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41. Unleash the STORRIE Within with Rebecca Cafiero


Rebecca Cafiero is an intl. Forbes business and visibility strategist, TEDx Speaker and top-ranked podcast host, 2x bestselling author, and mother of two.  As the Founder + CEO of the Pitch Club - a for women, by women company - she has worked with hundreds of female entrepreneurs to increase their credibility, visibility, and profitability in business. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she spent 13 years in Corporate America leading sales and marketing teams and co-founded a tech startup that taught her valuable lessons about entrepreneurship and grit in a male-dominated industry.  She is a frequent speaker on online business strategy, creating credibility + visibility, productivity, and personal optimization. She’s passionate about helping female entrepreneurs be seen, heard and valued as an expert in their field.  Since launching the Pitch Club 11 months ago, Rebecca has helped more than 100 women launch, grow, scale, and promote their businesses, several of which have scaled to multiple six and seven figures. In addition to supporting business growth, Rebecca has helped create more than 16 New + Noteworthy podcast hosts + 19 female bestselling authors. She believes women should be seen, heard + valued for their unique expertise. "You need a clear understanding of what you're good at and how you help people."  Get to know Rebecca Cafiero Taking massive actions and learning from mistakes Your functional medicine legacy masterclass 

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1 Sep 2021

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Why You Should Give Yourself Permission To Promote with Rebecca Cafiero

She Believed She Could Podcast

Rebecca, also a TEDx speaker, top-ranked podcast host, best-selling author, CEO, and Founder of the Pitch Club, helps female entrepreneurs increase their credibility, visibility, and profitability in business. She is passionate about helping women ensure they are seen, heard, and valued as experts in their field. Her amazing tips have been featured in NBC News, ABC News, and publications including Forbes, Reader’s Digest, and Women’s Health, to name but a few. Her bestselling book, Becoming You, is a guide for women who are tired of the never-ending to-do lists, empty milestones of achievements or constant searching for the key to their happiness. She believes women need to stop buying into the beliefs that doing more will make them happier or more fulfilled.  In this episode, we cover:➡️ Learn how to step into your genius and own your magic➡️ Achieve the confidence that allows you to create boundaries➡️ How women can put a megaphone to their message➡️ How to feel good about putting yourself out there Memorable Moments:[00:05:39.06] We really help women put a megaphone to their message. We help them with their visibility, their credibility, and profitability. And I like to call it the expert triangle. And it's that...the credibility is the trust, it's the authority, it's the expertise or the visibility as the audience, right, so that we can grow our customer base. It's being seen by new eyes. Sometimes that visibility is also even being more visible to our current audience. And then of course the profitability.00:10:37.04] And the other thing though, I call it permission to promote, and I find this holds so many women back, but the idea of permission to promote is that it's this idea of stepping into our genius and owning our magic. And one thing I found is most women that I know that aren't successful in their business, it's typically the reason. [00:18:54.13] And when you have that confidence it allows you to create boundaries. It allows you to not discount your value. It allows you to not take on the client because you're not in desperation mode, that isn't really a fit. [00:19:59.20] But it's this idea that there are four zones. There's our zone of incompetence, competence, excellence, and genius.[00:25:23.12] There's one other, you could add, automate, delegate, delete, and it's looking at, okay, what can I automate? So things like social media, right? You can automate those. You can automate using Calendly. So you're not going back and forth on booking times. And then delegate is really the thing saying, like, what am I incredible at that also brings me joy, right. That I create the biggest impact, that I'm not replaceable. So, for me, that's speaking, training, and coaching, almost anything else. Follow Rebecca:https://www.instagram.com/rebeccacafiero/https://www.rebeccacafiero.comConnect with Allison: https://www.instagram.com/allisonwalshInterested in Get M.O.R.E. in Q4? https://bit.ly/getmoreq4 #findyourgenius #stepintoyourmagic #achieveconfidence#SheBelievedSheCould, #podcasthost #bestsellingauthor #successcoach #entrepreneur


31 Aug 2021

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Ep #45 How To Increase Visibility, Credibility & Profitability with Rebecca Cafiero TEDx Speaker, Author, Business Coach

Full of Joy

Rebecca Cafiero is a bestselling author, tedx speaker, business & self development coach, & founder of @thepitchclub . She is sharing her story of how she built her career, then did it again and had to start all over again. Rebecca gives us her mindset tips on productivity, finding your true message and being aligned with it, stepping into your zone of genius and being unstoppable in business and life.  Connect with Rebecca @rebeccacafiero @thepitchclub @becomingyoupodcast 


3 Aug 2021

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75. How to Increase Visibility & Profitability in Your Business with Rebecca Cafiero

Becoming Iconic

Do you want to be seen as the go-to expert in your industry? Rebecca Cafiero is a marketing mentor and PR strategist who knows how to increase visibility, credibility, and profitability through strategic PR that you can start implementing right away so your ideal clients think of you before anyone else. Links: Iconic Entrepreneur: www.jenszpigiel.com/iconic-entrepreneur Connect with Me: www.instagram.com/jenszpigiel Becoming Iconic Instagram: www.instagram.com/becomingiconicpodcast I would love to know what you loved the most from this episode! Please click here to leave a review and comment


21 Jan 2021

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91: Growing and Reinvention with Rebecca Cafiero (Enneagram 7)

The Leadership Formula Podcast - Enneagram & Success Mindset with Tracy O'Malley

Breaking free.Too much, too loud, too talkative, too fast. Being labeled this way was a painful experience for Rebecca. As an Enneagram 7, she was passionate about everything—all the time—and brimming with ideas. But her joy was a source of contention and conflict.Listen now“If I follow what I love, there's going to be pain attached.” This became Rebecca’s balancing act. Did she follow the path to where she was meant to be or did she dim herself, silence herself to fill another role?For a long time she felt so much conflict in following her joy that she tried to dim down and follow other people’s rules.“That sounds great, but what do you really want?”Finally, at age 25, Rebecca’s life coach became the first person to ask her what she really wanted and gave her permission to speak her truth.She realized that trying to make other people happy is never going to make you happy, so you might as well do what you can to follow your joy and hope that other people are inspired by what you create along the way.Rebecca’s story.Rebecca Cafiero is a marketing + PR strategist, TEDx Speaker, the podcast host of Becoming You, best selling author and mother of two. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she was an award-winning journalist and spent a decade in Corporate America leading sales and marketing teams.She is a frequent speaker on personal branding and marketing, getting published, being seen as an expert, and personal optimization. And she doesn’t only do this for herself—she helps other entrepreneurs feel empowered and give themselves permission to do the work as well.She’s passionate about helping female entrepreneurs increase credibility, visibility, and cash flow.Quotes:5:15 RebeccaWhen I followed my passion as a kid and followed my joy it was a source of contention.5:53 RebeccaI always learned that if I follow what I love, there's going to be pain attached.7:53 Rebecca Trying to make other people happy is never going to make you happy.10:07. RebeccaI was looking for all this validation from outside people telling me that I was great, and I was great, but I wasn't great at things that made me feel great.17:06You don't have to arrive somewhere to be credible to show somebody the way.22:25 Rebecca People want to talk to everyone and they're talking to no one.27:33 RebeccaI see people as their future self and I don’t see their excuses or shortcomings.27:49I give it to you straight and with love because I don't see a disconnect between where you are and where you want to be.36:58Understanding that the difference of a hobby and a business that bridge can be crossed very quickly when you have clarity.37:53Yes influencing is important but impact is more important.


29 Oct 2020

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6. Are you effectively Pitching yourself? with Rebecca Cafiero

Burnout To All Out

Rebecca Cafiero is a business and visibility strategist, TEDx Speaker and top ranked podcast host, bestselling author and mother of two.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she spent 13 years in Corporate America leading sales and marketing teams.  She is a frequent speaker on unleashing your expertise, creating credibility + visibility, time management and personal optimization. As a sought after media source, Rebecca’s tips have been featured in NBC News, ABC News and publications including Reader’s Digest, Women's Health, US News and World Report and more. She’s passionate about helping female entrepreneurs be recognized as an expert in their field.

1hr 8mins

15 Oct 2020

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64. The Fortune Is In the PITCH with Rebecca Cafiero

Level Up Babe

What if your IG bio could say:  "featured in Forbes, Times, Women's Best" or whatever YOUR fave magazine/publication is? Guess what girl, it can - for FREE.  That's right, today we are teaching you how to get FREE PR and boost your credibility above your competitors.  Listen in for amazing tips from Rebecca Cafiero! 


8 Jun 2020

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101. Finding your Ideal BE State with Rebecca Cafiero

Take the Upgrade

Rebecca is a business and branding strategist, TEDx Speaker, New + Noteworthy podcast host and co-founder of the Brand Camp Retreat, branding workshops and retreats for female business owners. Prior to owning her own business, she served as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the top grossing division of a Fortune 1000 company, overseeing more than $1 Billion in sales. In addition to frequent public speaking events training entrepreneurs  on social media, branding and business strategy, she is a frequent contributor to publications including Readers Digest, Women's Health, US Business and News, ABC News and more.  In this podcast, Rebecca shares how a health crisis with a loved one ignited her passion for research, specifically in the health arena.  How that crisis impacted Rebecca is evident in how she lives today, 10 years later.  Rebecca tells us how experiences from her childhood produced a feeling of needing to achieve.  She found that she would set goals but when she achieved them, she was left feeling empty. She wanted to know the why behind the emptiness and wanted to find the answer to happiness.  After much work, Rebecca discovered how she truly desired to feel.  Rebecca and Julie talk about the importance of self care.  Rebecca shares how in the past, she felt that she had to “earn” the right to self care.  Now, she understands the importance of self care being a daily part of life and how it allows her to remain in “be state”. Rebecca shares how finding her “be state” changed her life and describes how to find your own “be state”.  She says to write down a list of qualities you would love to experience or be.  When you look at your list, circle your top 5.  Don’t overthink it, just go with your gut.  After you choose your five, create an affirmation….”I am abundant, I am relaxed, and I am joyful”.  You are creating a “to be” list instead of your “to do” list. Rebecca’s book “Becoming You” is available now on Amazon.  She says it's a guide and not just a book but details how to unpack the info and apply it to your life.  You can find Rebecca at: www.rebeccacafiero.com www.brandcampretreat.com  Follow on IG: @rebeccacafiero Connect with us→ via social media👇🏻 Facebook: Follow us: www.facebook.com/anaturalshift  Follow Julie: https://www.facebook.com/juliedaveynp/ Follow Kari: https://www.facebook.com/karicoodyPharmD Instagram: Follow us: www.instagram.com/anaturalshift/ Follow Julie-->www.instagram.com/juliedaveynp/ Follow Kari--> www.instagram.com/karicoody/ On the web: www.anaturalshift.com Upgrade on the go- 3 ways to implement your learning! Free download: http://bit.ly/upgradeonthego Learn more about our Signature course, Upgrade made easy: your plan to better health Links to listen: 👉🏻itunes: http://bit.ly/aNSpodcast 👉🏻spotify: http://bit.ly/aNSpodcastspotify 👉🏻google play:http://bit.ly/aNSpodcastgoogle 👉🏻stitcher: http://bit.ly/aNSpodcaststitcher


13 Apr 2020

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36. Pitch Please with Rebecca Cafiero

Level Up Babe

From a small town in Oregon to an uber successful realtor in Las Vegas, Rebecca Cafiero thought she had it all.  Then she went through rock bottom when her boyfriend was diagnosed and passed away from cancer.  This mama of two was inspired to completely change her life in the pursuit of health.  Today, she empowers business owners by showing them how to position themselves and their business as an expert from day 1 by generating free, quick PR online!  Listen in to be inspired and gain tons of knowledge in how to build more credibility in your field.   Want to win a $10 Amazon card? Click here to leave a review Take a screenshot of your review Email your screenshot to behealthywithjoy@gmail.com


2 Mar 2020

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097 | Tales from Two Former Corporate Execs | Chat with Rebecca Cafiero


Hey mama! I am so glad you are here because this episode is a good one! First - if you want to join my free training on How to Start a Side Hustle - that is low risk, low investment and loaded with opportunity - Click this link to grab your spot! Second - this episode is all about my chat with fellow corporate exec turned multi-passionate entrepreneur Rebecca Cafiero! We riff on our journey, how we transitioned to entrepreneurship and how network marketing played a pivotal role in our journey. Follow my amazing guest Rebecca Cafiero below: Instagram Podcast Website xo, Julie

1hr 2mins

19 Dec 2019