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Road to the IPO (En) | Podcast 70 | Zoe Bennett

Hugo Prince

Zoe Bennett is a social media management and public relation specialist. She is the founder of Social Media Life a company designed to work with his clients in order to build the best online presence specifically designed to fit their company's needs. This interview was recorded in the summer of 2018. To contact Zoe: https://www.instagram.com/bennettzo/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/bennettcommunication/ ---- Follow me / Subscribe for more: Podcast: Hugo Prince on Apple Podcast, Spotify & Google Podcast LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/princehugo/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hugoprince/ Youtube Channel: Hugo Prince Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/princehugo/ ——


2 Mar 2020

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002. Finding Your Path with Zoe Bennett

Finding Your Path

Today on Finding Your Path we have Zoe Bennett sharing how she has had a variety of turns, opportunities and challenges to find her path. Zoe Bennett also known as The Motivational Queen www.motivationalqueen.com is one of the U.K's most sought after inspirational speaker. You may ask why do people call her The Motivational Queen? Well... that’s because she Inspires Confidence and Creates Transformation in other people through the 1-2-1 mentoring as well as the group sessions that she delivers. Her international motivational talks especially on Resilience, Never Give Up, Networking, I can I will, Entrepreneurship and Employability are a real crowd pleaser and she most definitely delivers positive results. Zoe is the owner and Managing Director of Training Personified a personal development training company which recognises and applies individual bespoke training needs to clients on a 1-2-1 basis through to team building and group work such as Lloyds Bank, NHS, Birmingham City University, Big Lottery and many more. She is also the founder of the MBCC Awards that recognises and values unsung heroes in the Midlands. During this interview Zoe, shares on the importance of family, sacrifice and mindset which either accepts or rejects excuses along your journey. Zoe is s strong believer of instead of asking why me? Ask why not me? 


10 Feb 2020

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The Now What Show - Zoe Bennett

The Now What Show

Death threats, very real ones. Zoe Bennett shares in the face of overwhelming and REAL danger. She refused to backdown. A chain of unfortunate, yet linked events, she brought people, including Governments from all across the globe to work together to take on a seemingly un-winnable fight. Just How did she end up with the UK’s Defence Secretary’s on speed dial. In this episode you’ll be shocked, inspired in equal measure. And find out how this Mum, Wife, entrepreneur became THE Queen. A truly goosebumper of an episode.  BETTER LIFE, produced by Danny Byrd - Hospital records Produced by Dee Atkins - Miss make It Happen. 


1 Apr 2019

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Ep 47 The One With Jo Howarth , James Chisholm , Zoe Bennett

DUGGYSTONE - pod cast

This episode is an edit from my live business show minus the music. I did some explanation about starting a business in my own way. the I was joined live with James and Jo who conduct a month's Facebook live. This month was about flipping the negatives Zoe Bennett rang me so got her on the show to talk about her new book release "exciting stuff" 


23 Aug 2017

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EP23: Zoe Bennett - The Motivational Queen


This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have The Motivational Queen, Zoe Bennett. Zoe is the Founder of Training Personified, an organisation that delivers workshops and mentoring to businesses to ensure that the customers, internal and external are provided with the best customer service at all times. She has won a number of international awards, is a humanitarian and a motivational speaker. Zoe speaks about her background, her Father's murder and personal struggles, how she has overcome difficulties in her life and shares incredibly powerful insights about life, business and the role her Father played in being an inspiration to her. An incredible and moving interview with an incredible human being. 01.00 Zoe’s early life and growing up02.00 Zoe’s education04.00 What were Zoe’s aspirations?06.30 What did Zoe study?08.30 When did Zoe’s entrepreneurial journey begin?10.30 Why did her mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur?13.00 The murder of Zoe’s father21.30 Defamation of Country charge28.00 When did Zoe start her motivational speaking career?32.50 When did Zoe start her own business?36.00 What would Zoe say to people who live in the belief that they will live forever?37.00 What does a day in Zoe’s life look like?41.30 Where does Zoe think organisations fall down on customer service?42.30 What are some of Zoe’s high points?44.00 What is Zoe’s purpose?45.00 What would Zoe like her legacy to be?48.00 Who inspires Zoe?50.00 Would Zoe write a book about her story?52.30 What is the best piece of advice Zoe has ever received?53.30 What advice would Zoe give to someone who wants to go into speaking?59.00 What would Zoe say to her 20 year old self?1.00.00 If Zoe could change anything in the world, what would it be? You can find Zoe at:https://trainingpersonified.com https://www.facebook.com/trainingpersonified https://www.facebook.com/motivationalqueen Find Inspired Edinburgh here:http://www.inspiredinburgh.com https://www.facebook.com/INSPIREDINBURGH https://www.twitter.com/INSPIREDINBURGH https://www.instagram.com/INSPIREDINBURGH

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1 Jun 2017

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Leamington Hour Podcast with Zoe Bennett

The Grow Show

On this weeks podcast we have the inspirational and amazing Zoe Bennett. We talk about how she overcomes adversity, her why, why she set up her company and her golden nugget. In the special podcast extra, we talk about her top three tips and top three books. This is a special podcast and needs to be heard. Hope you enjoy the show!


23 Dec 2016

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Ep 11 The One With Zoe Bennett

DUGGYSTONE - pod cast

So i spoke to Zoe Bennett about her stroy, its not a nice story its horrific but its inspiring and youll understand what an inspiration Zoe is. Shes brave to do what she did and then to share it with the world... many thanks Zoe Her business is her http://trainingpersonified.com check her out  my web site is www.duggystone.com twitter @duggystone hook up lets talk 


15 Nov 2016