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Leah Flanagan – Show #173 (part 2), 18 October 2020

Miss Chatelaine

Biracial Darwin singer-songwriter Leah Flanagan has just released her beautiful new album, Colour By Number. Katie chats to Leah about her connection to Darwin and its effects on her songwriting, her numerous collaborations with other artists (including Archie Roach, Shane Howard, the Mission Songs Project and the Yothu Yindi Treaty Project), her admiration for Melbourne’s music scene, the importance of mentoring younger artists, and more. There are some fab tracks by other artists, too! Here is the playlist: Know Me Better (acoustic) – Isaiah Who Wants to Live Forever (Live at the Isle Of Wight Festival, UK, 2016) – Queen + Adam Lambert Colour by Number – Leah Flanagan Starlight – Leah Flanagan Aralia – Leah Flanagan Restless Lovers – Shayne Cook Florence’s Town – Little Quirks Wannabe – Xander Black All the Ways to Say Goodbye (unplugged) – Mitch James Visit Leah Flanagan’s official website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Above: Photo of Leah Flanagan by She Is Aphrodite The post Leah Flanagan – Show #173 (part 2), 18 October 2020 appeared first on Miss Chatelaine.


29 Oct 2020

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The National frontman goes solo, and Leah Flanagan's songwriting palette

The Music Show

Matt Berninger releases Serpentine Prison and tells us why The National have lasted so long. And a suite of personal songs from a Top End singer.


18 Oct 2020

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Take It Blak podcast - Short Blak - Leah Flanagan

Take It Blak podcast

Alyawarre singer-songwriter Leah Flanagan takes Take It Blak host Jack Latimore through her deeply personal new album that explores and celebrates her Aboriginality, as well as her Italian and Irish heritage; how to write a good song; and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the Australian music industry. 


27 Sep 2020

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BonusCast: Introducing Leah Flanagan


Welcome back everyone to a special bonus episode of TheCase.Report! We've created a new position here. A very special new position, and Mohammed is here to help you get to know the role and the person stepping into it! Our associate producer is a junior colleague with aspirations of pursuing a career in EM, whether they be an intern or a medical student. We’ve created this position to give someone a chance to not only learn the nuts and bolts of producing this show, but also to rub shoulders with and learn from all the greats of Irish EM… and the rest of us clowns as well. But without further ado, I present to you Dr. Leah Flanagan, intern in Midland Regional Hospital, Mullingar, and Associate Producer on TheCase.Report! Let’s get to it!


16 Aug 2020

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TCMF2018: Goldheist and Leah Flanagan

Saturday Night Country House Concert

Meet Goldheist and Leah Flanagan, both brilliant songwriters and passionate singers.


3 Feb 2018

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#026: Leah Flanagan - Relieve Anxiety to Lose Weight

The Your Way Weight Loss Podcast

What do YOU focus on when trying to lose weight? Have you ever tried not thinking about losing weight to, yes, in fact - lose weight?  So often we tend to be plagued by the scale or the food app or the calorie counting.  What if, you focused on something else - call it a different activity that results in weight loss? For example: in graduate school, I had hours of homework a day and so much of it was heavy textbook reading.  At the time, I loved to bike.  So… I put two and two together and brought my textbooks in the gym and read on the stationary workout bike. Although I was focusing on reading, I was actually losing weight.  Perfect combo. Now, in this week’s episode, I sit down with Leah Flanagan and hear how she focuses on Relieving Anxiety IN ORDER TO lose weight.  She's only 5 lbs away from hitting her BIG 100 lbs loss mark and her unique perspective on weight loss makes her only moments away from surpassing this milestone. SO great! Stay tuned, this is definitely a show you won’t want to miss!


8 Jun 2015

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Episode 12: Ol' Tom Waits with Leah Flanagan

Splitting Cases

Prior to her show at The Junkyard last week Leah Flanagan caught up with Pointy and The Moose to talk about her love for Tom Waits. Head on over to www.leahflanagan.com.au to listen to her new single 'Everything'.


7 Jun 2014