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Kelly Patrick Show 543 Eric Sanchez

The Kelly Patrick Show

Kelly is joined by Eric Sanchez to review his 2-0 amateur MMA career and also to preview his upcoming fight and the rest of the upcoming B2 fighting series cards in Louisville, KY which will be on Friday 6/24/2022 and Saturday 6/25/2022.  Episode recor...

6 Jun 2022

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#210 : Eric Sanchez, ECF, NBA Finals Prediction, Boxing

The Max Van Auken Podcast

In this installment of The Max Van Auken Podcast (The MVP), Max is joined by the host of, The Sanchez Show, Eric Sanchez! They discuss...  - ECF Reaction  - New York Knicks  - Donovan Mitchell to the Heat  - NBA Finals Prediciton  - Gervanta Davis TKO Win Instagram : @legendintwogames @Max_Van_Auken  Youtube : Max Van Auken


31 May 2022

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Une approche positive et conviviale de la prévention santé avec Eric Sanchez

Fabrique Spinoza Podcast

En lien avec l'étude de la Fabrique Spinoza, "Santé positive", nous allons dans cet épisode parler de santé globale ainsi que de différentes approches positives et conviviales de la prévention santé.  La santé d’un individu ne saurait être prise sous le seul angle médical. C’est en tout cas le parti pris de l’action sociale d’AG2R LA MONDIALE, qui déploie ses solutions dans une approche globale de la personne. Et pour en parler, nous accueillons dans cet épisode Eric Sanchez, Directeur des Particuliers au sein de la direction des  activités Sociales d’AG2R LA MONDIALE.  Spécialiste de la protection sociale et patrimoniale en France, AG2R LA MONDIALE assure les particuliers, les entreprises et les branches, pour protéger la santé, sécuriser le patrimoine et les revenus, prémunir contre les accidents de la vie et préparer la retraite. Le Groupe compte plus de 15 millions d’assurés et accompagne 500 000 entreprises au quotidien.  Le Groupe consacre chaque année plusieurs millions d'euros pour aider les personnes fragilisées et soutenir des initiatives individuelles et collectives. Et pour un impact maximal, AG2R-LA MONDIALE privilégie les actions “evidence-based”, c'est à dire qui s’appuient sur la science. Parmi les projets :  - Les villages bien-être - Le projet emblématique "Vivons vélo" - Le projet Génér’Action pour rassembler jeunes et aînés autour de l’activité physique... et bien d'autres !  Et c'est de toutes ces initiatives dont nous parlons. Une palette de solutions qui embarque les personnes dans un récit inspirant pour prendre soin de sa santé, en alliant convivialité, plaisir et petit pas.  Interview réalisé par Julie Artis, passeuse du bonheur au travail de la Fabrique Spinoza, facilitatrice en qualité de vie au travail, fondatrice du Podcast Génération C.H.O., le Podcast qui ose parler de bonheur au travail, et engagée dans la prévention de la santé physique et mentale au travail pour rendre nos vies professionnelles plus sereines et plus épanouissantes. 


27 May 2022

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Episode 137: Hermeticism, Free Masonry: fact vs. fiction, Angel Numbers, Self improvement and more with Eric Sanchez

BS'ing with Sean K

In this episode of Bs'ing with Sean K, Sean Kneese talks to his friend Eric Sanchez about hermeticism, free masonry, angel numbers, Neville Goddard, Mitch Horowitz, self improveent, dealing with regreet and other interesting topics. Eric talks about how AA led him to develop his spriitual beliefs and eventually his interest in hermeticism. More recently, Eric has joined the Free Masons and explains in the episode that it's not what most people think it is (illuminati, etc.). Donate to BS'ing: Paypal: Skneese1989@gmail.com Zelle: Skneese1989@gmail.com Venmo: @Sean-kneese

21 May 2022

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#23. Rest In Pieces Jack Murphy Stadium w/ Eric Sanchez

The Joey Licea Podcast

Just in time for the Super Bowl, my coworker Eric Sanchez is my guest this week. In this episode we talk about the Dallas Cowboys being eliminated from the playoffs, Bandwagoning, the cure for homelessness, and his podcast called ESM Sports.  Check them out on Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/29IT1k7HcFZpROXbZbLWUx?si=1tcJyy0lShWYiuZ8I-g5lA Apple Podcasts -  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/esm-sports/id1565044786 Youtube -  https://youtube.com/channel/UCDBYJSqhKR7HMMYbrlFtbHQ

1hr 14mins

11 Feb 2022

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Let's go on a peaceful journey with Eric Sanchez

You're the Dj, I'm the Podcaster

I got to do an episode of the podcast with an amazing dude and my colab bro, Eric Sanchez. Trust me, its a good one!

1hr 22mins

30 Jun 2021

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If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It, with Eric Sanchez

Grow Your Law Firm

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It, with Eric Sanchez Eric has a well-earned reputation for law firm logistics, efficiency and innovation, born from his diverse background and nearly two decades as an executive in what has become the largest plaintiffs practice in North Carolina, the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, where Eric currently serves as the Vice President of Strategy and Innovation. Eric is the Founder of GrowPath the ultimate software for personal injury firms. Learn more about how GrowPath can help your firm at https://learn.pilmma.org/growpath-vendor-directory What you’ll learn about in this episode: The importance of identifying each “phase” of case management What you should be measuring in your law firm Why you should stop looking at yourself as a law firm, and start looking at yourself as a business that sells legal services KPIs that are appropriate for paralegals The top 5 KPIs for PI lawyers The optimal amount of time it takes to follow up on a medical record Dealing with attorneys and employees who are resistant to policies and procedures The PI firm’s biggest time savers and time-wasters Managing remote employees Where to start when implementing KPI measurements Eric’s opinion on non-lawyer ownership of law firms Resources: Website: https://www.farrin.com/ Website: https://growpath.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoGrowPath/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LawOfficesofJamesScottFarrin Twitter: https://twitter.com/FarrinLaw LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericjsanchez/ Email: esanchez@farrin.com Additional Resources: PILMMA’s Super Summit    https://learn.pilmma.org/pilmma-super-summit-2021 The Mastermind Effect: https://www.pilmma.org/the-mastermind-effect/ PILMMA’s free Coronavirus Survival Kit: www.pilmma.org/free-resources/ PILMMA Join Page: https://learn.pilmma.org/join-pilmma


25 Jun 2021

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Episode 52 - Rocky Cagnoni and Eric Sanchez

Popular Unknown Paintball Podcast

In this show I am proud to have Rocky Cagnoni and Eric Sanchez! We are also briefly joined by Jennifer Montressor as well! This was such a fun show. I laughed a whole lot. 

1hr 38mins

24 Jun 2021

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Episode 2: Eric Sanchez of team Ground Zero Red.

Relic, A classic paintball podcast.

I have guest Eric Sanchez on the show to talk about his history, history with Ground Zero Red, and the teams recent experience at Woodsball World Cup and ICPL.


21 Jun 2021

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#47 - Eric Sanchez | Talking Tacos


Season 2, Episode 18 Eric Sanchez is a local taquero that is showcasing his family's legacy one taco at a time.  We talk about his humbling beginnings in the Bay Area as a young student.  He then moved to Sacramento where he finished high school only to head back to the Bay Area to attend college.  Years after working he decided to put his passion to the test.  He started sampling food to his friends before selling in his local neighborhood.  We dive deep into what should be in a taco.  If you are in Sacramento, you need to find Tacos El Pelón, today. **DISCLAIMER: Don't listen to this if you are hungry. Check him out at: Tacos El Pelón: IG --- Listen today and don't forget to review the show on Apple Podcasts. Let me know you listened.  Your feedback is everything to me Like what you hear? Support the movement. Buy me a coffee! --- We are on YouTube- Subscribe on YouTube: https://youtu.be/lyVMbHL5vS0 Special thanks to my fans who have supported the podcast by purchasing items from the wishlist.  Ya'll are the best! You know who you are. Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/QWO60J56ME8M?ref_=wl_share --- Don't forget to review the show on Apple Podcasts / Itunes Share the show with a friend or 2! --- Follow on Instagram @educadence :  instagram.com/educadence Follow on Twitter @educadence :  https://twitter.com/Educadence Follow personal account @sashaguti :  instagram.com/sashaguti --- T-Shirt: https://teespring.com/stores/educadence more designs to come --- ------ Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/educadence/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/educadence/support

1hr 5mins

28 May 2021