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E114 - Psychological Flexibility (W/ Richard MacKinnon)

The World of Work Podcast

James and Jane are joined again by friend of the show, Dr. Richard MacKinnon to talk about Psychological Flexibility. The conversation explores the ways our mind can work against us, and the tools we can develop to increase our psychological flexibility, and be at our emotional and thinking best more often.


15 Mar 2021

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E099 - Procrastination w/ Dr. Richard MacKinnon

The World of Work Podcast

After putting it off for far too long, James and Jane finally explore procrastination (Sorry!). In this episode they are joined by the excellent Dr. Richard Mackinnon to explore what procrastination is and the impacts it can have on us and on others. The conversation also addresses some of the things we might be able to do to overcome our procrastination, or help others who may procrastinate at times.


9 Nov 2020

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How to Work From Home (with guest Dr. Richard MacKinnon)

Nick Lansley's Innovation Lab

Working from home has now become the 'New Normal' thanks to Coronavirus and self-isolation. In this episode, Nick is joined by top workplace psychologist, Dr Richard MacKinnon, who will reveal the techniques to help you work from home effectively. After listening, head to Dr MacKinnon's website https://www.worklifepsych.com/workingfromhome/ for more in-depth information.


23 Mar 2020

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WLP141 - Psychological Flexibility with Richard MacKinnon

21st Century Work Life and leading remote teams

visit www.virtualnotdistant.com In today’s episode, Richard A. MacKinnon explains the concept of psychological flexibility and how we can change our behaviour to be values-led rather than emotion-led. If you enjoy this episode, check out the ten episodes of the Management Café podcast and Evidence Talks. http://www.worklifepsych.com/ Richard on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WorkLifePsych Psychological Flexibility – it can be developed. The fact that professionals are being trained in this skill shows that we are acknowledging the wholeness of people coming to work. Emotions! Values! Can we talk about these at work? So, what is psychological flexibility? A set of skills that support each other (thinking and behavioural skills) that allow you to step aside from troubling thoughts and emotions and not let them take over the situation. Values-led action rather than emotions-led action. Are emotions heightened when we go remote? Letting our values guide us. Checking assumptions before we let our emotions guide us. Behaving in alignment with our values. “I don’t need to be angry.” We’re not talking about not having emotions. “Defusing” thoughts and emotions to identify the thoughts. The concept of “rigid self” – here comes the “flexibility” in psychological flexibility. Letting go of thoughts. Showing up. Get moving in the direction of your values When working at home, we run the risk of disconnecting from our values as well as from our organisation. Discomfort in change. What else does WorkLifePsych do? http://www.worklifepsych.com/ Check out episode 81, also with Richard, this time talking about his work at the Future Work Centre. https://www.virtualnotdistant.com/podcasts/futureworkcentre


5 Oct 2017

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Episode Eleven: Richard MacKinnon

The BodPod

In Episode Eleven, I talk with cyborg aficionado Richard MacKinnon. Richard is the founder of Borgfest, a festival and expo that celebrates and supports people interested in human augmentation, enhancement, body modification, and wearable technology. In graduate school, Richard studied political theory and identity in cyberspace, which led him to his interest in all things cyborg. We talk about how his personal experience as a queer Asian American affected his conception of the term; how the cyborg label could be used to define many aspects of the marriage of the human and the technological; how the film Ex Machina fulfills certain sci-fi tropes and applies to Richard's conception of the cyborg; and how the sex industry could be affected by the evolution of technology. A provocative and insightful talk!

1hr 12mins

29 Jun 2015

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Richard MacKinnon

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27 Feb 2014