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13 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michelle Andrews. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michelle Andrews, often where they are interviewed.

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13 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michelle Andrews. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michelle Andrews, often where they are interviewed.

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Shameless Media - Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald

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Melbourne duo Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews are the founders of Shameless Media.

In March 2018 they launched the Shameless Podcast, which has gone on to become a cultural phenomenon, and a thriving media empire.

Michelle and Zara sat down with Jules and Antony to discuss the story behind Shameless, from episode one, marketing the show with stickers in uni toilets, the episode which changed everything, managing their influence, leaving their jobs and going full-time plus how they approach each episode. They were incredibly generous with their time and dish up invaluable advice to anyone in podcasting, from two of the most switched on people in the business.

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Here are some of the ways you can enjoy Shameless:

A twice weekly podcast - Shameless - Best Entertainment Podcast 2020

Book club

Facebook Group

Influential Instagram

Love etc Podcast - Finalist Best Sex & Relationship Podcast 2020

The Space Between Book

Zara recommends these podcasts:

The Daily

The Cut

Michelle recommends this podcast:

Dying for Sex

Shameless record their podcast on:

Adobe Audition

They started out using the Scarlet 2i2 Studio audio recorder

Using Blue Yeti Microphones remotely and the Rode Procaster in person

Nov 03 2020 · 47mins
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Shameless Girls - Zara McDonald & Michelle Andrews - Life in Lockdown, Their New Book & Working with Your Best Friend

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Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews don't need much of an introduction when it comes to the world of podcasting. They were two of the original podcasters in Australia leaving their full time job as journalist to bring to you the ever so popular and award winning podcast Shameless - "the podcast for smart people who like dumb stuff."

All Melbourne-based we chat to the girls about life in lockdown, having a powerful platform during a pandemic and finding their feet in the world of virtual podcasting. Not only are they continuing to bring you entertaining conversations twice a week the girls have also just launched their hugely successful first book The Space Between. Full of honesty, heartbreak, mental health battles, career and everything you are whacked with in your twenties when you are still processing who and what you are and want to be. These personal stories are relatable and can show you navigate certain scenarios and that's why we think this book is like bible and a free therapy session rolled into one.

These girls are funny, smart and have a powerful voice leading the way on raw, honest and vulnerable conversations for their generation.

Check out the book The Space Between here.

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Sep 22 2020 · 55mins

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TTG + Zara McDonald & Michelle Andrews: Hosts of the 'Shameless' Podcast and Authors of 'The Space Between'

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Those Two Girls become Those FOUR Girls, as we chat with the hosts of hit podcast 'Shameless' Zara McDonalds and Michelle Andrews. 

We talk about the road to launching their own media company, not taking no for an answer, leading with content and kindness, and what being in your twenties in 2020 is really like. 

You can pick up a copy of their new book here: https://www.penguin.com.au/books/the-space-between-9781760894610

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Sep 03 2020 · 50mins
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IN CONVERSATION: Michelle Andrews

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Hello! Surprise! It's Mich! In conversation!
You guys have been asking for us to interview each other for quite a while now and we figured there was no better opportunity to do exactly that than the two eps following our book launch.
In this chat, Zara asks Mich about the experience of her parents separating when she was in her early twenties, how she finds fulfilment in her work, and her final essay in The Space Between, where she generously shares a chapter of her life story that she's never told the world before.
If you or a loved one is struggling with the aftermath of sexual violence, please call 1800 RESPECT.
Zara would also like to ask that you don't DM Mich about anything shared in this episode and is very grateful for your understanding.
A big shoutout to today's sponsor, The Oodie! Get $30 off your v-comfy Oodie using the code SHAMELESS30 at checkout.
Oh oh oh and our book is FINALLY available and in all good bookstores! BUY THE SPACE BETWEEN HERE!
If this is your first time checking us out (hey, you), we are an independent media company that is dedicated to telling young women’s stories. The best way to support Shameless is to click ‘Subscribe’ on Apple Podcasts or ‘Follow’ on your Spotify app, and to tell your mates about us. We will reward such good behaviour with a puppy! Not everything in this paragraph is true!
But wait! There’s more!Our back catalogue of In Conversation interviews.Follow Shameless on Instagram.Join our book club Facebook Group.Subscribe to the weekly Shameless recommendations newsletter.
We cherish your feedback on the show, and would bloody love to hear your wonderful voices. If you’d like to weigh in on an episode - whether it be a segment in a Monday episode, an In Conversation guest, or this month’s book club pick, we’d love for you to call our Shameless Hotline. You miiiiight just be featured on an episode.
Thanks so much for lending us your ears for this episode! Have a great day! Stay hydrated!
This episode was produced by Annabelle Lee for Shameless Media.
Sep 02 2020 · 49mins

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Emsolation Conversation with Michelle Andrews

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In the very first bonus episode of Emsolation, Em sits down with Michelle Andrews of the Shameless podcast.

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May 28 2020 · 29mins
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Beauty Isolation: Michelle Andrews, Co-Founder of Shameless

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The hair product every blonde needs in quarantine...
Hello and welcome to Beauty Island, the award-nominated beauty podcast that celebrates life and lipstick.
I’m your host, beauty journalist, Brittany Stewart and this is another episode of Beauty Isolation, a special mini series of Beauty Island.
Normally, I ask my guests about the 8 beauty products that have a special memory or meaning for them. The ones they’d take to a desert island, or Beauty Island, that I am sending them off to. In Beauty Isolation, instead they pick the 8 products that have played a significant role in quarantine. The ones they’re using, ditching or rediscovering in isolation. Twice a week, we’ll explore how their relationship to beauty has changed during this time, as well as conversations around self-care, how they’re going, and what they’re most looking forward to.
Today my guest is journalist and founder of Shameless Media, Michelle Andrews. Shameless Podcast has been downloaded over 10 million times, with hundreds of thousands of people each week pressing play to hear Michelle and co-founder Zara McDonald give their smart take on pop culture. As well as being a brilliantly talented writer and podcaster, Michelle is also a former colleague and very good friend, so it was so lovely to chat (remotely) about beauty and isolation.
We talked about isolation skin, the quarantine-life-changing hair product tiding her over while she can’t visit the hairdressers, the reality of being productive during a global pandemic, and her beautiful newfound appreciation for time spent with her siblings.
If you enjoy the podcast, please subscribe, rate and review, and share with a friend. I’d love to hear your beauty isolation and favourites - come and chat on Instagram over at @beautyislandpodcast.
Follow host Brittany Stewart:Instagram: @brittanybeautybts@beautyislandpodcastEmail: beautyislandpodcast@gmail.comSubscribe to It's A Beauty! Newsletter for no BS beauty reviews, tips and tricks. (It's free!)
Follow Michelle Andrews:@michelleandrews1Listen to Shameless:Follow Shameless on Instagram: @shamelesspodcastDiscover more about Shameless Media
Products Michelle spoke about: James Cosmetics Eye Masks: https://bit.ly/2WtMsBnBlonde.Angel by Kevin Murphy: https://bit.ly/2WR4qN1Batiste Dry Shampoo: https://bit.ly/2YX1WPROlaplex No.3 Treatment: https://bit.ly/2yRNePEGo-To Transformazing Sheet Mask: http://bit.ly/2I6kd3HGo-To Fancy Face Oil Cleanser: https://bit.ly/2zxF6E0Hair Appointments @kaitlinsammuthairJohnson's Baby Shampoo: https://bit.ly/3copKQF
Followers by Megan Angelo: https://www.readings.com.au/products/30932254/followersBeauty by Bri Lee: https://bit.ly/3fOfyDkUnorthodox (Netflix)
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May 13 2020 · 43mins
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#727 - Michelle Andrews & Zara McDonald On Anxiety & Perception

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Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald from Shameless Podcast are back! 

We chat about Michelle's new pup, Mich and Zara's upcoming book, growing outside your arena, mentors, isolation and anxiety, when busyness serves you, a Shameless dating update from Mr. 97 and what we're currently consuming.

On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we discuss: 

- A Shameless dating update
- Michelle's new pup, Benji
- Children and parenting
- Writing the book
- Podcast perception
- Growing outside your frequency and mentors
- Isolation and anxiety
- Busyness, being hypercritical and managing mental health
- OnlyFans
- Consumption and over hype

Michelle Andrews: https://www.instagram.com/michelleandrews1/

Zara McDonald: https://www.instagram.com/zamcdonald/

Shameless Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/shamelesspodcast/

Watch and listen to this episode of The Daily Talk Show at https://thedailytalkshow.com/727

Email us: hi@thedailytalkshow.com

Send us mail: PO BOX 400, Abbotsford VIC 3067

The Daily Talk Show is an Australian talk show and daily podcast by Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen. Tommy and Josh chat about life, creativity, business, and relationships — big questions and banter. Regularly visited by guests and gronks! If you watch the show or listen to the podcast, you're part of the Gronk Squad.

This podcast is produced by BIG MEDIA COMPANY. Find out more at https://bigmediacompany.com/

May 12 2020 · 1hr 30mins
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Michelle Andrews & Zara McDonald - Shameless Podcast creators & journalists

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Hello and welcome to A Christmas Binge, your new favourite Christmas listening tradition.
The mince pies have been in the supermarket since October, maybe you’ve been Christmas shopping since August, but it’s we’re into the second week of December so we’re getting into full festive swing.
My name is Brittany Stewart, I’m a Melbourne-based journalist, host of another podcast, Beauty Island, and an absolute Christmas obsessive. Last year, as a podcast fanatic, I desperately wanted to find something festive to add to my podcast rotation in December to get me in the mood. I couldn’t find anything, so this year I made the decision to make it myself. Christmas goodwill or purely selfish, you decide.
A Christmas Binge is all about celebrating the spirit of the season by chatting to interesting people to find out how they celebrate. Each episode in the lead up to Christmas, I sit down with someone and ask them about their favourite Christmas films and music, the food that fills their Christmas table in terms of what goes on the dinner table and of course, their unique Christmas traditions.
This week, I’m joined by two guests. If you’re a podcast fan, you likely already know them. Today I’m celebrating Christmas with Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald of the insanely popular Shameless podcast. Pop Culture journalists, hosts and founders of Shameless Media, they’ve built a media empire that counts three generations among its loyal fans. Their flagship podcast Shameless has been downloaded more than six million times. And they also just so happen to be my former colleagues at Mamamia.
I headed to Shameless HQ, donned festive hats and chatted to the pair about the Aussie Christmas TV show they’re obsessed with, our theory on why there are so few new good Christmas movies, a rant about Michael Buble and a controversial opinion on Christmas cake.
Listen to Shameless: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/shameless/id1352875216Follow Shameless: @shamelesspodcast @michelleandrews1 @zamcdonaldFollow host Brittany Stewart: @achristmasbinge @brittanybeautybtsSubscribe to Beauty Island: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/beauty-island/id1429274511Shop Buy From The Bush: @buyfromthebushhttps://instagram.com/buyfromthebush?igshid=1c2h130eo4elc
Now just a word for this episode and the whole season; I am so privileged to have had family and Christmas experiences that make it a time of year that I love. I know for many people, for many different reasons, find Christmas a very difficult period. So I just wanted to flag that this podcast largely deals with the positive and often indulgent side of Christmas, and we’re very lucky to have the privilege and freedom to talk about things like the food we’re eating and the way we celebrate and gifts and family. If it’s a topic you find hard, this might not be the podcast for you right now.
But if that is you, please know you're not alone if you’re open to sharing for a special little episode later in the month - get in touch and email me at beautyislandpodcast@gmail.com or send me a DM on Instagram @AChristmasBinge. I’ll also be sharing some ways you can give back this Christmas so listen out in each episode for that.
If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe, rate five stars, write a review and recommend to a friend!
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Dec 09 2019 · 41mins
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How the Shameless brand exploded, with Zara McDonald & Michelle Andrews

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Find links mentioned here: http://bit.ly/122shameless

00:50 - Introduction
03:03 - Podcast setups
05:00 - Co Founder dynamics
06:15 - How much they owe to The Daily Mail
10:20 - Goals growing up
13:50 - The death of the celebrity profile
16:40 - Uncovering Sarah’s Day
20:21 - Blogging is dead
23:00 - Going out alone with Shameless
28:38 - Gaining clout on a saturated market
33:40 - The ah-ha moment
36:50 - The Shameless FB Group Community
43:03 - Adequate monetisation
50:54 - Shameless Media & short term goals
57:31 - Potential investors
01:03:39 - Creator burnout and mental health
01:11:29 - Trolling and online criticism
01:15:20 - Regular publishing days
01:18:50 - Getting into video
01:20:40 - Weird fan moments
01:24:09 - Confidence and imposter syndrome
01:27:38 - Election results & diversity of opinions
01:40:30 - Daily routines
01:41:27 - A book they’d gift
01:42:14 - Best purchase under $200

Jun 11 2019 · 1hr 45mins
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Zara McDonald & Michelle Andrews // The podcasters for smart women who love dumb stuff

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If you haven’t heard of the Shameless podcast yet, I’m SO delighted to be able to give you the best podcast recommendation you might ever get. Being the podcast for smart women who like dumb stuff, Shameless speaks to a special piece of my soul and turns out hundreds of thousands of others agree getting a weekly intellectual and highly entertaining spin on pop culture from the amazing Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews.
Created in 2018 while in their early 20s working together at Mamamia, this dynamic duo now podcast full time and have grown Shameless to 1.4 million downloads in its first year, being named in Apple’s best of 2018 list, and selling out 700 live show tickets in 24 hours which happened just last week. So chances are if you’re listening to this, you’ve probably also listened to Shameless but you might NOT have heard from Zara and Michelle about their lives PRE shameless and all the behind the scenes which, as you know, is my favourite part of Seize the Yay. And even if you haven’t heard of them, there’s a reason their banter has gone viral so I’m guessing you’ll enjoy the chats regardless.
+ Full show notes here+ Announcements on Insta at @spoonful_of_sarah+ Subscribe to not miss out on the next instalment of YAY!
Apr 01 2019 · 1hr 20mins