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The youth of agriculture with Jessica Ryan - Riverine Plains Field Day

Take Me Somewhere

This episode of Take Me Somewhere has been recorded live in our mobile podcast van at the Riverine Plains Innovation Expo Field Day held in Yarrawonga on July 28. Jessica Ryan cannot imagine a life without farming or agriculture. It is in her DNA.This 21 year old from Harden in NSW is studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management at Charles Sturt University. She is also an E.L. O'Brien Scholar with the NSW Farmers Association and the recipient of the John Hanrahan scholarship with Riverine Plains. And if that isn’t enough, Jessica has a seat at the table on advisory panels, committees and boards, and still finds time to play rugby on a weekend. In this episode, Jessica shares with us her upbringing, the inspirational people in her life, what it feels like to often be the only young person in the room, and above all her love of agriculture.ABOUT OAK MAGAZINEThis episode was hosted by Kimberley Furness, founder + editor of OAK Magazine. OAK Magazine is a proudly independent print publication dedicated to sharing stories and amplifying voices of female entrepreneurs and women in business in regional and rural Australia. Founded in Bendigo, this quarterly publication is filled with expertise, insights and small business guidance from driven, inspiring and successful local women.Stay social and connect with OAK Magazine on Facebook and Instagram.For more inspiring stories, visit OAK Magazine website. Hosted by Kimberley Furness, Founder + Editor, OAK Magazine.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacyThis podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy


30 Jul 2022

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Episode 143: Ins and Outs to Navigating Chicago Short-Term Rentals with Jessica Ryan

Straight Up Chicago Investor

Have you also been considering short-term rentals to increase your NOI?! Jessica Ryan joins us to share valuable knowledge on considerations when planning your short-term rental! Jessica starts off by explaining the main points of the Chicago Shared-Housing Ordinance and how to get a license for a short-term rental. She touches on notice requirements to other tenants, percentage of short-term rental rentals allowed within a building, and other limitations to consider when planning a short-term rental. Jessica closes by sharing some of the more interesting/goofy short-term rental stories that she has seen in her legal practice. Listen to this one closely so that you plan your short-term rental correctly and don’t need Jessica to represent you in court! If you enjoy today’s episode, please leave us a review and share with someone who may also find value in this content! Connect with Mark and Tom: StraightUpChicagoInvestor.com Email the Show: StraightUpChicagoInvestor@gmail.com Guest: Jessica Ryan from KSN Law Link: Network Recommendation (Tim Jacobs) Sponsors: Prime Lending and Appeal.tax ----------------- Guest Questions 02:28 House Provider Tip: Look out for leaks when turning on your water spigots this spring! 04:20 Intro to our guest, Jessica Ryan! 05:20 How did short-term rentals start in Chicago? 07:59 What are some of the requirements of the short-term rental ordinance? 14:23 How do you start the process to obtain a short-term rental license? 15:58 Are there any legal notices required to other long-term tenants when adding a short-term rental to a building? 20:40 What are some of the main points that cause application denials? 24:25 How many short-term rental units are allowed in multi-family buildings? 28:13 What are the requirements for individual room rentals? 30:40 What rights does a long-term landlord have on a tenant running an authorized short-term rental in their unit? 33:13 Any funny/interesting short-term rental stories? 37:15 Does Jessica foresee modifications to the Ordinance in the near future? Wrap Up Questions 40:20 What is Jessica’s competitive advantage?  40:53 What is the one piece of advice for new investors looking to buy their first property in Chicago? 41:29 What do you do for fun? 42:31 Good book, podcast, or self development activity that you would recommend?  43:28 Local Network Recommendation? 44:17 How can the listeners learn more about you and provide value to you? That’s our show! Thanks for listening! ----------------- Production House: Flint Stone Media Copyright of Straight Up Chicago Investor 2022.


26 May 2022

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DDIJ 1002 with Kali Roses and Jessica Ryan

Drinking Dirty in Jersey

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21 Oct 2021

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Broadway Unlocked with Jessica Ryan

Filmed Live Musicals

Host Luisa Lyons chats with Jessica Ryan, founder and CEO of Broadway Unlocked.  In this fun conversation, we talk about Jessica's grandparents role in getting her into theatre, how being an advocate for the Crime Victims Treatment Center and making accessible content led to a career in digital theatre, the inspiration of early Kickstarter, being an early adopter of tech, why the theatre industry is afraid of streaming, how COVID has shifted the game, and more!Jessica Ryan is a serial entrepreneur, award winning director/actor/writer and mad scientist at the intersection of technology and the arts. Her groundbreaking work has been featured at Talks at Google, The New York Times, Idealist, W42ST Magazine, and CBS Sunday Morning. She created Broadway’s first hybrid concert blending digital and in-person audiences almost a decade ago;  All Together Now, her latest venture, is digital venue technology for exclusive audience experiences around live shows. In case you’re not exhausted yet, she’s also the creator and host of #TechTheatre Tuesdays on the Clubhouse App, as well as its' recap podcast with tech and media startup veteran Joe White, as well as the Take Me To Coffee Podcast with Hamilton star Andrew Call. Currently accepting extra hours in the day, inquire within. Learn more at www.broadwayunlocked.com and follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.Filmed Live Musicals is the most comprehensive online searchable database for musicals that have been filmed live on stage. Visit www.filmedlivemusicals.com to learn more. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also support the site at Patreon. Patrons get early access to content, no matter how much you pledge. Filmed Live Musicals is created by Luisa Lyons. Luisa is an Australian actor, writer, and musician. She holds a Masters in Music Theatre from London's Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and now lives, works, and plays in New York. Learn more at www.luisalyons.com or follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.Rate this podcast!Support the show (https://www.filmedlivemusicals.com/patreon.html)


12 Jul 2021

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Episode 269 With Jessica Ryan

Porn Director's Podcast

Holy cow do we have a show for you! From the jump, the girl starts showing off her vocabulary, calling herself insatiable! She goes into great detail about how much she loves sex, and how much people love fucking her. She tells us that she is genuinely addicted to cock and can’t get enough of it. She goes for hours and can cum very easily. Sef gets very excited with the Lips or no Lips game, and we have her pee in a bowl for us! first girl to ever pee in a bowl on our show, in the new studio! Dave also attempts a new game…it is experimental, and the girl had a GREAT time doing it. She claims that she tricks us. Do you think she did? All of this and more in this intriguing episode ! 

1hr 57mins

28 May 2021

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‘The Rise of The Capsule Collection’ with Personal Stylist Jessica Ryan

The Styling Advisory Podcast - Personal Styling Business Interviews

JOIN OTHER STYLISTS FOR TEA & CHATS EVERY MONTH! ☕ Head to https://www.facebook.com/groups/stylingadvisorycommittee and join us for discussions on the styling industry and business challenges. @StylingAdvisoryCommittee  Hi everyone! I’m your host, Sarah Cohen, Stylist Marketing Specialist and founder of the Styling Advisory, and in this podcast I ask successful personal stylists how they built their business, and what marketing tactics worked for them. 🚀✨If you’re a personal stylist or image expert looking to attract, convert and retain clients, you might be interested in joining our Stylist Marketing Collective; where you’ll effective styling client attraction activities from digital marketing specialists AND implement them together. For more details head to www.stylingadvisory.com.au ++++++ 'The Rise of The Capsule Collection' and how 1x clever marketing image attracts personal styling clients.  In this episode, I’m chatting with Jessica Ryan who is a Multi Award Winning Personal Stylist and Fashion Curator and mum of two based in Gippsland, Victoria and has built her successful business based on her ability to curate and style the ideal capsule wardrobe.  After over a decade of working in the retail fashion industry Jess developed a curiosity for women’s consumer behaviour and what exactly makes the perfect ‘curated wardrobe’.  She experimented with the art of curated wardrobing herself, living with 40 piece wardrobe for 3 years; to prove you can develop a balance between fashion obsession and mindful shopping.  We talk about how Jess tapped into this niche and marketed it beautifully using a powerful visual image of ‘The Rack’.  ❤👍Be sure to rate, review and subscribe to learn from experts making a living doing what they love!  TIMESTAMPS [00:00:10] How Jessica started her journey in the fashion industry and discovered the alarming message of always buying new, more, now [00:01:00] Becoming a mum and her decision to live with a 40 piece wardrobe  [00:01:34] The cathartic nature of a capsule wardrobe  [00:02:00] Becoming a mother and losing touch with our identity  [00:04:00] The decision to start reconnecting what what Jess loved through fashion  [00:04:42] What makes her clients decide to take that step too  [00:06:00] A focus on mindfulness and intention with how we shop and build our wardrobe.  [00:08:24] The turning point when bookings started to come in  [00:09:54] The inception and success of The Rack image; reducing the overwhelm for the client and showing them a beautiful collection  [00:12:00] The idea that a capsule brings a sense of control  [ [00:13:00] The weekly rack challenge  [00:13:51] Bringing your services to life with a visual image  [00:15:00] Every stylist’s marketing plan is unique, it's not a one size fits all.  [00:17:55] The overwhelming side effect of client growth and the benefit of taking things step by step. Just pick something to work on and ignore the rest!  [00:20:28] Just create something people care about  [00:22:05] Making sure that my community are getting something from me whenever I show up. And that's it.


19 Apr 2021

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Transforming And Evolving With Jessica Ryan

The Life Actually Podcast

What does it mean to be happily single? For Jessica Ryan it's about understanding you can be fulfilled and energized on your own while also being fully capable of giving yourself and your love to a healthy and supportive relationship. But she didn't just figure it all out overnight. Jess has worked hard to maintain an incredibly busy and successful professional life while also navigating difficult and emotional challenges that have changed her life. As she sees it, there was Jess 1.0 and now there's Jess 2.0. Who knows what will be next.


6 Apr 2021

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Here's My Card Episode 1 w/ Jessica Ryan Season 3

Here's My Card W/ Robtaevious Madden

Welcome to season 3! We kicked off season 3 interviewing actress, business woman, motivational speaker, a Jackie of all trades, Jessica R. Ryan. We talked about everything from how she got started, what it was like building from Flint, her first big role in Plug Love, and so much more. Add Jessica on instagram @therealjessicarryan and contact her to book via her website at http://www.jessicarryan.com. ----------------------------------- Robtaevious Madden Social Media (Company Website) http://www.RyMediaCompany.com (YouTube) http://www.youtube.com/RobMaddenMadeIt (Company YouTube) http://www.youtube.com/RyMediaCompany (Instagram) http://www.instagram.com/IAmRobMadden (Twitter) http://www.twitter.com/IAmRobMadden #HeresMyCardTV #RobMaddenMadeIt --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/robtaeviousmadden/support


2 Feb 2021

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03. Jessica Ryan

Created By

Changemaker, Creator, and Founder of Broadway Unlocked Jessica Ryan details her approach to balancing a full schedule, building a revolutionary company from the ground up, and her ongoing passion for acting, theater, and new forms of storytelling! Interview date: 05/11/20Special Guest: Jessica Ryan.


8 Jul 2020

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Make Your Own Stage ft. Jessica Ryan

Faking Notes Podcast

Ep. 38 - Drew and Trevor talk with theatre wiz, mixologist, podcaster, and idea machine Jessica Ryan about nature escapes, winding careers, app development, differences between the arts, pushing through highs and lows, and how to grow your idea into a business. Follow Jessica on: Take Me To Coffee Podcast: https://www.tm2cpodcast.com/ Website: https://www.jessicaryancreative.com/ Broadway Unlocked: https://www.broadwayunlocked.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessicaryannyla/

1hr 41mins

25 Feb 2020