael Gurian 5:20 Brain differences in education 10:10 Why men struggle more with therapy than women 21:50 How does empathy work inside the brain 27:00 How to raise boys in this day and age 34:15 What parents should keep in mind when rising girls 41:35 Action Step Useful Links: https://gurianinstitute.com/events/gurian-winter-institute-2021/ https://relationshipschool.com/training


17 Nov 2020

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SFP 023 | How Childhood Trauma Rewires the Developing Brain; Tolerable Stress Versus Toxic Stress; and The Devastating Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse with Dr Michael Gurian

Smart Family Podcast

Childhood trauma is devastating. When a child's brain develops it is exquisitely sensitive to stress - before and after birth. Stress hormones literally rewire the brain, affect healthy attachment, and impair the development of pathways that promote self-regulation. This means that when we see highly dysregulated behaviour it is often due to childhood trauma. In this episode we talk with psychologist Dr Michael Gurian about different types of trauma and how they affect child development - causing not only mental health issues but also physical illness even decades later. Learn more about the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and what you can do to prevent the harmful effect of ACEs in your own children. Dr Gurian also shares his own experience with childhood sexual abuse. (Please be aware that we speak frankly about sexual abuse in this episode).


23 Sep 2020

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SFP 002 | With Michael Gurian - Brain Science Explains Why Boys and Girls Learn Differently; Hacks on Enhancing School Success for Boys and STEM for Girls; and Nurturing Aggression but not Violence

Smart Family Podcast

Do boys and girls learn differently? Why is it that bright young girls struggle with math, and smart young boys find it a challenge to write a story? Dr Michael Gurian, psychologist and counsellor who applies brain science in his practice, answers these q


5 Feb 2020

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A Father's Guide to Bonding with Sons and Daughters with Michael Gurian

The Dad Edge Podcast (formerly The Good Dad Project Podcast)

According to Columbia University, children who have a poor relationship with their father are 68% more likely to drink, smoke, or use drugs. How we can strengthen the bond between father and son and father and daughter? Michael Gurian is one of the world’s foremost experts on gender and the brain and has been called “The People's Philosopher” for his ability to bring together people’s ordinary lives and scientific ideas. He is the NY Times bestselling author of thirty-two books, a keynote speaker, a husband and a father. Michael tells us the three top reasons why today’s kids aren’t connecting with their dads. He teaches us to discover our assets as fathers and how to invite our kids to utilize them. He also shares the neuroscience behind the differences between bonding with sons and daughters, and how we can best father each one. For the show notes and exclusive links mentioned in this episode go to gooddadproject.com/252. Join the Free Dad Edge Facebook Group at gooddadproject.com/group. Apply for The Dad Edge Alliance at gooddadproject.com/alliance. Follow us on Instagram at @thedadedge!

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3 Feb 2020

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1:5 Your Child's Brain with Dr. Michael Gurian

Parenting Without Power Struggles

Susan talks with Dr. Michael Gurian about brain development, differences in male/ female brains, and many more fascinating insights about some of the elements that contribute to our children's behavior. https://susanstiffelman.com/podcast-episode-gurian/


18 Jun 2019

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Raising Resilient Girls - with Michael Gurian

Hand in Hand Parenting: The Podcast

Social philosopher, family therapist, and New York Times best-selling author Michael Gurian returns to the podcast this week for some girl talk! Last time Michael guested with us, talk turned to boys. But why even separate talk about boys and girls? Michael explains the fundamental differences in brain science between girls and boys and why these difference affect: How girls learn and process information Why the mean girl phenomenon happens and why this can be an important part of a girl's rise into maturity Why some girls are more prone to anxiety that can lead to self-harm like eating disorders Cyclical thought processes that can stall our girls' decision- and action- taking. Michael suggests ways that we can observe what's happening in our girls' lives and support them to be strong and resilient. Join us this week for some fascinating insight on how the world looks for girls and the practical ways you can guide yours. More Resources for Raising Resilient Girls Learn more about Micheal's work at www.GurianInstitute.com and read more about his approach to raising girls in his book The Minds of Girls. Join Michael and Abigail at this year's Summer Institute. Hear Micheal talk about Raising Boys on our earlier podcast Raising Boys and Girls Differently For daily support from instructors, plus regular Q&A call-ins with them and our founder Patty Wipfler, join the Hand in Hand Parent Club - your rich, deep dive into Hand in Hand Parenting


13 Mar 2019

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Episode #25 / Michael Gurian, Author of Saving Our Sons

The Family Brain with Megan Gipson, LCSW, Ed.M

Megan speaks with Author and gender expert Michael Gurian about technology, biological gender differences and brain science in this episode of The Family Brain. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


2 Oct 2018

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Episode 26: Michael Gurian; Short-Stories- Turkey, Middle East, America

Authors of the Pacific Northwest

Episode 26: Michael Gurian; Short-Stories- Turkey, Middle East, America In This Episode, You’ll Hear: (Podcast run time 49 minutes) :40 - Introduction to Michael Gurian 3:40 - Michael shares a bit about himself 5:40 - Michael & Vikki discusses how non-fiction and fiction writing work together 6:40- Michael shares his publishing journey from traditional works to small printing press 10:40 - Michael shares advice about publishing and working with an agent 14:20 - Michael shares about author platforms & how he was developed his platform 19:40 - Michael talks about support groups 24:20  - Michael shares his inspiration 28:00- Michael reads from The Blind Woman & Other Short Stories 47:20- Michael closes the podcast sharing his future works in progress Connect with Michael Gurian: Michael’s Website: https://www.michaelgurian.com Podcast Music Credits: Artist: Kevin MacLead Title: Backbay Lounge Album: Teh Jazzes, 2017 Website: https://incompetech.com/music/ Thanks For Listening Thanks for listening!. If you have something you’d like to share with me, please connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or our website. Write a review on iTunes.


17 Sep 2018

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The Wonder of Girls - Guest: Michael Gurian

The Tim Wright Show

Tim is joined by author and social philosopher Michael Gurian. Michael discusses the way girls minds function and the struggles they face growing up in today's culture.


17 Jun 2016

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The Purpose of Boys - Guest: Michael Gurian

The Tim Wright Show

Tim is joined by author and social philosopher Michael Gurian to talk about what it's like for a boy growing up in today's social climate.


31 May 2016