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Episode #25: Jody Holland - LOFT (08/05/20)

Community Chats

On this episode of Community Chats, Erin talks with Jody Holland, executive director of the Lafayette Oxford Foundation for Tomorrow (LOFT). With their annual Night for Nonprofits fundraiser coming up this month, Jody discusses the great work being done by LOFT partners across the community. Tune in for more information about LOFT’s Night for Nonprofits and how you can get involved and help local nonprofits improve the quality of life in the LOU community.


5 Aug 2020

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Training, Success and Motivation Through Video with Jody Holland - VideoBrilliant (Ep. 003)

Brilliance Mentor™️ | Christian Leadership Podcast

Training, Success, and Motivation Through Video with Jody Holland - VideoBrilliant (Ep. 003) Training, Success, and Motivation Through Video with Jody Holland - VideoBrilliant (Ep. 003) Jody Holland is the mastermind behind the Psyche of Success Training Platform and Jody Holland Training and Speaking. Jody is a success coach and helps his clients uncover their true potential through psychology and mental strength exercises. Jody hosts a Growth Conference every year in Amarillo, TX and is using video to grow his brand online and on social media in some unique ways! 👨🏼‍💻 #videobrilliant #videobrilliantacademy #videostar #personalbrand #betheinfluence #podcasting #creator #youtube #videoblog #learnvideo #learnpodcasting #christiancreators #organizationmedia #smallbusinessmedia #churchmedia 🎙 Find the VideoBrilliant™ Podcast Online Subscribe on YouTube: https://goo.gl/PVJMVN Subscribe on Ancor.fm: https://anchor.fm/cubkuker Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-cub-kuker-audioblog/id1281983876?mt=2 Subscribe on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1kZL7z4cj0QQeIzvdvUAAA 🧸 Cub Kuker is the creator of VideoBrilliant™ and the owner of JTK Creative Ventures LLC based in Amarillo, Texas. 🔴 For more information on the VideoBrilliant™ method and how you create, share and market your story online visit: www.VideoBrilliant.com 📲 Follow Me on Social @CubKuker Insta: https://www.instagram.com/cubkuker/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cubkuker/ 💰 Affiliate Links that help support my channel: My secret YouTube toolkit is TubeBuddy and it's a must-have for content creators. Join TubeBuddy Via this link to support my content, please :) https://goo.gl/nH8TFl ⚠️ Disclaimer: Jacob T. Kuker aka Cub Kuker is a professional internet marketer & creative entrepreneur. Your specific outcome is solely up to you and not JTK Creative Ventures LLC or it’s brands, products or affiliates. We do not guarantee any specific outcome or result from these services. Service(s) are provided by JTK Creative Ventures LLC.


5 Jan 2020

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How Jody Holland Doubled His Revenue, While Working Less

The Anthony John Amyx Podcast

Welcome to Episode Number 8. Today we’ll be talking about how my good friend and client doubled his revenue, while working less. I think you’ll get a ton of value from this episode because a lot of what Jody has to share is pretty counter-intuitive. Questions asked in this episode Why do you think more people are not doubling their revenue while working less? Why do you feel it’s important for entrepreneurs and business owners to understand this concept? How do you define this and how have you found it to improve your ability to make more money? How does someone go about cultivating this BEING thing and integrating into their game of business? For those who are more logical like yourself, how does this spiritual BEING stuff translate into neuroscience? Because I know so many High Achievers believe they don’t have time for this stuff. They think they need to work harder and if they work harder, then they’ll produce more. So can you explain to them how it works in a practical way? What have you found to be some common pitfalls when it comes to doubling one’s revenue while working less? What have you found to be the mover of the needle so to speak when it comes to making more money while working less? What are some bullshit beliefs that have kept you playing small and how did you rewrite those things? What do you feel is actually possible if someone listens to the advice you’ve shared and actually implements into their life and business? What do you feel is at stake, What’s it going to cost someone to believe they have to continue working harder and harder? What is your Psyche of Success Program all about? If you were going to die immediately upon ending this interview, what parting advice would you want to leave here for humanity to hear? FREE WEBINAR So I decided to create a nice Free webinar training to teach you the exact 4 steps that I used to guide Jody to doubling his revenue while working less. If you want in on this, simply head over to www.ajamyx.com/training and grab a spot. I don’t know how long I’ll leave this particular training up. So go to www.ajamyx.com/training and sign up for that today. Links Mentioned Jody’s Links www.jodyholland.com www.psycheofsuccess.com amazon.com/author/jodyholland AJ’s Links www.ajamyx.com/training www.ajamyx.com/community

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1 Jan 2020

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#23 Jody Holland and Management Style

Biz Here Podcast

Leadership trainer and motivational speaker Jody Holland could take his face-reading talent to Vegas for some $$$. But instead, he uses it to adjust his management style and train others how to do the same.


31 Jan 2018

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Jody Holland- No Excuses

Young Passionate and Distracted

14 countries, 19 books, and one seriously cool logo. International speaker and author Jody Holland shares his story and how it all started. The instant struggle he faced when he decided to follow his passion and his dream. The way he avoids distractions. It all started with mowing the grass. Did we mention he has a really cool logo?


17 Jan 2017