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181: Being sober makes you brave with Suzy Walker

Alcohol Free Life - Janey Lee Grace

Janey chats to Suzy Walker, author, writer and former editor of Psychologies, magazine who has taken some ‘big leaps’ in her life that wouldn’t have been possible if she had still been drinking! We talk about the power of writing, stream of consciousness and creative writing and just how much more brave we become when we are sober.  Grab a copy of The Artists Way by Julia Cameron - The Artists Way Don’t forget the power of connection Join us in The Sober Club www.thesoberclub.com Events We have a Sober by the Sea Day Sat June 11 in Southend Champneys Tring, Selfcare in Sobriety Sun-Mon 26-27 June Family Constellations Sun July 17


13 May 2022

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Season 2 Episode 6 Lovelda Show - Women of Power Podcast with Suzy Walker

Lovelda Show - Women of Power Podcast

Never miss a show, get notifications direct to your inbox. http://bit.ly/TheLoveldaShow Covered in this Episode Give value to the past, but look forward Control and vent emotions The charm of being authentic The importance of self awareness About Your Host: Entrepreneur & international MC, Moderator & host, Lovelda Vincenzi has been speaking and performing on stages since the age of 13 (www.lovelda.com). On a mission to unleash authentic powerful female voices, Lovelda runs World Class Female Speakers supporting women to get found, booked, and paid as speakers. As an MC and Moderator Lovelda has been trusted by organisers to introduce and facilitate conversations with political figureheads such as Margrethe Vestagar (European Commissioner for Competition) & Toomas Hendric Ilves (Former President of Estonia). In addition to celebrities such as Monica Lewinsky, Kunal Nayyar (Big Bang Theory), Andy King (Netflix Documentary Fyre Festival) and Business Executives and Entrepreneurs such as Paul Polman (Former Unilever CEO), Karan Bilimoria (CEO & Founder Cobra Beer) and Daniel Priestly (4-time best selling author and founder of Dent). Connect with the show: YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/c/LoveldaVincenzi Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/loveldashow About our Guest: Suzy Walker is the Editor-in-Chief of Psychologies magazine, the UK's number one mindful living magazine. Named as one of the top ten coaches in the country, Suzy is also founder of Big Leap Life Ltd and author of Making The Big Leap and The Big Peace. Connect with Suzy Walker: Psychologies Magazine Instagram: www.instagram.com/psychologiesmagazine/ Personal Instagram: www.instagram.com/suzy_skywalker/ Big Leap Life Instagram: www.instagram.com/bigleaplife/ Links shared in this episode > > > FREE Speaker Marketing Blueprint:  https://www.worldclassfemalespeakers.com/speakermarketingblueprint/ > > > UPCOMING TRAINING: LinkedIn Speaker Profiles Intensive : https://bit.ly/LinkedInProfileIntensive > > >  SUBSCRIBE TO PSYCHOLOGIES: join our Life Leap Club with a free coaching course every month www.psychologies.co.uk/free-coaching-when-you-subscribe-today > > > MAKING THE BIG LEAP https://amzn.to/37Al36z > > >  THE BIG PEACE:  https://amzn.to/3jk4ka9 > > >  THE ARTISTS WAY: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self   https://amzn.to/2IMQdNM


12 Nov 2020

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Slow with Suzy Walker

Clowning Around Podcast

Join your host Emma and her Clown Barbara talking all things Slow. What happens to your life when you really Slow down? How did Suzy get to live her Slow life on her boat and how has that affected her work and life? How can Barbara use more knitting to get her to Slow down? What can you do to Slow your life down so you can have even more flow and much, much more… Follow Suzy… Facebook: psychologiesmagazine Instagram: @psychologiesmag About Suzy Suzy is Editor in Chief of Psychologies Magazine, a magazine that is inspiring women to live a happy and fulfilled life.


27 Oct 2020

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#39: SLOW – Suzy Walker

School for Mothers Podcast

Sometimes life gets too fast, Psychologies editor Suzy Walker joins me to explore the joy of SLOWing down. Suzy reveals how she navigated SLOWing down while holding a ‘big job’, parenting, and all the other projects in her life.  We discuss blind spots, finding home within yourself, and the value systems we use to judge our own lives. Take an hour and SLOW down to enjoy this wonderful conversation. Read the full show notes over on our website School for Mothers Website ● School For Mothers Private Facebook Group ● School for Mothers Instagram ● School For Mothers Patreon


24 Jul 2019

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Psychologies Magazine Editor Suzy Walker

The Influential Women Podcast

Suzy Walker is the Editor-in-Chief of Psychologies Magazine. She is also the Author of 'Making the Big Leap'. The 'Influential Women Podcast' discusses Suzy's life, work, passions, motivations and influences and is co-produced by presenter Nicki Bannerman and audio producer Juliette Nicholls. @nickihbc @julesnicholls @Suzy_walker101


20 Nov 2018

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92 The Third Act Belongs to You, with Suzy Walker

A Brilliant Gamble

When I first became a coach in 2000 I was one of the first wave of coaches in the UK. Generally young, successful women who’d come from the corporate world, we saw coaching as a way to help people move forward in their lives and make conscious choices about how they wanted to live and how they wanted to feel. Suzy Walker is one of the biggest names to come from that wave of coaches. Now Editor of Psychologies Magazine, she is author of the bestseller “Making the Big Leap” and for many years ran her own highly successful coaching business. In our interview we talk about changing your name mid-life, returning to a “proper job” having worked for yourself, and our beliefs around money... and we end up making a pact together to change our attitudes towards financial security. You’ll enjoy this interview if you’re at a crossroads, if you’re interested in working on your intuition and shifting long-standing beliefs, especially about money, if you’re looking for more balance in your life or you’re keen to pare down your life to a more simple way of living. You can follow Psychologies Magazine on Facebook and find out about all the live videos they broadcast every day including my next one of October 18th! If you want to work on your own beliefs and assumptions and create a life that’s more meaningful for you - sign up to A Brilliant Gamble Online NOW! This self-paced online coaching programme takes you step-by-step from designing your ideal life to figuring out how work and everything else will blend into that life. You'll discover and think about how you want to FEEL about your life and how to make it a reality. Plus, you'll have lifetime access to tonnes of videos and tried and tested exercises that have worked for, not only, my clients but that I use to make changes in my own life. Find out more here. And you can stay in touch with us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and of course, the website.

1hr 3mins

2 Oct 2018

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81 How to leave your comfort zone behind - Suzy Walker

Your Next Chapter - step into the next version of you

Suzy’s story of gradually moving ever closer to her sweet spot of purpose will likely sound familiar. A definite deep desire to follow a certain path, but an initial lack of self-belief hits the pause button and then life itself intervenes and a detour takes place.


31 Jul 2018

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013: How To Be Braver, with Suzy Walker


What does it mean to be brave? Is it about having bullet-proof confidence, or smug certainty? If so, I've been doing it wrong all my life. Reflecting on the times when I've been brave, I can't recall a single episode where I've felt bullet-proof or certain. The time I moved countries to attend grad school? I was terrified. For months, I had major imposter syndrome. The time I left my marriage? (...because, to paraphrase Cheryl Strayed, I realised I didn't love him hard enough or true enough or big enough or right). Was it the brave and right thing to do? Absolutely. Was I scared and uncertain? You bet. The time I left a well-paid, but soul-destroying career to start my own business? I was totally wracked with self-doubt. And yes, it turned out to be the bravest, best career choice ever. But still, I felt more weenie than winner at the time. I've learned one thing about bravery: Being brave doesn't mean you're not terrified. It's being terrified and proceeding anyway, in spite of the fear and uncertainty. And if you splatter, it's about getting up again. Today I'm in conversation with Suzy Walker, the editor of Psychologies magazine. Suzy is also a life coach, the author of two books, Making the Big Leap and The Big Peace, and is momma to Charlie (human) and Oscar (canine). Suzy and I discuss what it means to be brave; why resilience is key (especially if you've splattered); and why you don't have to be the smartest or the most talented to be successful. Some highlights: Suzy dreamt of crashing her car - a sign that she needed to be brave and make a change Bravery vs. talent Handling your inner critic Tips on making a big leap Suzy puts her coaching hat on and answers some of your listener questions (on becoming self-employed; on struggling with self-promotion; and on busting a rut) Please enjoy my conversation with Suzy Walker. Psychologies Magazine Making The Big Leap The Big Peace The Artist’s Way The Hero With a Thousand Faces Big Magic If you have enjoyed today’s episode, please subscribe to our weekly inspiration email list and leave us a review on iTunes. Quotes by Suzy: “Courage is moving forward when you’re scared to death... and knowing when not to move forward.” “By being brave, you open all of the doors.” “You’ll never be confident enough to do it. You have to do it so you’ll become confident.”


15 Mar 2017