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19 of The Best Podcast Episodes for RJ Bates. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about RJ Bates, often where they are interviewed.

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19 of The Best Podcast Episodes for RJ Bates. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about RJ Bates, often where they are interviewed.

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EP422: RJ Bates III Gets Real Vulnerable While Sharing His Powerful Story About Scaling Too Quickly (& How He Was Able To Turn Things Around)

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RJ Bates III grew his business incredibly rapidly, but it cost him nearly everything. He would spend 10+ hours a day on the phone trying to put out fires instead of actually enjoying the fruits of his labor. He had to take a step back and reevaluate what was most important to him. He shares his story and how he was able to scale down to live a more fulfilling and profitable life.

Key Takeaways:

  • RJ scaled his business very quickly but he wasn’t making money and he wasn’t happy. He had to go back to the drawing board to design a better life.
  • How did RJ get into wholesaling?
  • As RJ started to get more into it, he realized it’s about creating generational wealth and began acquiring assets.
  • During this time, RJ grew his business to 74 employees, but they weren’t niche anymore and they weren’t making any money.
  • RJ is so grateful that his business partner trusted him to pivot the business and get them back on track. 
  • How can people overcome fear and get themselves out of the hole they might be in? RJ shares his advice.
  • There’s plenty of opportunity out there right now. 
  • Despite having a business for 3-4+ years now, RJ is still using ‘beginner’ tactics to get his business up and going. 
  • We need to be real with the challenges we have. 
  • Covid-19 has brought us closer together. 
  • Comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t compare yourself to other people 
  • Everything that could go wrong in 2019, did go wrong for RJ. RJ opens up on what happened. 
  • RJ grew his business at such a rapid rate that everything else was falling apart at the seams. 
  • Listening to the advice of his peers, he realized he needed to become much, much leaner. 
  • Scale to be better, don’t scale to be bigger. 
  • RJ is in the process of liquidating his assets to become more lean. 
  • Remember, you’re on your own unique journey. Don’t try to replicate someone else’s success. 
  • RJ is so grateful with his relationship with God and putting his trust in Him.
  • RJ shares the impact masterminds have had on his business.

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Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win Book by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

Predictive Index: Lead, don’t manage. Use the power of talent optimization to design great teams and lead them through anything.

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“My visionary brain basically almost killed our company. It just drove us into the ground.”

“The credit cards were maxed out. There was no option for us.”

“Don’t allow fear to give you paralysis. You have to go out and take action.”

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Jun 15 2020 · 56mins
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Wholesaling in todays climate and the value of community RJ Bates and Mike Cowper

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RJ Bates is a real estate wholesaler and the CEO of Titanium Investments, a Texas-based real estate company that fixes, buys, and sells properties to help local investors as well as the community. With nearly a decade of experience, Mike Cowper has seen his fair share of success in the real estate investment industry. Mike is also a wholesaler as well as a serial entrepreneur. He is the owner of Return on Investments, LLC., a company that specializes in acquiring off-market properties at discounted prices to sell them to prospective buyers, as well as the Founder of The Inner Circle Elite Mastermind.

RJ and Mike join me today to discuss the different challenges they encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic and the strategies they used to continue doing business. They describe the big changes that happened in their respective markets and how they’re making do with virtual wholesaling. They explain why they prefer closing deals over the phone and why this skill is an advantage today. RJ and Mike also discuss the benefits of being part of a mastermind group and how joining a mastermind can help you take your real estate business to the next level.

“Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes it is what people want to strive for, but figure out what you want.” - Mike Cowper

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • The challenges RJ is encountering in his market during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The changes RJ had to make for his business to survive this lockdown.
  • Utilizing virtual wholesaling with boots on the ground.
  • Mike's current situation and why real estate has been deemed non-essential.
  • Why RJ prefers closing deals over the phone.
  • Problems both buyers and sellers are experiencing in this market.
  • The silver lining RJ and Mike have found throughout the lockdown.
  • Calling old or dead leads to see if they're willing to sell now.
  • Addressing pain points over the phone and asking the right questions.
  • Why success means not comparing yourself to other people.
  • Their advice on how you can get back to your roots as an investor.
  • The benefits of being a member of mastermind groups.

Connect with RJ Bates:

Connect with Mike Cowper:

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May 06 2020 · 1hr 4mins

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"No Money" Marketing ft. RJ Bates

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Marketing always costs money.....this is actually a myth. Sometimes there are marketing techniques out there to bring you deals without having to spend a cent. RJ Bates does deals in crazy markets like Hawaii and Alaska, so in order to get deals, he's had to be creative with the way he markets. Listen in as he's gives some tips on how he spends no money on some marketing!

Feb 28 2020 · 21mins
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RJ Bates III Shares How He’s Flipping in 10 Markets in Just Under 5 Years

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RJ Bates talks about how he went from being a broke contractor, to wholesaler, to nationwide flipper in just under 5 years. Along the way, he also started a podcast and a mastermind. Video Replay of Interview with RJ Bates Podcast of Interview with RJ Bates Start Your Real Estate Disruptors Journey by visiting http://www.realestatedisruptors.com […]

The post RJ Bates III Shares How He’s Flipping in 10 Markets in Just Under 5 Years appeared first on Real Estate Disruptors.

Dec 12 2019 · 1hr 8mins

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Transitioning From Contractors To Wholesalers With Cassi DeHaas & RJ Bates

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Ever heard someone wise say, "you can't expect to finish how you started?"

It's possible to have a profitable business idea that works out perfectly the first time, however, that doesn't mean it has to be forever. Tune in as Martine's guests, Cassi Dehaas & RJ Bates discuss how they went from being successful contractors to randomly deciding to explore wholesaling. 

After a few trys there wholesaling business began so successful that the got to transition and end their career as contractors. If you are loving the real estate industry but possibly considering a transition, this is the perfect episode for you to get inspired to take the leap and try something new.

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Nov 07 2019 · 57mins
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Fuel 7: RJ Bates - Mindset to Be Blessed

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What's up everybody! Welcome back to the Investor Fuel Show. If you listened to last week's show, you heard Mr. Sean Whalen who gave a Keynote presentation at a recent Investor Fuel Meeting and this week, I'm bringing you another awesome member of our Investor Fuel Family, Mr. RJ Bates! RJ is a great guy. He and his partner Cassi have built something pretty amazing. They are operating in lots of different states and have a mission to effectively dominate the world and be actively investing all over the country. He shared a presentation with us last year at the Investor Fuel meeting and it was a moving presentation on how he got to where he is. It's a kinda rags to riches story like coasting on fumes to going to absolutely crushing it in real estate investing. It's a powerful presentation and there were definitely some watery eyes in the crowd when he was sharing some of the stories and I think you'll get a lot of value out of it. I hope you enjoy it! Let's go ahead and jump in.

Jul 02 2019 · 1hr 16mins
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EP 160: 200+ Deals Per Year From Texas to Hawaii | Multi-State Investing Strategies Unveiled w/ Cassi DeHaas & RJ Bates

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Are you struggling to compete in a flooded market? Find out how you can stand out, branch out, and take that next big step in scaling your business. RJ and Cassi are wholesalers from Dallas, TX who have done deals in over 25 states and are growing at a rapid pace. You’ll hear their marketing tactics, Facebook ad strategies, apps & tools, and how they bake purpose into their business to find fulfillment doing what they love! Follow our Guest: RJ & Cassi's Carrot Site: Titanium Investments on Facebook: RJ Bates on Facebook Cassi DeHaas on Facebook: Mentioned in this Episode:
Jun 18 2019 · 50mins
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Titanium Tuesday - RJ Bates III - Work Life Balance w/ Brandon Richards

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Titanium Tuesday - RJ Bates III - Work Life Balance w/ Brandon Richards

Mar 27 2019 · 1hr 7mins
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Titanium Tuesday - RJ Bates III w/ Ashton Richardson - Door Knocking

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Titanium Tuesday - RJ Bates III w/ Ashton Richardson - Door Knocking

Feb 04 2019 · 1hr
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RJ Bates III w/ TJ Kosen - Diversification vs Specialization in Real Estate and Construction

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RJ Bates III w/ TJ Kosen - Diversification vs Specialization in Real Estate and Construction

Jan 16 2019 · 1hr 1min