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Episode 072 with Chris Watters, CEO of Watters International Realty

GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset

After going through a massive business failure almost 10 years ago, Chris decided to give real estate a try. He’s always been attracted to this industry because of the many different things one gets to learn from it and how there are no limits on personal growth.Chris started doing really well as an agent.  But eventually, he found that the work that needed to be done was taking too much of his time. He started to lose flexibility and freedom which are some of the main reasons why he went into this business in the first place.  This led him to build his own brokerage in the summer of 2011.Unfortunately, things didn’t go as well as he had planned. From a profitability perspective, he knew he worked harder but he realized that he made less money now than he did a couple of years back.  He ended up literally burning his business down to the ground and started to implement Gary Keller’s MREA model.  Today, Chris is the founder of Watters International Realty which is one of the most respected teams in Central Texas. In this episode, we talked about how Chris took his business to the next level and who are the first three key hires to hitting $1M in annual GCI.Top Takeaways: 01:36 Why Chris got into real estate02:12 What made Chris decide to build a team05:55 How much do you need to make to afford leadership to help you run the business07:16 The one skill you need to master to become wealthy in real estate08:26 Who your first hire should be from a leverage perspective13:36 The 3 things a listing agent should be focusing on16:09 What are the 3 unique phases of the growth curve21:09 One of the biggest mistake people make when hiring an agent23:14 The 3 things to look for in candidates while within the 90-day probationary window 25:36 The value of creating a conducive environment to set people up for success. To get a FREE copy of Chris’ book, The Million Dollar Real Estate Team, go tohttps://www.themilliondollarrealestateteam.com/


22 Jun 2021

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Building a Million Dollar Real Estate Team with Chris Watters

Just Start Real Estate with Mike Simmons

My guest today is Chris Watters. Chris is the Founder and CEO of Watters International Realty and he hosts his own show entitled CEO Secrets Podcast. Chris also co-authored the book The Million Dollar Real Estate Team with his business partner, Bradley Pounds. His other ventures, investments, and advisory roles include Mint Title, WHD Investments Inc, WIR Publishing Inc, and #RealDeal. We start this episode with Chris sharing his background story. Back when he was in college, Chris owned a lawn mowing business and was able to pay his way through college and get a degree in finance. During his senior year, he got interested in real estate, but he was still very young and impatient, so he turned to the oil and gas industry. After the market crashed in 2009, Chris lost his job. That’s when he decided to use his savings and open a restaurant. Unfortunately, with the market being so bad, he wasn’t able to sustain his business in the service industry. So, in 2010 Chris got his broker’s license and started recruiting people to be a part of his team. Chris then goes on to explain how he was able to recruit new people to his team. He knew, from his own experience, that the first thing a realtor needs is a good lead. But he also knew that this can get pretty expensive. So, he decided to create a co-op fund with other local businesses, and pretty soon he got up to $5,000 per month. This was more than enough to allow Chris to grow his business and his team by using leads. He used leads as value propositions to get agents.  Together we then dive into discussing the importance of building a good team. Chris points out that there are three key things when it comes to building a team. First, you need to know who to recruit and select. Second, you need to know how to actually train people and build a roadmap that will help them be successful. And third, to distinguish between quality and quantity when it comes to leads because not all leads are equal. Once he had answers to these questions, his team grew pretty fast and they netted 1 million dollars in their third year. Eventually, we discuss Chris’s motive for starting his podcast CEO Secrets. He shares that as a student, he was a part of a number of different organizations that allowed him to come in contact with some amazing and smart people. Chris believes that learning from those people was his biggest shortcut when it comes to his growth. Wanting to share his own journey and help others through his experience, he first co-wrote The Million Dollar Real Estate Team. After he started expanding into other markets, he started to explore coaches outside of real estate and quickly realized that a lot of people in the real estate business think like a salesman, and not as a CEO. This is why he decided to start his own podcast as well as his non-profit masterclass - to teach real estate agents to think like CEOs and make strategic shifts in their business. Lastly, Chris shares the plethora of different non-profit organizations that he supports (and you can too) through his business, with sales from his book and his amazing 90-day masterclass.  Don’t miss this episode of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast with Chris Watters and learn how to build an amazing team, have transformational success, and grow your business! Notable Quotes: “I wanted to grow fast and skip all the steps, versus developing my skills as a salesperson.” Chris Watters “I wasn't even practicing as a real estate agent, I was just fascinated with the idea of lead generation in the real estate industry.” Chris Watters “I was dead broke, sleeping on my girlfriend's red IKEA couch. And being 24 or 25 years old, the only thing I knew at that point was how to prospect on the phone from a sales perspective and the internet lead generation side.” Chris Watters “One of the things I needed early in my career, when I didn't sell that many houses and I was dead broke, was money to pay for lead generation.” Chris Watters “I used the leads as the value proposition to get agents.” Chris Watters “You can generate a lot of really cheap leads but you can burn your salespeople out and they may not even make any money because they have to work 100 leads to close one deal.” Chris Watters “We grew super fast. In our third year, we netted a million bucks.” Chris Watters “Leads are just oxygen - you can only go so long without leads before you die.” Mike Simmons “A lot of people get into real estate and they don't think like a CEO, they think like a salesperson.” Chris Watters “It's not to the benefit of a lot of these real estate companies to help you build a big business.” Chris Watters “If you just make a couple of tweaks by thinking like a CEO, you're going to be able to have transformational success to take your business to the next level.” Chris Watters Links: Chris on LinkedIn Chris on Facebook Chris on Instagram Chris on YouTube Chris’s websiteCEO Secrets Podcast  CEO Masterclass Real Synch  GET YOUR FREE COPY: The Million Dollar Real Estate Team Multifamily Live Event 7 Figure Flipping Return on Investments Just Start Real Estate JSRE on Facebook Mike on Facebook Mike on Instagram Mike on LinkedIn Mike on Twitter Level Jumping: How I Grew My Business to Over $1 Million in Profits in 12 Months


10 May 2021

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Episode #9 - The Million Dollar Real Estate Team with Chris Watters and Bradley Pounds

ReLaunch Real Estate Podcast

Subscribe today to listen to the latest podcasts as they arrive that give you valuable insight on what it takes to be a top producing agent!In this episode, I was exceptionally excited to sit down with millionaire team owners Bradley Pounds and Chris Watters of Watters International Real Estate. They have worked their way from a single independent brokerage to a brokerage that has multiple franchise locations across the US, a coaching company, wrote the amazing book "The Million Dollar Real Estate Team", and have an agent success podcast themselves!In this episode you'll learn how to make sure people are in the right seats, how to generate leads for your agents, the roles you should consider when building a team, and how to make your brokerage grow.As always, please check out relaunchpodcast.com to subscribe and listen to the latest episodes!


12 Jan 2021

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CHRIS WATTERS: From BIG Debt to BIG Business and What the Does Legacy Actually Mean?


Chris Watters, the brilliant brain behind Watters International Real Estate and the author of Million Dollar Real Estate Team has created a HUGE business and is after becoming the next Keller Williams. Listen to Chris as he tells the HOMEgirls about his journey, his future plans, and what in the heck it actually means to leave a real legacy!  Follow Chris The Million Dollar Real Estate Team Book Chris Watters Rainmaker Alliance Facebook Group and Classes Watters International Realty Follow the HOMEgirls on Facebook Follow the HOMEgirls on Instagram Follow Angela Follow Jessica Follow Kristen Follow Lyndsie

1hr 4mins

9 Jul 2020

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Episode 007 with Chris Watters, CEO of Watters International Realty

GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset

From everyone here at Grit: The Real Estate Growth Mindset, we hope that you had an amazing Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a joyous Holiday Season with loved ones! Now, let's get back to business. SHOW NOTES Watters International Realty is one of the most respected teams for buying and selling in Austin and has Watters International Realty is one of the most respected teams for buying and selling in Austin and has successfully closed over $100+ Million in sales and helped hundreds of families in the purchase or sale of a home. Chris Watter's othre ventures, investments, and advisory roles include Mint Title, WHD Investments Inc, WIR Publishing Inc, and #RealDeal. In this episode, Brian and Chris talk about what it takes to build your team with the right tools and systems and how to handle lead management. In this episode we talk about... 6:19 - This idea was an epic failure. 12: 50 - What is the "why today"? At some point, it's not about the money. 33:34 - How to organize lead sources. 38:42 - Agent retention and compensation. 50:15 - "The Million Dollar Real Estate Team"

1hr 7mins

27 Dec 2019

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The Million Dollar Real Estate Team — The Chris Watters Story

Real Estate | Real Life with Spring Bengtzen

Chris Watters is the author of Million Dollar Real Estate Team. He is also the #1 agent in Austin, Texas. In todays episode, he talks about the path of becoming a CEO, How to hire the right people for your team, lead generation, and building a brand ambassador program. If you are building a team, this episode is a MUST.

16 Oct 2019

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Episode 34: Success Comes to the Coachable — Chris Watters

The EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast with Wes Fang - Revealing the TRUE Stories Behind Entrepreneurship

This week on The EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast, Wes sits down with real estate mogul Chris Watters, CEO and Founder of Watters International Realty. Watters International, which began as an Austin-centric operation, has now expanded into a franchise model and is operating in markets across the United States and Canada. Chris is also at the helm of two other related ventures — a real estate technology company (#RealDeal) and a real estate investment entity that buys and sells properties (WHD Investments). In the podcast, Chris lays out the timeline that brought him into the real estate game, packed with rich stories of early entrepreneurship, what drove him into the franchise model, and what the future holds for his endeavors. Watters shares lessons learned as a young entrepreneur, including one vital lesson that came alongside a hefty helping of humble pie — never think you have it all figured out. Because, as Watters knows, success comes to the coachable.


20 Mar 2019

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How Chris Watters Sells 1200 Homes a Year

Top Listing Agent Show - Real Estate Coaching & Training with Chadi Bazzi

In this episode I interview Chris Watters and learn how he went from selling 6 homes in his first year to building a team that sells 1200 homes in a year. A large part of Chris's success was reading, being coachable, and surrounding himself with the people who have accomplished everything he has tried to accomplish. Learn why staying on your path and being committed will take you beyond what you've ever dreamed is possible. To believe in yourself is crucial to achieving your goals. Chris's book "The Million Dollar Real Estate Team" is a documented journey that goes into detail about the pitfalls and failure that he had to overcome and how you can avoid them to reach success. To get Chris's book for FREE visit wirbook.com and use the promo code "goteamgo" Connect with Chris on facebook by sending him a message or visit https://www.christopherwatters.com/ Go to handlethisobjection.com and use promo code "123" to get 50% off. Listen and Learn: Reading is crucial to feeding your brain Why believing in yourself is important How you can raise the bar by being around people at the next level Mastering one area of lead generation Plus so much more. Episode Resources: Chadi Bazzi on Facebook Chadi Bazzi on Youtube Chadi Bazzi on Instagram


6 Dec 2018

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The Million Dollar Real Estate Team with Chris Watters

Team Lally Hawaii Real Estate Podcast

Our featured guest in this episode of the Team Lally Radio show is author and real estate entrepreneur Chris Watters. Chris tells us about his roots in selling real estate, his team's success and partnering with other successful agents, assisting them in duplicating our success.  We also talk about his new book, "The Million Dollar Real Estate Team", a step by step guide to building a profitable real estate team. Also in this episode: Quotes of the day, Tips of the week, special events, this week's Open houses and Coming soon listings.Who is Chris Watters?Chris Watters is an original Austin Texas native that began his career in the real estate brokerage business. He started Watters International Realty in 2010 and they are now a national franchise system that has developed a proven and repeatable model to help expansion partners grow their brokerages using the team model.To reach Chris you may contact him in the following ways:Phone: 512-298-4010 Email: chris@wattersinternational.com Website:  wattersinternational.com

19 Nov 2018

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SC164: Chris Watters. Netting 7 Figures By His 5th Year.

Real Estate Agent Success Calls

Chris Watters SUCCESS CALL ***Note: If you can not see the audio player above, REFRESH your browser and try again. . . . . To listen on iTunes, click HERE. To listen on Google Play, click HERE. To download, right click the “Download” link below and “save as” to your computer. Download FULL Running Time: 62 minutes Website: ChristopherWatters.com MillionDollarRealEstateTeam.com Background: Chris Watters is with Watters International Realty in Austin, Texas. Last year he closed 427 transactions with a total sales volume of 103 million and 3.2 million in gross commission income. His average sales price was 243 thousand of which 40% were buyers and 60% were sellers. Chris has a 20 member team: 12 buyer agents, 2 listing agents, 5 admin staff, and 1 team leader. Chris Watters is the team leader of the Watters International team. He has been an agent for 10 years. In this call, Chris talks about: His fast start as a buyer agent on a team Then with very little experience, starting his own independent brokerage, building it for a year, then “burning it down” when the model did not work Building a new organization from scratch based on the team model Within a few short years, the new model netted a million dollars Recognizing that team success is dependent on the right people being on the team Finding team members that have the same core values and match the culture Interviewing new agents while looking at them through your client’s eyes Phone prospecting for new agents and the script he uses The qualification process for new team members Investigating the success trajectory of the agent applicant The 30 Day Ramp Up training program for all agents new to the team Realizing you cannot manage people, but you can manage standards Weekly 411 accountability meetings Culture, leadership, team dynamics, compensation, and more 2016 Stats: 427 closings 103 million sales volume 20 member team: 12 buyer agents 2 listing agents 5 admin staff 1 team leader Niche: team building repeat & referrals past clients sphere of influence (originally published on 10/21/17)

1hr 2mins

5 Nov 2018