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What is a Phantom Voter? - Dr Douglas Frank



22 Jun 2021

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"The Big Lie" update: Dr. Douglas Frank - "200,000 Phantom Ballots In Maricopa".

Nemos News Network

Special Report:A lot of news out of Maricopa County, Arizona over the past several days that are a game changing. It is being reported that Mike Lindell is dripping out election fraud information to show the bad actors that we have all the evidence to make them sweat. Dr. Douglas Frank says "200,000 Phantom Ballots In Maricopa" County, Arizona. There’s so much more happening than we know. Hit play and turn up the volume, you don’t want to miss thisDr Douglas G Frank:https://youtu.be/vnCm7IDZHngWhere Dr Douglas G Frank describes being to predict 200,000 phantom ballots:https://youtu.be/vnCm7IDZHng?t=2353Sharing is caring.Click here for the best way to keep up with the news and other updates in the face of the censorship: www.NemosNewsNetwork.com/NewsNOTE: any action by youtube.com (or other media or internet firms) to negatively impact the production of this video will be interpreted as a violation of 18 USC 242 and 42 USC 1983, 84, 85, and we reserve the right to file civil and criminal legal action against youtube.com and its affiliates for attempting to suppress this "free speech"; and will also be construed as "conspiracy to aide the crimes listed herein".If you found this content to be of value, please consider supporting my work with any of the options below!- Single AND Recurring Donation Options💵 https://nemosnewsnetwork.com/donate💲 Paypal: Banned▶️www.gab.ai/nemoV▶️ Twitter - @DustinNemos▶️Email Opt-in - www.nemosnewsnetwork.com/news▶️ Telegram Chat Room - www.nemosnewsnetwork.com/telegram▶️Support Our Sponsors - www.nemosnewsnetwork.com/sponsors▶️RedPill Living:https://redpillliving.com/Nemos▶️GreenPill Living: https://greenpillliving.com/Nemos▶️The Book Of Qanon:https://thebookofqanon.com▶️The Great Awakening Coffee:https://thegreatawakeningcoffee.com/Nemos▶️StopBitBurning.com Presents Censored Media Directoryhttps://www.stopbitburning.com/find


11 May 2021

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Dr. Douglas Frank

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8 Jan 2021

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Dr. Douglas Frank discusses the data behind the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Dr. Douglas Frank discusses the data behind the COVID-19 Outbreak


16 Jul 2020

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